Kinker Tink goes to The Tonight Show: An Open Letter to Clare Pattinson

Mama and Papa Pattz

Dear Clare,

Can I call you Clare? It’s only because the emails your son shared with the Jay Leno audience have me so inspired to write you a personal letter via the Water For Elephants Film fan blog. You might take a look around here and I felt you needed an introductory “hello”. Hello!

I met you briefly outside the show and passed off a sort of “business” card to you. That’s so stuffy considering we aren’t a business. The intention was to direct you to a source that celebrates your son’s projects beyond Twilight. Rob often mentions in interviews that he feels the fans are focused just on the character, Edward. I suppose there’s some truth to that but it’s frustrating because I interact with so many fans (especially recently #TeamRosie!) that love ALL his projects and are excited about his career including and beyond The Twilight Saga.

Which brings me to this blog. ‘Water For Elephants‘ began filming May 20th and already there are MANY fansites up and running, dedicated solely to Rob’s newest project. The enthusiasm for this movie and for Rob’s role is already exploding within the fandom. Our excitement is trickling over into more mainstream outlets as well. It’s a project that the authors of this blog, the readers of this blog, and the fans at other ‘Water For Elephants‘ blogs are anticipating more and more each day. It happens with every new movie Rob climbs aboard (enter cheesy circus jargon).

One never knows what Rob is aware of in terms of his fans and our fan activities. I wonder if he realizes the support he has past his Twilight persona. These things cross my mind and it was that reasoning that had me grab a card from my back pocket and give it to you. I felt on some off chance that you decide to take a stroll through the internet, you might recall this site and give it a look. Maybe you’ll see how much love there is for your son and his work and maybe, juuuust maybe, you’ll give him some motherly look and tell him his fans are with him for the long haul and he’ll start to realize we know he’s more than just Edward.

We love you long time, Rob!

You said in a laughing tone that we were all silly to want you and your husband’s picture and autograph. It is silly. But that’s what happens to Rob fans. He makes us a silly mess. We run around in the heat of Burbank, CA to oooh and aaah at the two people he so eloquently thanked for conceiving him. The two people he told the most endearing stories about on The Tonight Show. The two people that graciously took pictures with fans and signed their Twilight goodies AND the ‘Water for Elephants‘ book. The two people that share and exceed our love for Robert Pattinson. Yes it is silly. But we really blame you ;) After all, you gave birth to and raised the man that has bewitched us.

Team Rosie button in the house & Mama Pattz signing WFE! lol

You may not make your way over here. The exchange was so quick and I know all the “please, one more picture!” coming from fans was a bit overwhelming. These words are intended for Clare Pattinson as well as the WFE/Rob fans I keep meeting during the Eclipse promotion *waves to @hardyloveRP & @PattyInNYC*. I feel such unity in the fandom when I meet you guys and see how equally ecstatic you are for Twilight and Rob’s future films. These are great times for a Rob fan and it was an honor to meet Mr. & Mrs Pattinson as well as the sweet fans of Rob and ‘Water For Elephants‘.

Sincerely grateful for Rob’s parents conceiving him as well,

Kinker* Tink and the other Kinkers: Debb, JAG, Jen, & MP

*on the very, very, VERY slim chance Mrs. Pattinson really DOES read this, kinkers = authors on this blog AND kinkers = jargon for circus performers in relation to the story Water for Elephants.

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74 Responses to Kinker Tink goes to The Tonight Show: An Open Letter to Clare Pattinson

  1. Girlpower says:

    Love this open letter. Rob was exquisitly sweet on Leno. To have a chance to meet his parents! No words.
    You are one lucky girl Tink, thanks for sharing.
    And thanks Mrs. and Mr. P!

  2. Sue says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What a endearing and heartfelt letter!! Well said!! We follow this man NOT because of “Edward”, (ok, maybe a “little bit” but because he has drawn us into his unbelievable charm, his drive, his humbleness, his laughter, his talent. Yes, we have his parents to thank, and I say it too….”Thank you!”

  3. jan says:

    VERY WELL SAID, Kinker Tink!

    I’m sure EVERY single Rob fan in the world shares your sentiments and I really hope Mrs Pattinson reads it and feels the love and affection we have for her beautiful son. :)

  4. Oh, Tink. Last night I was almost in tears after watching Rob on Jay Leno. I was so proud of him. He was perfect. Now I am almost in tears after reading your post. It is perfect.

    I/We have been saying for along time now that it’s not about Edward anymore. The transition is complete. We are in this for the long haul because Rob is special. It’s plain to see now that it’s genetic.



  5. karen says:

    what else i can say. you said everything i want to say to these 2 gorgeous who’s so dear to our rob. i’m really thrilled when i saw these pics. how his parents are soooo cool and down to earth. I thank them for sharing us their blessing. way to go rob!!

  6. music4debbo says:

    I agree, this was a great letter to two wonderful parents. They’ve raised a wonderful son who has grown up to be an eloquent and delightfully charming young man we all adore. I’m so proud to call myself a Robert Pattinson fan. He always makes us smile and his laugh is so endearing. His beauty makes us all sigh and his playful sarcasm and unique sense of humor always makes me laugh. I hope that his family and friends keep him grounded and humble and grateful because he is truly truly special to all of us just the way he is now.

    Tink that was a great letter and you are so lucky you got to meet his parents. They seem so charming, fun to be around and WARM. It’s no wonder Rob came out so well. He’s got great role models. WE LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD PATTINSON!

  7. Eileen says:

    Love him, because he’s just Rob. He moved me to tears on Jay Leno. He was so sweet and touching. I’m so proud of him and can’t do anything else, but love and support him.

