Adventures in Open Casting Calls: Part 1

Roustabout Joe!

Gotta love actors! They give good face :) Here’s your pic teaser for Roustabout Joe…the video is much more  entertaining but here’s a glimpse of him. We’ll post vid later in the week. He loosened up as the day wore on…even popped open his top buttons ala Rob Pattinson ;)

You see the sweet old man peeking his head out in the back?

Old Jacob look-a-like trying out to be an extra

This guy was great! He was at the front of the line…arrived at 8:30am. I wish he could be my grandpa…

Anyway…we doesnt want to be anyone’s grandpa. He wants a J.O.B.

Melvin has worked on several other gigs much like that majority of people in line. There was not some swarm of teenage girls or twifans in the mix. Just serious actors that are use to the extra circuit.

Line Manager Ricardo

Line Manager Ricardo…typical Hollywood guy patrolling the line and making sure everyone filled out measurement cards. He was sweet…he said I should try out…my size 6 x2 self with red highlights. exclusive! Before the casting call, Kinker JAG reached out and touched someone: Casting Director Ethan…here’s what he had to say (our questions in bold and italics…because we’re fancy)

Typically how many people will show up to a call for extras?

Our open call turnouts vary depending on a variety of factors.  We are very excited and anticipate a nice turnout on Saturday

Do you anticipate a greater turn out for this open call due to the star power in the cast?


Is there anyone camping out yet and do you think there will be?

We do not anticipate, nor do we encourage camping of any kind.  Everyone will be seen as long as they are there within the time window of the open call.

Have you considered hiring security of any kind in case the crowd is larger than anticipated?

We have plenty of staff to accommodate any number that may arrive.

In general, is it true that normally film extras do not get close to the principal actors very often?

It depends on what the scene calls for.

There were a couple of questions he didn’t respond to: How many extras do you plan on hiring? When will the extras be required for filming? What is their expected availability?

While Casting Director Ethan didnt share that info at the time…Casting Director Kristen & the charming Assistant Casting Director were much more chatty on Saturday.

Check back tomorrow to learn the answers to those apparently taboo questions and more!

The Casting Director posse was spilling beans!

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  1. kphrase says:

    Fantastic job, Tink! Look forward to more ‘adventures in casting’ tomorrow.

  2. Chris says:

    Heehee this is very interesting. How cool to see the movie process from the beginning. Thanks!

  3. helen says:

    Excellent report. Many thanks for taking the time to give us the article.

  4. kphrase says:

    Oh, meant to compliment your size 6 x2 self! You’re hot! You and Ricardo make a beautiful couple, lol!

  5. Bleriana says:

    LOL @ “No” to nudity…clearly she’s not Robsessed…

    p.s. Tink you are a sweetheart for sharing this with us!!

  6. Alison4828 says:

    Great job Tink! You made us all proud and got great info and interviews! We all look forward to more of your posts and reporting. WFE is going to be such a great film for Rob and all the cast.

    OscarRob was so hawt just attending, it will be wonderful to see him get to go as a nominee someday…maybe Robowski will be one of the roles that get him there!

    Thanks again Tink you beautiful babe you!!

  7. Susan says:

    Loved this…I’ve always wondered what goes on. And I loved that there were only serious actors involved…

    Can’t wait for the rest…

  8. Marystat says:

    I loved Tink’s report from this..can’t wait to see more tomorrow..esp the video with Roustabout Joe! Well done Tink :-)…and hey ya should have tried out too..could have been fun lmao!

  9. passionsonsflower says:

    Way to go Tink!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow. Many thanks. 6×2 lmfao :)

  10. Mandy says:

    Girls, these posts are fantastic info you’re doing such a great job of the site! I’m really looking forward to getting all the latest news here. I so cannot wait for this film! Many thanks ;)

  11. Great post. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with RPatz. ;o)

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