Director Tweets! Who knew what ‘the spec’ was?

Twitter had a melt down on Monday night and many of you missed this tweet from Francis Lawrence:

In the big top about to shoot the spec!

What is the spec? Glad you asked ;) If you aren’t a book reader, you might not know what Mr. Lawrence was talking about. I didn’t know what ‘the spec’ was before I read ‘Water For Elephants‘ and I really didn’t know how significant ‘the spec’ was before I started doing research for the blog.

‘The spec’ is short for the ‘Grand Spectacle’. It is defined as:

The grand entry presented at the beginning of or during a circus performance. It is the most glamorous, eye-filling and impressive feature of the program.

‘The spec’ is the name for any pageant or spectacle presented in connection with a circus performance and they commonly have a thematic, often narrative element.

You’re introduced to ‘the spec’ at the start of ‘Water For Elephants‘. Doesn’t it make you giddy thinking about how amazing this will look onscreen? The “most glamorous, eye-filling, and impressive” aspect of the “most spectacular show on earth”?! GAH! Stars! They’re in my eyes! Francis Lawrence is going to dazzle us ;)

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12 Responses to Director Tweets! Who knew what ‘the spec’ was?

  1. Sachertorte says:

    And in the middle will be Augustoph being the master of the show. :-D

    mmmmm CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dtfangrrrl says:

    I’ve read the book several times, so I knew exactly what it was! It’s gonna be so cool on screen! :)

  3. Alison4828 says:

    I can’t wait till he tweets that they are playing a certain song…

  4. Dri Guerra says:

    Sounds exciting… I knew exactly what it was I’ve read the book a few times now.

    Thank you for the updates! I love that we get this little updates from the Director…how cool is that??

    Keep up the good work!!! – Twilightildawn

  5. Lisa says:

    Going through serious Waltz withdrawal – is there no way to lure him outside for a quick picture? Perhaps someone could offer him an excellent glass of milk or . . . something else, I’ll leave that up to you.

  6. ndnwmn says:

    This is going to be a amazing movie…The cast is perfect, from what I have see of the stills…Costumes are perfect…I am so excited to see this
    great book come to life on screen….

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