*NEW PICS* HELLO AUGUST! Christoph Waltz on set!

FINALLY! Set pics of Christoph Waltz as August :)

The chants worked y’all! What else should we rain dance and chant for?

Thanks Sacher for the tip ;)


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30 Responses to *NEW PICS* HELLO AUGUST! Christoph Waltz on set!

  1. dtfangrrrl says:

    AHHHH!!!! August!!! This made my morning – seriously! It was worth getting up just for this. :)

  2. @konneko says:

    Chris is an perfect August…. dont you think that when you look at him,. you feel… scared???



  3. jan says:

    WOW!!! As if Robowski is not enough to knock us dead, along comes Chrisenbluth to do us in EVEN MORE!!!!

    Can’t wait to see him in the tux!!

  4. Blacklaceandredlips says:

    Lets chant for pics of naked Rob…I kid…kinda…

    Oooh what about him washing up…he would be shirtless and wet, good enough for me!!!

  5. Sachertorte says:

    Be still my heart, he is delicious.

  6. suziekew says:

    whoa…Chris is so perfect for this role it’s almost kinda scary. Love the fedora, jodhpurs and lace up boots!

  7. rpattzgirl says:

    Wow…looking pretty spiffy there August…he’s so handsome…too bad he’s again plays a physcho!

  8. Kimc333 says:

    He’s perfect!

  9. Lisa says:

    Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. suzyquzy says:

    Ah yes jodhpur breeches…classic look .

  11. Susan says:

    Oh this is going to be so good….I’ve been waiting for this photo and you’ve just made my day!!

    I’m making a trek to the set next week while on vaca in LA….here’s hoping.

  12. Aeren says:

    the perfect August

  13. Sachertorte says:


    Oh please get me an autograph if you can! please email me.

  14. DEB says:

    He is a perfect August.. Just what I imagined !

  15. illura says:

    “Best Villain” at the MTV Movie Awards 2011 will go to the man in jodhpurs. ;-)

  16. Lisa says:

    What’s he eating?

  17. zeebie says:

    We met him yesterday and he couldn’t be more of a nice guy!! He was awesome!

    • Alex says:

      You got to meet him?? Lucky! How were you able to get to meet him? My mom is practically in love with him, and she would LOVE to meet him.
      We were planning on heading out to the set in the next few weeks.

  18. Audra says:

    New photos of Rob and hidden Reese on X17 from yesterday’s set work.
    Who would not want to kiss this man? Silly girls.
    They are fabulous!
    And YES, Christoph should have won best villian – he will totally
    do this character justice!!!
    I can’t wait.

  19. Alex says:

    You got to meet him?? Lucky! How were you able to get to meet him? My mom is practically in love with him, and she would LOVE to meet him.
    We were planning on heading out to the set in the next few weeks.

  20. Monday 7 June says:

    “Christoph Waltz was on set yesterday” (7 June)
    (he&Rob was 6th at MTV Movie Awards ceremony as nominated)

  21. zeebie says:

    We were hanging out at the Fillmore set, and when they take a break from shooting they cross the street to go to their trailers. He just kind of nonchallantly walked across the street right by where we were standing and we asked for a photo and autograph and he said “Sure!”. He was REALLY nice!

  22. Capri says:

    Chris Waltz is so perfect for August!!! They couldn’t have picked a better person to play August—only him!! I just read the book and I imagine him playing this part. I am so, so excited!! He’s an exceptional actor!! I loved him in “Inglorious Basterds”!!

  23. Heidi says:

    I’m overjoyed that Christoph is playing that rascal August, but I kind of regret he turned down the opportunity to play Freud. I think he would have injected some badly need wry humor into the doctor’s “dour” character.

    Love that Christoph!

  24. Lovinghim:)always says:

    I love him so much eh duh read my name

  25. Lovinhim says:

    I may be 13 but its ment to be his name is august in water for elephamts and thats wen im born and in green hornet his name is in polish and so am i its ment hes the reason i wake up in the morning hes my every dream thought hes the half of my heart to make me full and wen im 18 i just hope hes there to take me and hold me forever if we were a song it’d be the most romatic damn song ever

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