Rosie’s Week in Review! June 13

Everybody ok out there? What a week. I’m already fuzzy on what happened waaay back on Monday and thought… hmmm I wish there was one post with all the hightlights and best pictures from the week. So here it is!

Hands down, the favourite picture of the week… Robowski’s Killer Smile!

Ruined by Robowski’s grin? Click here for more!

Rob and Christoph and Reese! More weekly recap after the (train) jump!

Did you miss the men of Water for Elephants at the MTV Movie Awards? Read Monday’s recap post here.

Set soldier Gittsy brought us our first picture of Silver Star! Read about her set adventure here.

Set soldier round up right here. Including Kinko, the train, Christoph and Roustabouts.

August coaxed Jacob to the top of the train! Robowski on the roof of a moving train? August really is a villain!

Craving more Christoph?? Of course you are! Click here for Kinker Tink’s Spotlight on Christoph.

Seems like only yesterday Robowski was climbing the train… oh it was yesterday! (Well it was when I first wrote this ;))

LOVE the lighting in this one!

All the Robowski climbing goodies are right here!

Robert Pattinson talked Water for Elephants in an interview with Premiere (France) Magazine. Read it here.

Last but not least we saw some gorgeous pictures of Rob and Reese shooting a night scene. You can see more here.

Be sure to check out the contest hosted by Algonquin Books!

Pssst. This isn’t really Rosie. She broke three computers before I took over…


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4 Responses to Rosie’s Week in Review! June 13

  1. Annie says:

    So much awesomeness this week. Thanks kinkers for giving us a place to find it all together. *mwah*

  2. Shirlee says:

    It was a really spectacular Robowski/Rob week, so many beautiful pictures. Especially loved the ones of him and August on the train, makes me think of all the new muscles Rob is getting with all the climbing and stuff. Pictures of him and Reese were beautiful also, can’t wait for more

  3. Maria says:

    Loved all the pictures! Especially the killer smile pic, well all of the pictures where Rob was smiling and grinning because it just put a smile on my face…stops my heart he’s so stunning! You are THE man Rob! You’re totally gorgeous and GAWD you are a beautiful man…inside as well as out. Can’t wait to see WFE and ALL your future work. I think you’re going to have a great career. ILY Rob =)

  4. aj says:

    Does anyone else feel just a little envious of all these folks with Rob this week? Wonderful photos! Thanks for doing a great job with the site! I look forward to my messages every morning with new WFE stuff. Cheers, AJ

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