Waiting for Christoph

C’mon! Chant with me. WE WANT WALTZ!! WE WANT WALTZ!!

We’ve had gorgeous pictures from the set of Rob, Reese,  the train – even Rosie!  But where is Christoph Waltz? I’ve been waiting patiently (not my strong suit) and thought maybe,  just maybe if I posted about Christoph we would see something from the set. Because my karma is set on redundant. ;) It’s also a fantastic excuse to put up some pictures of the handsome man!

Hmmm. August at the speakeasy??

Random trivia alert!  I’ve just noticed that Christoph and Water for Elephants director, Francis Lawrence are both from Vienna, Austria.

Or will August be clean-shaven? Hmmm again.

Christoph won a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance in 2009’s Inglourious Basterds  (try spelling that without looking it up!). He’s a master at playing characters who go from charming to chilling in an instant… a perfect fit for August Rosenbluth.

I’m really looking forward to some new images or news from the set. *Fingers crossed* I’ll try chanting more.


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  1. heidiForReal says:

    Oh, I just saw Inglorious Basterds the other day, and DAMN I’m looking forward to seeing Cristoph as August! He did a GREAT job in IB.

  2. Dee says:

    Patience is not my strong suit either. I can’t wait for pics of Christoph and I really want to know who is cast as Camel. And more pics or Rob, Reese and the animals would be great too.

  3. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    i wanna see him too! the natives are restless ;)

    • Casey from Fillmore says:

      I just emailed you this pic I took of him on Wednesday in his car signing books for us that were waiting at the gate.

  4. Annabelle says:

    Cute site. Just a note to clear up some of your vast ignorance regarding copyright. The burden of proof is on YOU to prove you have the rights to intellectual property that belongs to someone else. They don’t have to prove jackshite to you. All they have to do is contact your host with a dmca request to remove and you could actually find yourself without a site at all. Be more respectful when using other people’s work for your own purposes. Even your banner and “wallpaper” are composed of other people’s property. If any of the images were mine and you were arrogant enough to try making me supply YOU with proof after you’d already stolen my images I’d sure as hell take you down. I doubt you have actual permission to use very few of the images on this site. Change your wording.

    ” Please advise if you own something seen on this site (proof of ownership needs to be supplied) and would like it removed by contacting waterforelephantsfilm [at] gmail [dot] com.”

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      As per our disclaimer we are following the creative commons attribution guidelines and make every attempt to accurately source what we use on our site. We are respectful of the rights of original material owners and are always ready to comply when we receive the proper notification. However, you may not realize that sites, such as ours, often receive random unsubstantiated emails from unknowns claiming said ownership of materials when in fact, we discover they are cranks and not the rightful owners.

      We work hard to follow proper sourcing and blogging etiquette in line with our peer fan and movie sites found all over the internet.

      We make no money doing this and we all volunteer our free time to provide news and articles to the fans of the book Water for Elephants as well as the fans of the actors.

      ~The Kinkers

  5. Alison4828 says:

    Hey Annabelle STFU! kthanxbai

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