LA Times Reveals details about “Water for Elephants’ filming location

Previously, posted that the film’s production company was scouting locations in and around the Cornell and Ithaca, NY.  Well today, in an article about props in the film featured in the LA Times, there was a single line that was very telling:

Jim Elyea’s task: to make sure the briefcases the students are carrying look authentic when the film begins shooting this May in Santa Paula, Calif.

Santa Paula Store fronts

Could this mean Ithaca is out and California is in? It might be so.


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20 Responses to LA Times Reveals details about “Water for Elephants’ filming location

  1. robskitten says:

    You might be interested in this:

    Santa Paula Filming:

    This is an article that discusses the history of filming in Santa Paula, CA and some of the films filmed there and the reasons why they were filmed there. Most interesting.

    • Dee says:

      Nice article. Santa Paula’s train station sounds like it would be perfect. Maybe they will still shoot Jacob’s time at college on the Cornell campus. The script mentions Cornell and Ithaca.

  2. they should shoot it in my bedroom. seriously.
    just sayin’

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  4. Hello! Love your site and Love Water for elephants aj Love Rob-Jacob,thanks you so much for the tip!

  5. samrosey says:

    I didn’t realise this starts filming soo soon! oo ;) Sounds great, thanks for all the great info girlies!

  6. freak4sparkle says:

    I live near Santa Paula. As a huge fan of Water for Elephants I can honestly say I think it’s a perfect setting for the movie. I’m so excited to see this movie come to life…I honestly think it could be oscar worthy if done properly.

    • Would you consider going to the set? We will be looking for some special correspondents!

      • Rhonda says:

        I’ll be there in June. If Rob will be filming then, I would love to be a correspondent. :-) Just not sure if he’ll be filming during all the Eclipse hub-ub. Tell me if you know.

  7. jamie says:

    I will be in LA and Santa Paula during this time, I hope hope hope this is true…

  8. femroc says:

    Is Rob going to have any time at all to prepare for this movie – he’s still in Budapest filming Bel Ami and looking SO sharp in his top hat and tails. Can’t wait for these new movies.

    Vote for Rob at the Time Magazine 100 most influential people – he’s sure influenced me this year……….big time. There are several categories for people to be listed in and a section for the arts.

  9. Breena says:

    Santa Paula is my home town! I’m away at college right now so I won’t be home for much of the shooting, but Santa Paula will definitley benefit from having this movie made in our small town! Its really exciting since all the locations are places that I frequent when I’m home.

  10. illyssa says:

    I live in santa paula, ca. Haven’t seen anything so far..don’t think its gonna happen :-/

  11. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Any idea if he’s filming in Filmore in the month of June?

  12. Only1Me says:

    Does anyone know what dates Rob will be on set?

  13. Rhonda says:

    I’d like to know the same thing, as my family and I will be in Southern California for a week in June. How I would love to see Rob!!! I keep “just missing” opportunities.

  14. marilee says:

    They are finishing some filming in fillmore today is their last day

  15. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for the info! Does this mean they will just be in Piru now? I hear they don’t film on weekends, is that true? Any idea how early or late they work daily?

  16. marilee says:

    til 9pm

  17. Ryan says:

    Filming is going on today, all day, at the 20th Century Fox lot. There are dozens of extras and a whole bunch of circus animals for some sort of parade scene. It looks great!

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