And the FAN choice for Old Jacob Jankowsi is…

About a week and a half ago, we posted a list of the FAN chosen actors to play the role of Jacob Jankowski aka Robert Pattinson’s character at age 93.  We asked the readers and FANS of ‘Water for Elephants’ to vote and…Well the votes are in and the FANS have made their decision.

Who can pull off this at 93?

check out your PICK after the jump!


Ian McKellen

followed very closely in second but *sigh*
not actually available to film is…

Christopher Plummer

Both are great choices, I guess we’ll wait and see what happens :-)

I’m still crossing my fingers that Mr. Plummer can get an understudy at Stratford *le sigh* #DREAMER

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13 Responses to And the FAN choice for Old Jacob Jankowsi is…

  1. anthoula says:

    seeing both after robert on top to compare mr Plummer seems so much better more of robert;s facial characteristics more sweet more calm more intellectual like i imagine mr. plummer saying his story i wish too he can be available i love his voice too it suits robert so much as i imagine it in my head just came across this so i wish too it can happen!

  2. MyRobbie says:

    I think Ian will effin pass out and possibly die when he learns of this. Do you think he could pull it together to do it? Ahh, what am I saying? The man’s a professional! Let’s hope he can survive the initial excitement of finding out! I’m a huge fan of his!

  3. kphrase says:

    I am disappointed that Christopher had to go and perform a Shakespearean play this summer instead of leaping at the chance to play Rob… err 93 yr old Jacob in WFE… LOL! Seriously, he was my dream choice and would have been perfect. When I learned that he was not available I was heartbroken… *sniff… I have a feeling that the producers are going to surprise us with their choice and we’ll all just have to accept and welcome whoever gets the part even if it’s not who we want… :-)

  4. I really wish Rob was aged to live the old Jacob, but as this will not happen… so I would like to see Mr. Christopher Plummer because I love his work in “The Sound of Music” singing Edelweiss…and also is more like Rob, most adorable.

  5. sunshine3000 says:

    Why not Robert? I’d like see him also in this role. I hope. I think he could do him with a good make-up.

  6. girlforrob says:

    I’d love to see Rob play both parts. I’ll bet he could do it and I believe they could make him up to be just perfect. I am really looking forward to this movie. Love me some Rob

  7. Bruna Mendes says:

    I’d love to see Rob play both parts. [+1] But… i don’t think so that he will play the both =/

  8. RPluv says:

    I too would love to see Rob play Jacob at 93. He would really show his range as an actor. Ah..can’t wait for this film!!

  9. Alexia Pons says:

    Both great choices, but my vote goes to Mr. Plummer.

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