Who Wants to Style Rob’s Hair???

Robert Pattinson’s hair. It’s a hot topic among the Robsessed and everyone has a favourite length/style. Just try yelling, “Bouffant” or “Sex Hair” on Twitter and see what happens! His beautiful Bel Ami hair looked to be on the chopping block when Rob flew to Vancouver to film pick-ups for Eclipse.  And yet no pictures have emerged proving the “Edward” hair has been resurrected. Rob’s in L.A. now, presumably preparing for filming of Water for Elephants. Hmmm, what will stylists do to his hair?? What would YOU do??

We know it won't be this!

 The possibilities and the poll after the *rolls eyes* cut…

Water for Elephants is set in the early 1930s and men’s hairstyles of the time tended to be short on the sides and longer on the top. There does seem to be some variety in the way hair was styled. So, for your consideration, potential hairstyles for Robowski aka Jacob Jankowski as played by Rob. Voting will be open for… a while. ;)

Clark Gable circa 1933

Jimmy Stewart in Seventh Heaven

George Clooney 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'

Warren Beatty in 'Bonnie & Clyde'

All right! Feast your eyes and let your imagination take over. Then go vote. Or maybe you have something different in mind. Let’s hear it!  How do you see Jacob Jankowski’s hair?

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37 Responses to Who Wants to Style Rob’s Hair???

  1. christiane36 says:

    Since there might be no good choice, everything is better than the Clark Gable thing, OMG, I won’t imagine

  2. kelli says:

    Well, Rob’s hair is beautiful and I think he could get a way with the way that he looked in “Little Ashes” when he cut his hair in the beginning of the movie..he was/is beautiful there…you can see what it looks like on the back cover of the DVD..

  3. freak4sparkle says:

    Jacob was at Cornell so I think it should start out refined (Warren Beatty) but as the movie progresses & he sweats over the animals it should het sloppier and messier turning into the sexhair we all live :)

    • Dee says:

      I agree and was just going to post the same thing. For Jacob the student I hope they just slick his hair back and please, please, do not part it. As a circus worker it should have that unkept look.

  4. RoseArcadia says:

    Had to go with the Warren hair, can’t help it, I can quote ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ from beginning to end!

  5. Annie says:

    All of them work for me. Short sides, longer on top is my fave guy hair style. Can’t wait!

  6. FMP says:

    That Warren Beatty look feels a bit Eclipse Edwardian and I suspect that’s basically what we’ll see assuming it was cut last week as we suspect. But I also expect that it will become increasingly unkempt and Roblike as the movie progresses, which will be all kinds of wonderful!

  7. Celeste says:

    What about the color? Jacob’s hair was bright red (ginger) and significant to the end of the story. How about a deep red/auburn (like my son’s hair?)

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      was it BRIGHT red? i dont recall the word BRIGHT…anyone know if that word was used? i agree with kphrase…i dont think its an element that will matter on film. in the book, i get it…but its something that is easily eliminated. either way…we know this…they certainly aren’t going to have him looking bad, bright red, ginger, auburn, normal, whatev ;)

      kphrase: r u talking about the pic of Rob when he was Toby? Haunted Airman?

  8. Kelly B says:

    Any would be great, except how short Gables is but to the ears. I loved Rob’s hair in New Moon. All messy! I hope they leave the color alone! I am sure he hates to be called beautiful, but he is! Ya Mr & Mrs. Pattinson, good job! WFE is going to be so good.

  9. kphrase says:

    I know this poll is just for fun, but I have to vote ‘nada’ on all of them… LOL! Rob’s gonna look great and will have a perfect 1931 style haircut designed just for him, cause he’s just that special…

  10. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    these are all great….its tough to pick one….i agree with FMP…i think they’ll go more Beatty route…i also think the sideburns will be gone. and obviously we all agree that he’ll look more clean cut during Cornell scenes and scruffier the rest of the movie.

    great post, debb ;)

  11. fdrinconnue says:

    Read the book, the hair must be red : wouldn’t it be funny to see Rob with red hair ?

  12. Girl Power says:

    Before there was Rob, there was George, so now you know how I voted! I must admit that freak4sparkle makes a valid point. Since kinker Rob will not likely have palmade on hand, we will probably get to see delish messy hair. mmmmm
    Fun post Deb, love it when I get to thinkin’ bout Robs hair.

    Respectfully offering fist bump to tinkrbe1l3

  13. RobCatCdn says:

    I love polls! :-) Went with the W.B. look and I can picture Rob with red hair. The G.C. look reminded me of Rob’s V-man photoshoot (light blue shirt … hair sticking up). LOL

    If you haven’t noticed, go and check some really big pictures of Rob playing Taylor … day street scene … there’s a hint of red. As long as they don’t go bright red … he should look yummy.

    Can’t wait to see the results Deb! <3

    • deb24601 says:

      I hadn’t noticed that you love polls, RCC!!! LOL! I’m still undecided, I like the WB for Cornell but then the GC looks more authentic (you know, being from the thirties!) And growl at the red highlights….

      • RobCatCdn says:

        Oh … you’re right Deb! GC is more 30s. :-) Guess I got distracted with visions of Rob in my head with different hair styles that I didn’t pay attention to the time period. #normal LOL

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        RED HIGHLIGHTS!!!! ***THUD*** i have red highlights…artificial of course

  14. cmoon says:

    I like Rob’s hair any way. Long, short he always looks amazingly hot. Of topic though, I never realized how much George Clooney looks like Clark Gable. Wow

  15. mrsaubergine says:

    Of course, he will have a hat on some of the time… the rest of the time I hope he looks like this:


    He seemed to have a bit of the centre part thing going for Bel Ami so it would mean he wouldn’t have to have too much cut from the front. Yummy!

  16. EmilyRayne says:

    I so love Jimmy Stewart…. Im torn btw him and Warren Beatty

  17. kphrase says:

    If I might add, the one thing that I’ve learned researching and speaking to the ‘extras’ on this film is that the production co, director, production designer and costume designer are all going for a very authentic 1931 period look. Many of the extras have already been in for costume fittings and haircuts. They’ve described their cuts as very short on the sides, back and a bit longer on the top…. So, I think that Rob will definitely have that sort of haircut as well. ;-) As for Reese, now that’s an entirely different topic, LOL! Will she cut off her long hair, or will they ‘wig’ her… Christoph Waltz had an authentic 1930’s hairstyle in Inglorious Basterds, so that’s probably going to be repeated. Sorry to blather on…. ;-)

  18. thoward says:

    I agree…who is going to notice Rob’s hair…?
    He’d look great as a tortured soul a la James Dean, too!

  19. cherry says:

    I quite like all of the styles but i voted
    for WB. I also think he needs to have red hair
    but im sure they can opt for a “Strawberry Blonde” or highlights.
    I cannot recall bright red being written in the book either,
    But whatever they decide on ,im sure we will be happy about it.
    Rob will still be hot,.

  20. kphrase says:

    Apologies to Deb if I have upset you with my comments, not my intent at all. Didn’t mean to be so factual when you just wanted to have fun, my mistake. Sometimes I get carried away. This is a great blog and you all seem like great gals, so can we just all get back to having fun?

  21. aeren says:

    great Poll,I mean that Rob hav short on the sides an long on the top…but I want to see her with Warren Beaty look!:)

  22. che says:

    well Rob can look great with every kinda of hair style(except bald uugggh)
    but i think ‘Warren Betty’ would be the best

  23. Anne-Marie Witte says:

    Warren Beatty for sure!

  24. Just A Girl says:

    Great post Deb! I went with Jimmy Stewart!

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