WFE Fan Pics w/ Rob 6/11

June 11 fan pictures with Rob taken on the set of Water For Elephants!


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9 Responses to WFE Fan Pics w/ Rob 6/11

  1. sandy says:

    I’m so jealous!!

  2. How I wish I had the same sort of girl. Certainly close to Rob, I further realize that dream. God willing! *-*

  3. Kelly says:

    Bless him! He looks knackered! Nice t-shirt though!! Lol! I wonder what it says. As a fellow brit, I love his sense of humour. :)

    • sjaantje says:

      I love the word “knackered”! First heard that from some friends of ours from England. It just describes perfectly how you look and feel sometimes. You are right. The poor guy definately looks knackered here.

  4. dtfangrrrl says:

    Poor Rob looks soooo tired…… Still, fantastic pics and lucky fans! :)

  5. Maria says:

    God bless him he looks so tired! He can never look bad to me. As always though he’s gracious to his fans. That’s why I totally adore you Rob!! =)

  6. Wendy says:

    I was there, it was awesome Rob’s so cute and quirky. That’s my sis in the pink!

    • Maria says:

      Is that Jasmine? Good for you. I spoke to your sister on the second day of shooting at the Fillmore set. The day with TwiMom and Evan. I’m glad she hung in there and finally met Rob.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Lucky girls! So nice of Rob to take the time to say hi to his fans.
    He really does look tired.

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