Christian Dior Haute Couture inspired by ‘Water for Elephants’?

Well, it certainly looks as if Christian Dior Haute Couture has been inspired by the Circus as you can see by their recent line of fashion revealed in Paris this past February So beautiful, makes me very excited for this film!

This week in Paris, Christian Dior Haute Couture was reminiscent of ring leaders, Gibson girls and side saddled ladies. With satin whips in hand, I floated into the sublime world of early 20th century circus, where women rule the ring.

The Ringleader


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2 Responses to Christian Dior Haute Couture inspired by ‘Water for Elephants’?

  1. Maguilita says:

    I just pictured the premier of WFE (yes, I know, early much!) and the ladies and lads, all wearing this kind of clothes… :D… And the carpet being the tent of the circus…
    #IHaveAnActiveImagination… :D

    Thanks!… Such a cool post… :)

  2. Jessica Brooks says:

    i so love those outfits…just gorgeous…i’m n rural mississippi so if i wore them ppl would think i was crazy but iy would b worth it

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