Robert Pattinson mentions WFE at the Eclipse Press Conference

Great video overall for the Rob Pattinson fan but skip to 6:48-7:28 for the ‘Water For Elephants‘ reference

transcript by the kinkers minus ums and uhs ;)

‘Water for Elephants’ is a story about a guy in 1931 whose parents both died in a car crash when he’s at Cornell University studying veterinarian science. He jumps on a train out of desperation to find something else and ends up being this circus train, kind of b-rate circus, and he ends up falling in love with the star attraction who’s also the wife of the ringmaster and all the sort of chaos ensues after that.

If you’re interested in the whole press conference, Click HERE

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5 Responses to Robert Pattinson mentions WFE at the Eclipse Press Conference

  1. dtfangrrrl says:

    Love hearing Rob talk up WFE! :)

  2. Sus says:

    I thought this was a good press conference…nice not to have all the screaming (the one with just Rob…not the one today!)….

    He seems so much more comfortable with doing these now!

    And he’s so, so darling!

  3. 1) He looks fantastic (can’t get over how much I love the haircut), and he seems very relaxed.

    2) I realize this is for an Eclipse press junket, but I’m so tired of journalists asking if he thinks he will be able to get past being typecast as Edward. We are not following this site, for example, because he we can’t get past Edward. That role exposed us to Rob, and we will be forever grateful for that, but this goes so beyond Twilight.

    3) Rob touching himself on the chest, front of his neck, and back of his neck throughout the interview? Um. Yeah. Very pleasantly distracting ;)

    4) Bel Ami – him saying the words screwed and shits – LOL!!

    5) Hello! Is Unbound Captives still on his agenda?! *fingers crossed*


  4. Maria says:

    Rob, Rob, Rob!!! You are so f$#%*in’ HOT! Just effortless, comfortable and so well spoken. Can’t wait to see in Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Bel Ami, WFE and Unbound Captives….Rob as a tanned, half naked Comanche…Oh My!! I sure hope he does that movie =) Not only for the chance to see more of him (ahem) but because I think it would just show how much more talented and versatile he is. From what I’ve seen he can do so far, I think he can do anything! ILY Rob

  5. Sang Magnus says:

    Wow I cant wait to catch this movie! Going this weekend for sure.

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