Director Tweets…AGAIN! FOLLOW that man! @Hibbits


We now know who plays Barbara!

Donna Scott plays Barbara

Why thank you Mr. Lawrence :) IMDb profile on Donna…and a post soon to follow…

He’s on a roll!

Shooting barbaras tent and it looks incredible.

Ohmygoodness…how much I wish we could be in that tent….


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5 Responses to Director Tweets…AGAIN! FOLLOW that man! @Hibbits

  1. Maybe I missed it, but have the cast Barbara yet?

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      we dont have that info as of yet…

      • This is the only blog I allow myself to check during the day while I’m at work (Bel Ami before that), so I thought I had been following along religiously, but you never know.

        Thanks for the quick feedback and, of course, for all that you do here and on your sister blogs :)


  2. karen says:

    Thank you for the awesome blog! I have read the awesome book and I know the movie is going to be a smash hit —- might even make Oscar in 2011. I feel that any movie or anything that Robert does is fantastic and it will fun to see how his future pans out. Keep sending….

  3. Sus says:

    I think this is going to be a break-out role for our beloved Mr. Pattinson! It’s such a great book and awesome story.

    Lovin’ this blog, and so happy to have it keeping us up with all the lastest pics, tweets, and info for Rob and WFE!!!

    Thanks, Ladies!

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