*NEW PICS* Jacob & Kinko! *ROB WARNING*

more HOT HOT HOT after the jump

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48 Responses to *NEW PICS* Jacob & Kinko! *ROB WARNING*

  1. marybetherrrrs says:

    holy mother of THUD

    • Athenea says:

      He is exquisite! Lucky KStew who gets to “take care” of him

      I hope they can keep the pictures at minimum, because i don’t want another Remember me papparazzi overexposure! when i saw the movie nothing (just the end) was surprise..

  2. marybetherrrrs says:

    ohmygodohmygodohmygod that third picture? shiiiiiiiitttttt. panties just melted off

  3. Izabele says:

    OMG… A person so easy to handle. So nice and fun.

  4. I cannot stop smiling and, clearly, neither can they. Keep the updates coming, girls. Great job!

  5. Thesabstar1 says:

    Robowski is killing me. And I’m lying oh so happily in my grave.

  6. cathakin says:

    AND this is just the FIRST DAY?!???!??!

  7. SnowyHedwig says:

    The laugh, the smile, the stare, the stretch. *THUD*

    Holy hell. If this is the first day, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us! ;)

  8. passionsonsflower says:

    OMG!!! Its the first day and I’m already DeD!!!. Kinko is so cute!! Smiley Rob has got it goin on!!!

  9. Sus says:

    Mary, Joseph and Peter…..Is this man the hawtest thing on 2 legs or what? *DED*……………………………O.o.O.! (peeling myself off the floor!)….

  10. cnikki says:

    I can’t. this boy. he’s so. i just…*thuds*

  11. Sarah says:

    I can’t handle any more Rob on set today… I’m on overload from all of it today! *dead*

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  13. m says:

    This look is amazing…..OMG it’s only day one……….Robowski owns me right now

  14. miraclebabe1 says:

    Wow…looking hot ..as usual lol

  15. Gabriella says:

    He is so hot even dirty!!! I’m reading the book and it is AWESOME!

  16. kellybexblog says:

    Seriously. How hot is he???? Twitter is in utter FAIL over these pix! WFE rules!

  17. Lynda from Philly says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus,Mary,Joseph & The Wise Men……this is just the first day and I’m already a puddle on the ground, what’s going to happen to me in another week or so? A sweet surrender to a #RobowskiDeath.

  18. FMP says:

    I don’t know who is getting these shots or how but God bless you wherever you are.

  19. Permanently Altered says:


  20. Emmes says:

    The hair , the hair!!!

  21. Mrsoni says:

    this man is not real … is a fantasy

  22. Jojo says:

    Errrr i need to survive
    Bu these pics arnt helpin ……. HOT AND DIRTY!!
    Ughh how do we survive BelAmi AND WFE???
    Rob wat u do to us honestly

  23. Laura says:

    OMG…these shots are the BEST thing ever!!!! How does he keep getting better and better and BETTER!!!! I can’t stop smiling!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!!!

  24. passionsonsflower says:

    Just cart me off to the funny farm!!! I’ve totally lost my mind!!! Insane in the membrane. WOOT! WOOT! Yeah Baby!!! :)

  25. Lauriesiana says:

    cnikki…. your reply cracked me up! i know exactly how you feel. he’s just… just… there are no words. *THUD*

  26. LeslieJ says:

    I’m going to need to know exactly how long this shoot is. Because I need someone to take care of my kids and house. I can tell, just by the pictures from today… only the first day… I’m going to be worthless to the rest of the world while this is filming.
    I too surrender to a #RobowskiDeath

  27. Becky says:

    He seems to be getting better and more comfortable with each film! He just seems to be having fun, and he seems so sweet!

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  29. joy says:

    is there something extraordinary about this man!!! oh yes i think so!!!he just keeps getting better and better!!!robert you are so jawdropping gorgeous!!!i love these pics from wfe!! it pains me just to look at you. i literally feel physical pain because i am so moved by you… now i see why all the girls were fainting when they saw the beatles..rob you are our paul, john, ringo and george all in one!!!

  30. Carol says:

    I have no words……just beautiful. I knew he would be awesome in this part…..I am going to have bad girl dreams tonight! LOL

  31. yolie48 says:

    he so cute and i cann’t wait he is great for this movie

  32. gyla says:

    He gets Hotter everyday.The total sexiness of this man is amazing. I can’t wait to see the movie. I just finished the book and loved it.

  33. randomfangirl says:

    just read the script today. I LOVED IT!!!! and these PICS (SO HAWT!) , think I’ll read it again now that I have the ‘VISUAL”. So much beauty….

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  35. Scarlett71177 says:

    SOOOO stoked.

    Rob looks amazing, as usual.

    I love how the smiles look so real.

    Great to see Kinko on set too!

  36. Midnight Sun says:

    After reading the book I had some doubts, but seeing these pictures I realized that Rob is perfect to play Jacob. The look and her sweet expression fully reflect the image that was made by Jacob. I can not wait to see the film.

  37. jan says:

    Haha…I was wondering what the “ROB WARNING” was about…then I scrolled down the pics and ….officially DIED!
    How is it possible that this man keeps looking hotter and hotter???

    Kinko’s looking great too!! :)

  38. Susan Cullen says:

    Yes, I love him madly…he’s so beautiful & kind. The photos are great!! I’m glad to see where he is and what he’s doing each day…at least on the set. I wonder if Kristen took the summer off to be with him more since he’s so close to LA.

  39. MAIARA says:

    Kinko is smaller than i thought, LOL, i know he was mini but he is so little *-* kind of cute
    and Robkowski,well, no words can describe him, just the epitome of the beauty in a man

  40. debp says:

    Forget Rob. Kinko is HOT!!

  41. Lynda says:

    Love the pics and especially the ones of Robowski !! I have one question, did the powers that be change the name from “Water for Elephants” to “Circus”??????? Any one know?????

  42. L says:

    I’m too old for this. This man is going to give me fucking cardiac!

  43. Stella says:

    Hi girls..I’m an italian fan of Rob!i totally die for this stunning guy!Last year i was an extra in the NewMoon square scene, in Italy and despite the director kept saying:”girls..look the church,not the vampire!”never been ignored a ban like that at that moment! lol ! you don’t know how hard it was after rehearsal and during the real shooting , don’t turn our heads towards him with our eyes wide open. It has been possible only because we all were totally in love with the saga and we cared about the well outcoming of the scene.What a marvellous ,damned hot,vision he was!I won’t forget it for all my life!So ..if anyone of you can go and see him in person and flesh..since the set of wfa is less or more reachable for you , by a sustainable traveling …i suggest you, girls,..as if you were my sisters… , go and you won’t regret!

    • Alexandria says:

      Stella, I will be willing to go walking all the way from my country (Dominican Republic) to California, just to have a close encounter with him, but sadly, it will take too long and only have few days vacations. I am totally and madly love struck with him, as all of us are, and ohhhh girl, how much I Robenvy youuuu.

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