*NEW PICS* Rob on set today! Fancy man :)

Robert Pattinson spotted on set today…like everyday of filming really :)

Lookin’ mighty fine in that suit, Mr. Pattinson!

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35 Responses to *NEW PICS* Rob on set today! Fancy man :)

  1. Alison4828 says:

    Looking fuckhawt and damn he slays me! That haircut really suits him so well..GAH!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      im wondering if this is Cornell Jacob…like…when he leaves you know where and walks for you know how long and he’s wearing you know what…doesn’t it look like this could be that? because you KNOW he didnt wear this during you know what. lol…tryna be spoiler free here…ya catch my drift?

      • checkedout says:

        ima thinkin’ that IS Cornell Jacob or maybe funeral Jacob??

      • I totally agree,
        AND I get what you are saying,
        AND he’s carrying the Kindle,
        AND Dean’s holding the door,
        AND I’mma gonna stop now ;)

      • Alison4828 says:

        I agree that this could be Cornell Jacob. I think when he goes for the really long, long walk he should be wearing a dark suit I’m guessing? But this sure does look like it could fit that time frame as he is wearing a tie. Tryna be spoiler free too…and I ALWAYS catch your drift :-)

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        LOL i think Rob pics are like puzzles for the Robsessed.

      • Susan says:

        I think it is Cornell Jacob. Looks like the pants, shirt and vest we’ve seen him filming in for most of the shoot just in various states of sweaty and dirtiness….hotness, awesomeness….someone stop me.

      • @Susan – Continue. Please. LOL!

    • :D says:

      You ARE SO TRUE!!! he is F-ing hot!

  2. Robert is gorgeous eh! I love him forever! ♥

  3. dtfangrrrl says:

    Jacob cleans up nicely. ;)

  4. marie says:

    nothing is finer than Rob… He looks Fab!!! these pics just get better all the time.

  5. Sus says:

    Too much PRETTY! <3 Rob so…..

  6. deb24601 says:

    Yes! Cornell Rob and I noticed his hair was freshly cut at the MTV MAs, just a bit shorter than what we’ve been seeing. Love the suit!!! Love the man…

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  8. Alice87 says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! *screams* Robowski the things you are doing to me!!!!

    What do you think which scene this is guys????

  9. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    oh! this is the same outfit as the splendor in the grass pics! minus the jacket…in fact…its the outfit he always wears. im playing detective…he’s got that vest number underneath..and we’ve seen this outfit get progressively dirty…the shirt, pants, all of it…squeeeeee…sigh…im rambling…but i love it all. the book coming to life.

    • deb24601 says:

      Reminds me of another suit in another movie that is worn all the time and gets grimy and torn… ;)

    • Alison4828 says:

      Well now…that is very good observation! So I believe that the discussion up above works out as well. I guess darker colors were not the thing when attending what he attended before he went for a walk. LOL

    • Annie says:

      Wow Tink, I am impressed with you right now.

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        squeee…i impressed :) yes yes you guys…go back and look at the Robowski pics…same outfit…just grungier and grungier. and look at the splendor in teh grass pics…not as grungy…but getting there…as if someone have been walking long distances and must settle rest…taking off his tie…pulling down the suspenders…untucking his shirt…etc etc…mmmmmm…its all very exciting. the costume is PERFECT.

    • Susan says:

      That’s what I”m thinking…so do we prefer pristine Robkowski or sweaty/dirty Robkowski?

      I know…stupid question….

  10. rpattzgirl says:

    O OMG he looks so freaking handsome in that suit!!!!! Jeez….it just gets better & better!

  11. Annie says:

    How can he be that handsome?! It blows mah mind.

  12. Sue says:

    Any pictures of this man is a pleasure to the eye!! Love the “suit” …must be from “Monday Man”!!

  13. kitttatt says:

    Don’t think the ‘Monday Man’ would score him a tie, though. I’m of the opinion that it is pre-walk.

  14. aj says:

    Rob looks serious and tired in these pics. Maybe in character for the scenes. Is it a kindle or is it a journal? Still go crazy for him no matter how he looks! What a great personality to go with the looks. Cheers!

  15. Dee says:

    I have to say, as much as I love Rob, Dean could guard my body any day. I really have a thing for big men and he really has it goin on.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I’m predicting this is the Cornell scene and he is in character, he looks tired and solemn.
    Duhrrty or clean, Rob looks great. It also looks like his hair is a little shorter.

  17. freak4sparkle says:

    CRAP!! my daughter and I almost went today to check it out!!! I missed fancy pants Robkowski with a Kindle!!!

  18. shey says:

    omg nice pics today! i was there on monday at the set, i didnt see rob at allll! :( will he still be there tomrw?

  19. Alexandria says:

    Hi lucky girls, you that can get soo close to him…I agee with you…that must be the Cornell suit with vest and tie he was wearing when he left and went for a walk before jumping on the train, then the pants and the shirt start getting dirtier…but anyways, he looks awsome and beautiful.

  20. Alexandria says:

    He looks sooo handsome with that suit; I think that is the one he used for the Cornell shots, (the beginning of the story)…any ways, he looks tired and beautiful as ever. Don´t know how I will survive without all this.

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