Who are the Contenders to play Old Jacob Jankowski?

When we posted a few weeks back that Robert Pattinson would not be playing his character at age 93, we were met with mixed reactions.  Many of you were hoping that Rob would get the chance to transcend time via the magic of movies and portray the elderly Jacob.  There were also a few of you who were quite happy he wouldn’t be turned into an old man, feeling that it would detract too much from the character.

Regardless of your point of view, many of you managed to come up with suggestions for actors who could play the role of the aged Jacob aka Robert Pattinson. Here are some of your top contenders:

Who is your choice?

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18 Responses to Who are the Contenders to play Old Jacob Jankowski?

  1. daylyne says:

    Christopher Plummer would be my first choice, but it does not seem so old. Max von Sydow has the best appearance for a man of 93 years-old.

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  4. Dee says:

    I am undecided because I think certain features need to remain the same like the set of his eyes, nose, smile and shape of chin. These things don’t change just because you age. I wish they would use a computer generated aging process program on Rob’s face and share the results with us. Then we would have something to compare. It is difficult to think of Rob at 93.

  5. Beth says:

    Hmm, what about Jon Voight? He has a similar nose. Just a thought; I still love the idea of Christopher Plummer.

  6. Donna says:

    James Garner looks the most like RPatz. Same nose, same lips. Same eyebrows. It’s perfect.

  7. tati says:

    Christopher Plummer !!!

  8. anitrafly says:

    I heard Christopher Plummer has a scheduling conflict…

    March 26, 2010 – Well it looks as though Christopher Plummer will be busy this summer portraying Prospero in the Tempest at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. So we’ll have to (sadly) cross him off our list… (Source) Casting this role is not going to be so easy… I am wondering if they will go with someone relatively unknown? It’s going to be tricky because the actor should look a bit like Rob when they were younger…

    • Just A Girl says:

      Yes, we are aware of this *sad elephant face*. The nominees were selected by our Readers and it was based on who they would like to see in the role, it’s not based on who is available for the role. :-)

  9. kphrase says:

    Unfortunately Christopher Plummer is unavailable, he’s performing the Tempest at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival during the time that WFE will be filmed.

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  11. Rolange says:

    I voted for Ian McKellen but I also like Christopher Plummer, based on facial shape mostly. All of them are great actors but I just can’t see Robert Redford as an older Rob.

  12. Melissa Ricks says:

    How about including these actors as contenders for 99 yr old Jankowski: Hal Holbrook, Robert Loggia, Martin Landau, Bruce Dern, Peter Faulk

  13. Melissa Ricks says:

    Who will play Uncle Al? Suggestion: Quentin Tarantino… Think about it….

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