More set pics! Night shoot and more choo choo lovin’

I see Robowski! Can u???? joking....i think the virtual train fumes are getting to me

so close! must be a pap pic...

You can see the rest of the pics over at OLV….we’re going to be able to sketch the Benzini Brothers train in our sleep by the time production is over. This worked for Kinker Debb…so I’m gonna try it…WE WANT ROBOWSKI! WE WANT ROBOWSKI!¬†ok….let’s see if the universe answers….

Thanks alison4828 for the tip ;)


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13 Responses to More set pics! Night shoot and more choo choo lovin’

  1. Sachertorte says:

    Seems to me they were shooting a certain man doing a WALTZ on the top of the train!!!! :-D

  2. Alison4828 says:

    *Chanting* WE WANT ROBOWSKI!!! Come on let’s have some of Robowski!! I always love seeing all these set pics come out keeps us excited for the movie! And I love that the director gives us little tidbits too he is one smart man knowing that the fans want updates to keep them interested.

    Thanks for posting Tink!

  3. GlassGirl1972 says:

    my computer identified the OLV link as being an unsafe website… might want to check that out

    still… awesome pics.. can hardly stand the wait!!

  4. Dee says:

    My virus protection blocked the OLV site too. I really love the night shot.

  5. karen says:

    hi, is there anybody who has the copy of the script? i hope you can share with me :) thanks thanks. and so our prayers were answered. floods of robowski pics came our way at this beautiful day!!

  6. Kailene Kaina says:

    Keep a look out for the real circus train comin to L.A. in July. Ringling train is over a mile long, you cant miss it!!!

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