Movie Name Changed? We’re Unconvinced

UPDATE: IMDB has changed the name of the movie from CIRCUS back to WATER for ELEPHANTS!

Some rumors have been circulating about the name of the movie changing from “Water for Elephants” to “Circus” – even so much so that the IMDb page shows the name change to “Circus.” But we at remain unconvinced. Now we have a little bit of ammo to back up our intuition. A fan has reported that she has reached out to Water for Elephants movie producer Erwin Stoff, and to her surprise he wrote back!

Email to Mr. Stoff:

To: Stoff, Erwin
Sent: Sun Feb 21 02:09:40 2010
Subject: Water for Elephants/Circus

To Erwin Stoff

I’m just writing to say how excited I am with the prospect of the above book being made into a film. I think all the casting sounds brilliant and am really looking forward to this.

However I was a little disappointed to read that the title of this much loved book has been changed to the bland, boring and trite sounding Circus. I do hope this is only a working title and if it needs to be changed something more imaginative and creative could be found. The title Circus dismisses a wide, ready made audience and does not give a very serious tone for this film which to me makes me think of clowns and a general shambles; which is surely not the impression you want your film to give. Water for Elephants on the other hand sounded interesting, classy and intriguing. Why dismiss the title of this well known bestseller? This change makes no sense to me and hope that the companies involved give this some more thought.

All the best for the production of this film and I will certainly see it no matter what it is called but fear that many fans of the book may miss it completely if they don’t follow film news.

To which Erwin Stoff reportedly replied:

I’m aware that a change of title was reported and I don’t know where that information came from…but it is erroneous ! The movie will be called WATER FOR ELEPHANTS for all the reasons you cite.

So, is the name changed or not? We are working on an official clarification and will report as soon as it is received. Just in case, we have secured the “Circus” blog, domain and Twitter, so no need to worry if we have to make a move.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts? Which name do you prefer?

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7 Responses to Movie Name Changed? We’re Unconvinced

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  3. Amber says:

    I am SO glad to hear this and hope that we can get official confirmation. The title is beautiful as it is. This is a wonderful book and I’d hate to see it cut down to such a trite and meaningless title.

  4. samrosey says:

    I am also glad to hear that seemingly the name of the film hasn’t changed.

    Water for Elephants is a beautiful name and intrigues me.

    The film sounds great, I haven’t read the book, i’m going to look and see if my library has it.
    I’m excited bout the casting too, Christoph Waltz and course Rob, so I hope that happens:)

    PS. thanks for another great blog ladies!

  5. Pfluffy says:

    I was sadden by the thought of a name change for the movie, so I hope that it will remain “Water for Elephants”. I love that book so much and it would be a shame to have the movie changed to “Circus” because it is so much more that just story about a circus.

  6. Carroll says:

    Just wanted to say Reese is a great talent but EVAN Rachel Wood seems more like the the Water for Elephant’s horse trainer – she just has a depth that lends itself to a woman who would join a circus and work those liberty horses.

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