New Pics! Robowski on set 6.8.10

Robert Pattinson is a Piruvian Sun God!

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24 Responses to New Pics! Robowski on set 6.8.10

  1. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    GAH! I love when he walks…

  2. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    oh and LMFAO! at “PIRUvian sun god” bwahahahahaha!

  3. deb24601 says:

    I like when he walks too! Ahhhh, Wonky feet. I’m noticing pursed lips and have a question: Is Rob a whistler?? I’ll add that to the list of things I must hear/see Rob do…

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      he whistles ALL THE TIME!!!! i love it…those lips…what songs does he whistle? sorry…i meant to bring this up in my first comment but i thought it would be too horny to talk about his lips…kept it safe with his walk…but then debb brought it up soooooo…. ;)

  4. rpattzgirl says:

    Damn he looks good in those suspenders!!!!

  5. Alexia Pons says:

    Jeeezzzz!!! He looks even better when battered, tired, swety….and whistling??? ohhh my God!!! and it is a diary or something like that he is carrying???. He looks good in those suspenders all right, and doen´t he looks cute in those period pants!!

    • roslynstephanieselene says:

      Yup! I bet it’s his numerous journals he uses in every movie set to write dirty poems in. He should publish it and give SMeyer a run for her money. ;)

  6. Alexandria says:

    Tinkrbe1/3 your are such a lucky gal!!! You can get sooo close to him. I have to put up with just reading and seen the photos I am soo far away.

  7. penelopeastra says:

    Does anybody else think that he’s getting a great tan and from what I can imagine buffer but OMG if only he would take his shirt off for us!!!

  8. Fifty and Taylor…I mean Rob and Dean :)

    Anyone else think it looks like Dean is waiting for the driver to unlock the door so he can open it for Rob?

    @Alexia Pons – Pretty sure he doesn’t go anywhere without his Kindle. I’ll bet it has the script on it, too. Unless, of course, he’s moved up to an iPad. I’ve never seen an iPad up close and personal, though. Anyone else?



    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      i have…im a tech junkie so i got one. Rob is pretty up-to-date with his tech stuff but i would vote Kindle…while the sides from ta distance could resemble the iPad, it looks like the same black cover from BA pics. also…those pics of him reading the other day…he was in the sun/outside…iPad is not the eReader for the sun/outside…the nook and Kindle are better because they read like real books. no glare. iPad is like a computer screen so its difficult to see in the sun (personal experience). this was a very technical answer. but like i said…im a junkie.

      • I thought it was the same thing he had on the Bel Ami set but being a techtard, I wanted to defer to the techies ;)

        On the set of Remember Me, he was photographed with the blue-covered script all of the time. Don’t you think he’s able to upload scripts on there, too? Well, maybe not Rob, but Dean? *big smile*

  9. DT says:

    I like Rob but I LOVE KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alexandria says:

    Never seen an iPad up close my self either. I think it is a Kindle too but I read somewhere that he said he preferred book books, but he likes all those chick-chuck, you know, iPods, ThisPod, WhaeverelsePods…and isn´t that tall guy opening the door for him his bodyguard…he has being accompaning him everywhere he goes (think I have seen him in a bunch of his photos in LA and NY when filming Remember Me.

    • Yes, that’s his bodyguard, the infamous Dean. I think his role has gone beyond bodybuard and includes personal assistant and, hopefully, friend.

      Rob loves books but definitely has/carries a Kindle around now, as does Kristen ;)

  11. Oh the things Dean must know about Rob. *sigh* And was that Stephanie Ritz giving Kristen the “proud mama” face after Rob thanked Kristen for being the lynch pin to the saga at the MTV Awards?

  12. heidiForReal says:

    Who new duhrt could be so .. yummy.

  13. Sue says:

    Grundgy Rob is super HAWT!!… i like how his body guard …I guess that what he is??? is always with him…I’d love to have that job!!

  14. I would love to know what he’s thinking or what seen he may have just finished or going in to. Robert Thomas you do my heart good. Your sucesse is all yours and Kristen is just there.

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