Director Tweets!

Mr. Lawrence gave fans a little more insight into hot Robowski’s outfit.

In a question posed by WFEfilm: What is the medallion that ‘Jacob’ is wearing?

@Hibbits responded:

the medallion is St. Francis… Patron saint of animals

Here are a couple of images close up of what a St. Francis medallion can look like

The top one looks more time appropriate…what do you guys think? This is fun trivia because if you didn’t know, Jacob Jankowski is the circus veterinarian for the Benzini Bros. Circus :)

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13 Responses to Director Tweets!

  1. Aeren says:

    thanks, I known, in my country we are catholic

  2. C says:

    thanks for the info! I cannot wait for the movie :D

  3. Lisa says:

    It’d be the first image – the second medal is used on dog collars. My Pug has one.

    Jacob’s character is Catholic, so this is very appropriate for him. Nice touch!

    • Susan says:

      Rob said in an interview that he’s catholic, so he probably feels very comfortable with this symbol.

      • dtfangrrrl says:

        Really? I hadn’t heard that before. That makes this Catholic girl very happy. :o)

      • dtfangrrrl says:

        BTW, I’m the Lisa who posted the original comment… but now I’m registered as dtfangrrrl. Sorry for any confusion.

  4. Scarlett71177 says:

    This Catholic girl is just swooning at the thought of him wearing a St. Francis medal.

  5. Sus says:

    What a wonderful touch for Rob’s character, Jacob, to be wearing that! Of course, it just adds to HHH’s hotness!

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  7. Alice87 says:

    This is so perfect! *sigh* Thanx for the Info, guys!

    really like the first one, btw!

  8. MAIARA says:

    everything is great, every detail is perfect, i need this movie

  9. Dee says:

    I love that Mr. Lawrence tweets answers to your questions. With his busy schedule it shows that he truely cares about the fans.

  10. sandy says:

    i think im gunna walk across the street and see what going on maybe i’ll see one of them over there the set is kinda cool up colse

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