*SET PICS* More pics on set: Rosie, Tents, & Trains!

Bootylicious :)

TONS more after the cut


Choo Choo

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  • Alison4828

    I spot Walter the Kinker in the last picture…can you see him too? It was like finding Waldo…

  • Very_Carrie

    How much fun would it be to hang out with an elephant all day! I’m a sucker for their long beautiful eyelashes!

  • bL0ndi3

    Haha!! I guess he’s the little white and skin colored blur in the grass in front of the man with the blue shirt and cowboy hat…
    Lol cute!! Im super xcited this began!!!!

  • samantha

    i found em!!! oh man i cannot wait for this movie!!!!!!! Rob and eveyone will shine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennie

    I see him! Yeah I’m excited lol

  • Dee

    The pics are great. The big top looks huge. Love this site..love this movie…so excited.

  • LeslieJ

    *squeals with delight*

  • Kelsi

    So excited! Rosie :D

  • Alice87

    *squeeeee* I´m really excited! I´m reading the book at the moment….

    IT´S AMAZING!!! Love it!

    Go Team Robowski!

  • PattyInNYC

    These are great! Aww, look at Rosie.

    I left a comment under the pic that I spotted Kinko in.

  • C

    Do you know how much waste that elephant is producing daily?! I would not want to be on that set!

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  • Dee

    I would clean up after that elephant if I could be on that set.

  • Kim

    Shoot i would clean up after all the animals and everyone else to be on that set.

  • andrea

    robert as jacob looks beautiful, i like him

  • Sus

    Very cool…did you say this was in Ventura? I might have to drive up there! LOL!

  • denise

    Love these photos…will be a great movie…book was terrific!

  • Fred Pfening Jr.

    Circus flat cars were painted with the show title, not with slogans.

  • Fred Pfening Jr.

    Circus flat cars were painted with the show title, not with slogans.

  • Bnunez

    Love the pictures!!!. I am so excited for this movie and to see Robert and Reese working together!!!!