*PICS* Reese on set!

MORE Reese after the cut…


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18 Responses to *PICS* Reese on set!

  1. passionsonsflower says:

    It looks like her. Hope its not her double. Lol her hair looks grat for a circus performer. Can’t wait to see her in costume.

  2. Kim says:

    Reese looks good. I love the period clothing.

  3. Can't tell says:

    Yes, it’s her!!! i know first hand because I saw first hand today, and live near the ranch they are filming at, under a different “Working Title”. :)

  4. anomymous says:

    I like Reese, but she’s too old to play Marlena. They seriously miscast her. I just hope I can get past it watching the movie. Robert Pattinson is perfect as Jacob.

  5. Nf says:

    Anyone know if the extras have been cast yet?

  6. Izabele says:

    AVON Girl…I agree with the annonimous comment, I like her too but she’s too old to play Marlena… Anyway… Rob was perfect with Uma Thruman (Bel-Ami) and she’s really older, with Reese maybe will be better to see it.

  7. mia says:

    Reese looks great! I’m not too bothered about her age and I think her and rob will be great together!! Xx

  8. kim says:

    i think Reese will be fantastic as Marlena. I am re-reading WFE and trying to picture them as I read…if it wasn’t Reese, then who would you want to play that role?

  9. Drooler says:

    What – no! Reese and Rob are perfectly cast. I mean I adore and worship Kate Winslet and dream of the day she and Rob work together but I’m team Pattinspoon all the way for Water for Elephants.

  10. femroc says:

    I just have a hard time seeing Reese as anything but the ditsy blonde in those Legally Blonde movies where she’s so perky and cutesy and then in Sweet Home Alabama.

    In other words I find it hard to take her seriously. Another lesser known actress might have been a better choice.

  11. ginny says:

    I think Reese will be great. Besides Christoph Waltz is ancient compared to her. Rob and Reese have good chemistry and will be fine.

  12. yoliee48 says:


  13. kay18jay says:

    Love Reese, but also having a hard time with the age difference with Rob. She’s supposed to be 21. And August 33.. Christophe is too old.
    Hmm, who to play Marlena?…Hmmm, blonde 20 somethings…Blake Lively, Mischa Barton, haa, how about Heidi Pratt. Hahaha JUST KIDDING ON THAT ONE!
    I’m hoping that I can envision Reese as Marlena, and ovelook that I know she’s over 30 when I see the movie. She’s certainly tiny, pretty and spunky enough. And I think she and Rob would make a great couple…but in WFE?
    Sigh, Rob does make a great Jacob, though. Perfect casting.

    • ruthsgleanings says:

      @Kay18jay, I’m curious, where does it say that Marlena is supposed to be 21? I just finished the novel, and I’m scratching my head over the subject of her age. She tells Jacob that she married August when she was very young–17, but I don’t think she ever really says how long they’ve been married. I’d love to know where you got her age from. I can see how it might fit.

      But I still don’t have a problem seeing Marlena as older than Jacob by a few years; Marlena has lived a rough life and seen an awful lot of hardship in comparison to recently bereaved college-boy Jake.

      On a casting note, Reese can be very girlish in her behavior, and is in great shape, so I doubt she’ll come off as seeming old or cougary in the film. Taken into account that Rob’s not a boy any more helps narrow the gap, too. He’s really matured into a man’s body and confidence-level in the past two years (yum)–and don’t we all love it!!!

      • kay18jay says:

        Hey! Ok, let me think. I just lent the book out to my ‘fangirl’ friend, so I can’t give you page numbers. O_-
        ******SPOILERS****** for those who haven’t read the book *****
        But I think in the part where Jacob goes to her hotel, after Auggie hits her, and he stays with her, it’s revealed during the intimate sharing. I’m pretty sure that she said she was 17 when she married Auggie, and they’ve been together 4 years. And later on when Jacob is trying to convince Walter that it’s bad, and that he and Marlena have to leave, Walter says something about she’s had 4 years of dealing with August’s crazy. I remember because I was thinking in my head about Reese, and I purposely reread to figure the math. I didn’t think the author would write the story about such a young man falling for an older woman. But then I figured out that she actually was younger than him.
        I wish I had my book on hand, I love to get into fact/canon checking adventures. Let me know what you come up with!

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