Rob as Jacob: 1st images from Day 1 LARGE & Untagged

Click away for your viewing pleasure and deskrob desires…

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6 Responses to Rob as Jacob: 1st images from Day 1 LARGE & Untagged

  1. RD says:

    Can you ask the director what the budget is for this film?

  2. Aeren says:

    Awesone like I imagine when read the book

  3. Suellen Santos says:

    Ameeeeeeii *o*

  4. SnowyHedwig says:

    UNF. Just when i thought they couldn’t get any better…. *THUD*

  5. nicole says:

    Even with that new haircut he still can managed to look hot

  6. Kailene Kaina says:

    Hey thats what I do for a living on Ringlings! Never dreamed I’d see Robert Pattinson walking a horse down the ramp of a circus stock car. That’s pretty awsome!!!!

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