VIDS: Adventures in Open Casting Calls: Part 4 ~ Roustabout Joe speaks!

The open casting call was certainly a fun time for the H2O kinkers. We met many characters while hanging out. Here are a couple of videos of people we’re rootin’ for to get cast. They were fun and nice and certainly dramatic…perfect :)

Roustabout Joe!

A Star is Born Bridgette!

Casting Director, Kristan, said the agency had seen 1000 extras on Saturday. This is video shows only a portion of the line early in the day. People kept showing up to try and join the circus!

And this concludes our excellent adventure! More reporting coming your way once filming jumps off.

We can’t wait :)

UPDATE: a special thanks to the videographer, @ashesoffire, my bff. Tinker the kinker was totally inept when it came to working her new flip video cam. *sigh* Luckily I had my crew with me to take charge and capture our adventurous day. Thanks Ash ;)

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13 Responses to VIDS: Adventures in Open Casting Calls: Part 4 ~ Roustabout Joe speaks!

  1. kphrase says:

    Hummm, well all the videos seem to be set to private, so cannot view them… Surely that’s just a mistake, or are you just teasing us? lol

  2. nani says:

    Gracias pero no se pueden ver lo videos … o me pasa solo a mi ?

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  4. tracygee says:

    Yeah, I get the same thing. Private videos. :*(

  5. Bandmum1 says:

    These videos are all marked as private. Wish I could watch… :/

  6. anna says:

    Noooo the videos are all set to private:(

  7. Jessica Brooks says:

    I got the same thing….private :(

  8. deb24601 says:

    Awesome coverage Tink!! Joe is everything I expected and more. The final vid was really cool with the black&white and music. Smooches!

  9. Alison4828 says:

    Tink you did such an awesome job with the coverage of the casting for the extras for WfE!!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your weekend to provide us with all these great pictures and video and especially for all the exclusive information you obtained for the fans! You rock like no other!!!

    That line was really, really long, lots of interesting people. So glad that this movie is being made it will be one of Rob’s stand out rolls for sure in a huge studio production. Let’s hope we get to see it this year!

    I look forward to more coverage you provide us as the filming gets under way. Thanks again for all your hard work we appreciate you!!

  10. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    how janky! the line video had Puttin’ On The Ritz playing but noooooooo youtube called foul play. boo. anywho….

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