Pass around the jake! (just kidding) Camel is cast! *TRIVIA*

In case you haven’t heard, the beloved role of Camel has been cast! Let’s celebrate!!!!! Camel is such an important part in Water For Elephants. While we won’t drink the jake, we can have a glass of water to toast. Water is a bit lame but if it’s good enough for elephants, it’s good enough for us :)

Everyone check out JIM NORTON!


Born in Dublin, Mr. Norton is considered one of the finest Irish actors in the industry. Most of Mr. Norton’s career has been in television. It appears to be British television because I was quite confused by the titles…my American ways shining through. Then I DID catch a few titles that were familiar: LA Law, Cheers, Star Trek: Next Generation, & Fraiser.

Well hello, Mr. Norton!

A bit-o-trivia: Mr. Norton is a part of the Harry Potter family like our lovely Robowski! He was in Chamber of Secrets :)

More Jim Norton trivia

  • He speaks Gaelic!
  • He was a boy soprano!
  • The first movie he ever saw was Pinocchio!
  • He’s a runner! A bit of a track athlete!
  • He’s proud of his wife, children, grandchildren, and being able to continue acting at his ripe age ;)
  • He’s back on Broadway this November in You Can’t Take It With You, a story that won the Pulitzer in ’37 and the Best Picture Oscar in ’38!

A stage man as well :)

Check out his IMDb page and give the lad some hits! My irish jargon has GOT to go. I don’t think he’s a lad. What’s irish slang for a good looking older man? Also, read more about Jim Norton in this candid interview. Mr. Norton will make a fabulous Camel. His caliber has blown me to bits :)

Cheers to Jim Norton as Camel!

Thanks to WFEFilm for the tip

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22 Responses to Pass around the jake! (just kidding) Camel is cast! *TRIVIA*

  1. Doireann says:

    yeeep he’s irish! :) go the irish! ;P

  2. Aeren says:

    thanks, very interesting!!

  3. Is it just me, or does news like this make you even prouder of Rob? The level of talent climbing on board the Rob train is impressive. This was such a smart career move for him. So excited!


  4. NordicNina says:

    welcome onboard!

  5. kphrase says:

    He will be fantastic as Camel! (thanks for the mention/source) Totally right for the role and totally unexpected… Nice write up!

  6. MAIARA says:

    SO cool, this is really happening, so happy!!!

  7. sandy says:

    Just finished the book last night and I loved it! Can’t wait for the movie!!

  8. OutOfMyElement says:

    Yep. Rough him up and make him scraggly and dirty and he’ll be perfect! The non-book readers will wonder what the ‘jake’ we’re talking about!

    • Tinkrbe1l3 says:

      I try to bait people with titles…get em to read the story ;) it’s like a secret society…only the WFE in crowd knows what’s up

  9. Dee says:

    Thanks for the news Tink. I don’t believe the things I read on other sites until you post them here. I have followed you girls through Bel Ami and now WFE. The work you do is appreciated.

  10. mrsaubergine says:

    One of his more famous roles many people will know him from is the TV comedy Father Ted – he was Bishop Brennan. Fantastic actor, great voice (will they let him be a little bit Irish?) and very high calibre. I am soooo excited for this film! W00t!

  11. Lisa says:

    Wow!! Great news indeed!!

  12. Alison4828 says:

    This is awesome! Ok I am going to be negative nellie for a sec…he seems a bit old to me but I could be trippin’.

    I do love the caliber of the cast in this movie…Robowski is surrounded by MAJOR talent and we love that!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      he is older than i imagined but so are some other actors in the movie that shall not be named. BUT i believe they will wipe away our ageist issues and shine in their roles. and between you and me (and whoever else reads this), you know it’ll be at least viewing 10 before we notice anyone but Rob ;)

  13. che says:

    he looks older than i imagined too. plus looks so healthy and fancy(not talking about clothes) but i’m sure he’s gonna be perfect with the right make up and style

  14. BrendaH says:

    He’s a boyo! Emailing from Ireland – this is fantastic news. Ah Jim – Go On, Go On, Go On. He’s a brilliant film/tv/stage actor and will be fantastic – this is a great cast. Love all the updates and photos from WFE. Can’t wait to see the movie. ‘Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat’ (thanks a million).

  15. Stone says:

    In my opinion Stellan Skarsgård would make a better Camel.

  16. lulu says:

    couldn’t have made a better choice!!

  17. lulu says:


  18. Pam says:

    I saw Jim Norton on Broadway in “The Seafarer.” He was fabulous, and certainly deserved the 2008 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play which he won for that role. A gifted and charismatic actor, his performance in “Water for Elephants” grabbed attention. I wanted to see much more of him.

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