Chic Reese still out and about

Back at the Neil George Salon, Reese was Cali chic in her black ensemble yesterday:

We’re like fashion commentators for Reese’s casual, cool outfits. There┬áhaven’t been many pictures of Reese. In fact, we haven’t seen a shot of Reese as Marlena (Marleese?) since day 1 of filming. We’ve seen her workout chic and out to dinner chic. We wanna see her Marleese chic! Well, at least one more time. Here’s hopin’! If you’re done with Reese chicness and want some Robowski splendor…check out the pics that came out today HERE and HERE. oy vey!

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6 Responses to Chic Reese still out and about

  1. C says:

    so cute! I love her. she’s always chic and sophisticated :)

  2. Cyn says:

    I like Marleese… It works! ;) and we def are ready to see her altho I’m good as long as the Robowski keeps coming!

  3. kia says:

    She always looks great, takes great roles and carries herself so well. So many young Hollywood “starlets” would do well to have Reese as a role model.

  4. brenda says:

    Cant’t wait until the movie is done it’s going to be great keep the pics coming

  5. Tesha Cullen says:

    I have a BIG girl crush on Reese, have loved her since Legally Blonde!!! can’t wait for Jacob and Marlena to dance and love in WFE!!!

  6. Roxiesmom2009 says:

    Omg, she’s got the best gams! Sofa king jealous!

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