WFE Men Robert Pattinson & Christoph Waltz at the MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson swept his categories and won MTV Movie Awards for Best Male Performance and Best Global Superstar. He also shared awards for Best Kiss and Best Movie. GO ROBOWSKI!!!

sweetness :)

more sweetness :)

(acceptance video added when MTV decides to upload it since they shut DOWN any youtube vids)

While Christoph Waltz didn’t win his award for Best Villain, he graced the red carpet with two looks that we could see in his August…the smooth August versus the maniacal, extreme August :) LOVE!


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15 Responses to WFE Men Robert Pattinson & Christoph Waltz at the MTV Movie Awards

  1. C says:


    Did Rob leave the set of WfE and go straight to the awards? it’s fine, he still looks really sexy.

  2. Christal Wiliams says:

    So happy for ROB, it was truly his Night!! He deserved it too.. He is a hard worker..I loved the kiss win the Best of course…I went and picked up my actually hard tickets for The Eclipse midnight show on the 29th..We can’t wait.. Then when we go on vacation to New Jersey we will go to the IMAX there and see it again, because once is never enough for a Rob Pattinson film…

  3. dtfangrrrl says:

    Congratulations to Robert! Nice to see Christoph there, as well!

  4. Brenda WV says:

    You go baby the Global Super Star Award WOW Kristen acted so stupid she should have just Kissed you she needs to get a grip on life or get out of the lime lite she ruined the moment for you I’m sorry for you. You still do my heart good

    • heidiForReal says:

      Seiously? That was a well planned act between them both ;) They both deserved the award, and they both looked GREAT last night.

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        it was awkwardly adorkable :) i giggled…when Rob breaks out the adorkable, im a mess of giggles. not quite sure why ppl are mentioning kristen when she has nothing to do with WFE and wasnt mentioned in the post ;)

  5. Sachertorte says:

    Tom Felton said it right: [Quote from Reuters]

    Still, British actor Tom Felton of the “Harry Potter” franchise said backstage that he was embarrassed to take the best villain statuette over Christoph Waltz, who won virtually every prize during awards season for “Inglourious Basterds.”

    “It’s ridiculous really, isn’t it?” he told Reuters. “To be in the same category as him is a bit of a joke, really, let alone to actually beat him.”

  6. Donna says:

    Congrats to Rob………….way to go!! Can’t wait not only see WFE as well as a few others on his list, but am anxious to see what his future will hold.

  7. Julie says:

    Congratulations Rob…but Kristen need class to how work after shooting..she’s akward and stupid! And the best kiss PLEASE…the same stupid thing?? Next year…please let’s vote for Rob and other person!

    I love Waltz…I really wanna a picture with him and Rob!!!

  8. kailene kaina says:

    Talking with someone who had just read WFE. Told him what my husband and I do for a living on Ringling bros. He says, “Cool, your show has a train? Just like in the book?” I reply, “No actually, the book has a train, just like Ringlings.” Since 1872.

  9. qmoj.cnKniss says:

    interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

  10. filmgirl says:

    Congrats Rob!

    I’m a fan of Pattinson and follow his career because I’m inspired by the nature of how he and Stewart care for each other. I guess that’s why she’s mentioned so much in relation to him?I don’t know, but something was off last night – just gone. Overly handled and just not there anymore. Authenticty lite.

  11. Laís Tavares says:

    ROBERT PATTINSON is really the BEST GLOBAL SUPERSTAR. Rob deserved all his awards but it’s time for all his fans give their support to his other movies, especially now WFE. It was an injustice that the other movie he did, not received even one nomination.

  12. karen says:

    I agree with filmgirl and her comments. I love Rob as well as he is an awesome young man and a totallyawesome actor. He is soft spoken, sometimes shy and funny when he wants to be. Unfortunately Kristen is totally the opposite to him and that’s what makes the love they have for eachother work! They sat together at an event which was a FIRST and just how they acted you know they are in love. Rob has a great future and WFE will be a smash hit!

  13. Savageo says:

    Congratulations Rob! Well deserved. You had me as a fan when you jumped out of the tree in Goblet of Fire. I cry almost every time I see your death scene ( my dog even howls). OK enough with the almost kiss…. Next year when you win it, Grab Kristen and KISS her like you mean it, Rett Butler style like Gone With the Wind.
    Now I would like to comment on MTV’s Award show:
    WHAT A TASTELESS PRESENTATION. You know that the youth of the world is wanting to watch the new trailers for PG rated movies and see their favorite stars from those movies. WHY in the world would you allow such terrible language and such questionable displays? It’s pretty bad when your 15 yr old says she is turning the TV off because the show was so bad. You really should tone it down.

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