LARGER Pics from Day 1 ~ Jacob, Kinko, and more

love this shot

Click on the pic to make it LARGER and LARGER photo gallery after the jump. Just click, click , click away :)

Proceed with clicking for LARGENESS


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9 Responses to LARGER Pics from Day 1 ~ Jacob, Kinko, and more

  1. Thanks for sharing the HQ pics. So gorgeous. A few of my bloggy friends are actually at the set today and have been emailing me pictures. No Hobolicious Rob, of course, but they are excited to see the set pieces up close. They live in SoCal and I live in Illinois, so I have to live vicariously through them :)

    BTW, I love the updated banner! I need to update my blog link with the new one right now while I’m thinking about it. Thanks!


  2. passionsonsflower says:

    Bigger is always better. Great investigative reporting yesterday Tink. Thank God you didn’t bitch slap the ranch hand with your ninja moves. The nerve of some people. Huh?!

  3. bbowers says:

    great pics thanks for sharing them. He is so handsome looks like he is enjoying this part a lot, but tired

  4. Cherry says:

    I have had a blast this week ,I love your website and i also love your new banner. Thanks for making my week happy, i will be back.
    no need to tell you all how lovely he is , goes without saying.
    I have not read the script so can someone tell me if he is suppose to be a red head in this movie?
    I got so excited looking at the set, it looks amazing,
    im enjoying life at this moment, Cheers

  5. che says:

    i’m so exciting about this movie but still Kinko dosen’t look right to me.i think he should be red haired and freckled

  6. samrosey says:

    I just started reading WFE a few days ago.. am on chapter 16 now.. I love it, such a good read.
    It’s nice to be able to put faces to the characters.. love the blog, love the banner :)

  7. yoliee48 says:

    i have readed WFE two time and i just love the story line and yea can put the faces on the person and cann’t wait

  8. Alexia Pons says:

    I have read WFE two times now. I looove the story anad now that I have Rob’s beautiful face fixed in my mind, the story seems even better. He lood gorgeos with his vintage clothes, and ohhh, so sleepy. Ohhh God!!!

  9. brittany says:

    Where are they filming in SoCal. I would love to see the site not to mention him…. If you know please inform me!!1

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