Water for Elephants film renamed ‘Circus’?

The imdb page for Water for Elephants has been changed to reflect what is rumored to be the new title for the film… ‘Circus’.  There has been no official confirmation of the title change from either the Studio or the Production company at this point.  The imdb page is still listing Water for Elephants as the films working title.

What are your thoughts on the potential name change? Personally, I think it would be a fail of epic proportions if this is true.

WaterforElephantsfilm.com is working to get official confirmation on the name change and will keep you posted.

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5 Responses to Water for Elephants film renamed ‘Circus’?

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  2. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    i think it would be awful. the original title has touching significance in the book/script. not to mention the literal relationship with elephants in the story. before i read the story, the title didnt do much for me but i was curious. after the story, the title warms my wee heart with memories.

    so FAIL if they call it something uninspiring as CIRCUS but it’s not like the title would keep me away ;) i am looking fwd to this movie BIG TIME

  3. Deborah says:

    Please Please do not change “Water for Elephants” to “Circus”!!
    That would be a shame.

  4. scaperbabe says:

    Please DO NOT change the title to “Circus” which is meaningless to anyone who has read the book. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS is a great title and hopefully if the film script is any good will ring true for those who see the film. (Well here’s hoping any way!)

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