HOLY SMOKES! Robowski accepting his award for Best Performance on the WFE set!

Rob won the Best Performance award at the National Movie Awards…of course he’s on set for WFE…but he DID record a thank you vid…I’ll stop typing now…





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23 Responses to HOLY SMOKES! Robowski accepting his award for Best Performance on the WFE set!

  1. Alison4828 says:

    So fuckin beautiful!!!! GAH!

  2. andrea says:

    uhhh i like rob and his beautiful new haircut!!! it`s look like sexy !!!!!

    Congretulation Robert Pattinson

  3. floryp says:

    He’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry!

  4. PattyInNYC says:

    He is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Robert for all you’ve given to your fans! Congratulations!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh how cute :) And woohoo congrats Rob!

  6. Is he rocking that haircut or what???!!! He looks amazing. Very cool that he won the award and got the chance to thank the fans via satellite.

  7. Sus says:

    Giant GAH! He looks incredible, as always! Congrats, Rob!!!!

  8. sole says:

    Can I love him even more?

    Congrats Baby <3

  9. jan says:

    Gosh! Beauty personified…as always! :)

  10. music4debbo says:

    He just keeps getting better and better…..I really DO love the haircut now. GOD DAMN the man is gorgeous! Thanks for the BIG PICS!

  11. karen says:

    Congrats Robert! Thanks for giving of yourself to your fans who truly love and adore you forever. You are one fabulous hot actor and can not wait to see your movies. Never loose your free spirit and your giving ways — this is what makes you a totally awesome hunam being (besides looking sooooo adorable).

  12. Lynda says:

    I agree karen, Rob your the best and your fans all know it!! We support and love you and are behind you in everything you do! And yes you are so beautiful!!

  13. femroc says:

    Glad you were able to get in a plug for Water for Elephants…….if you see the full video he says he’s sorry he can’t be there cause as you can see I’m on the set of my new movie Water for Elephants. He’s really putting that name out there……said it on Ellen too……….he didn’t really mention Bel Ami that much did he? I bet he’s really proud of this movie with all of the Academy Award winners in it.

    His acceptance was very sweet, calm, nice and looked like he was reading cue cards…his eyes keep going to his right. Oh well, that’s ok – he still rocked the house.

    Ah …….the power of fans…………so many deserving actors in the list and Rob wins. I’ll be glad to see him win a Golden Globe one day – voted by his peers not fans.

    • Alison4828 says:

      He did mention Bel Ami alot actually. During Remember Me promo he famously said he was filming Bel Ami and that it had ALOT of sex. That about sent us in a tizzy! He had been talking about Bel Ami since Cannes in May 2009.

      We are all looking forward to that movie coming out and granted this role on WfE is gonna be killer too for so many different reasons. He looks amazing, when doesn’t he right?

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        agreed. he did mention Bel Ami alot when he was promoting Remember Me and just recently brought it up again in the USA Today article.

      • Alison4828 says:

        He is super proud of Bel Ami as he should be. It has a great cast as well. WfE is the first staring role he has in with a major studio, this is extremely important for his career and we are so happy for him!!!

  14. Christal Wiliams says:

    Can’t wait!!! He looks good..My daughter went crazy..She is totally Robsessed..lol.. Her dad said tonight can we have one super or day that we don’t have to hear or talk about him..At the same time we both said NO!! He just rolled his eyes…Men..Gotta love them..

  15. TwilightMelie says:

    oh god isn’t he gorgeous :) he is sooo lovely, i want to hug him all day ;) LOVE THE HOBO HAIR he looks a bit dirty, yeah that’s what i want to see if you know what i mean…

  16. fdrinconnue says:

    What do they say after 2.35 ? I don’t understand oral english completely…
    Thank you.

  17. Alice87 says:

    OMFG!!!! He looks so fucking hot, adorable, cute, sexy….

    GAWD…. I don´t have enough words for this man….

    I´m a Robowski addict…. Who wants to join me???

  18. nicole says:

    Hot, hot, hot. He made my mouth waters…

  19. chico's mama says:

    how can this man keep getting better looking?

  20. pinkcandles says:

    he looks great with short hair! love it! absolutely stunning!

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