  8. Alexandria says:

    Hi Kinker Tink!!! I love this letter, and what a beautiful and touching interview last night!!! I knew he (Robert) was very closed to his parents, but appart from the Ellen show where I saw them and his sisters briefly, last night was…I almost cried when he started reading his father`s emails. His mother looks like a model and I know now why he is sooo handsome…that comes from his mum and dad…he looks so much like his father, I think. It is not very easy to follow all those shows from my country. Sadly, I lost “all those endearing stories” he said on The Tonight Show. Thank Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson for bringing to us such an amazing actor, human being…and ohhh sooo beautiful and sexy too…and thank you Kinker Tink for this awsome letter!!!

  9. paola says:

    I am completely of accord on what you say, entirely! I have known Rob “thanks” to Edward, but now Robert and its cinema career are the only thing that interests me, and Edward remains only one of its characters. Robert is “too much” to be contained in an only role.
    Paola. Team Rosie

  10. MamaMary says:

    Hear Hear, Mrs. Pattinson. So far your son’s work is very entertaining and enjoyable and I am a fan. Looking forward to all his future projects. WFE is one of my very favorite books and I can’t wait to see it come to life on the screen.

  11. Alexandria says:

    I agree with all of you, it is not about Edward, it is about his heart, so untouched even after being involved for so long in the Holywood hurricane of lies, papparrazis, sex, drunkness and who knows what else. He has kept to himself, (smoking yes), but like…a good mama´s boy???…Would that be a good adjectif for him… in english??? That was what came to my mind, not very sure, being english my second language.
    Thank Kinker Tink again for this really, really touching letter that has put in writing all the feelings of all of us, WFL followers, but overall, Robert admirers.

  12. SnowyHedwig says:

    Brilliantly said, Tink, thank you so much! I loved watching the show last night, and Rob’s obvious love for his parents just gave me another reason to love him.

    Yes, Rob plays Edward. But I’ve been following his career since he first flew under my radar in Harry Potter, and am very pleased to be able to say that I own almost all of his other films, and am just waiting for the release of Remember Me on DVD. Thank you for putting this on here. Even if the Pattinsons don’t see this, it’s important for us all to remember. We love Rob, not just one specific character. And it’s a super-added bonus that he’s drip-dead gorgeous, too!

  13. Thesabstar1 says:

    You said it all perfectly right there!

  14. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    Aww, Tink. You nearly moved me to tears. Thank you for this so much. You’re right. I hope he realizes it is not Edward that we all adore, but rather his beautiful soul that lies beneath the beautiful surface. I realize now more than ever that this is a testament to Dick and Clare and the job they have done in raising him.

  15. Beth says:

    What an awesome letter! It was so sweet of you to write a letter to his mom. I’ve also heard him say that he knows all the screaming and excitment is only for Edward and not for Rob. But its not true! His fans truly love and adore him. We will always support all of his projects. And he was so funny and sweet on Leno! I was smiling the whole time. He looked GORGEOUS!

  16. Karen says:

    That letter was very sweet and do hope his mum reads it!

    I have to admit, I joined this blog solely because it was about “Water for Elephants.” I think it must be one of my favorite books of all times and I read it ages ago and must re-read it before the movie comes out. I had my doubts about Rob playing the lead role because in my head, the character didn’t look like him. I’m very picky when my visions from reading it don’t materialize on film! But, with that said…..I have been seeing the pictures from the set and such and am becoming quite the Rob fan for this role. He does surely look as if he fits the part now, as do many of the other characters casted. Although circuses, especially of old, were very cruel to animals, it was no less a part of our history and one I can’t wait to see on film. :-)

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      I love this! I know there are tons of readers on here that came in as fans of WFE, not Rob and didn’t want them to feel excluded if you don’t adore Rob. ALL of us are going to make this movie a success for Rob, Reese, Christoph, Francis Lawrence, Sara Gruen, and the many other folks involved. :)

  17. Texasmom says:

    I am a push over when it comes to moms & their sons! I am glad to hear that people are speaking out about Rob and his talent! When I watch Twilight or read the books (again), I truly believe without SM knowing him, this character was written for him. He has amazed us all over the last few years and we hope for many more. But he does need a vacation so he doesn’t get burned out! We would all hate that! Maybe after WFE and then the 2 BD’s (yea!!!) He deserves a break!!! Congratulations to Rob & his parents… waiting for Remember me to be released! Can’t wait until Bel Ami! One day soon we will see him accept his Oscar…I can feel it!

  18. Maria in Ct says:

    Love your letter to Rob’s mom! His parents must have been so tickled by all the attention they received yesterday. Rob has such a wonderful family and it makes my heart happy that he has a good relationship with his parents. I am always delighted when I see Mr & Mrs P in the audience!

    Yes, it’s very important that Rob knows that many of his fans see way beyond the Edward character. This charming, humble, witty, intelligent, gorgeous (had to put that in) young man has captivated women young and old and has also exposed us to literature that we may not have encountered on our own.

    While I will always be grateful for discovering Rob in Twilight, I also cherish all his other performances from the past and I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of Bel Ami and Water for Elephants. And, of course, his performance in Remember Me – absolutely heartbreakingly devastating.

    Yes, Rob is a class act and I’m sure Mr & Mrs P are very proud. As they should be! :)

  19. Maria in Ct says:

    And if for no other reason, I am immensely grateful to Rob’s parents just for the fact that their son makes me smile every single day no matter how bad things are. And that’s saying a lot. Rob is an absolute treasure.

  20. Just A Girl says:

    Aw Tink that was just lovely <3s

  21. Linda says:

    I loved seeing Rob’s parents in the audience! Makes it apparent the kind of relationship he has with them. Twilight did make me notice Rob but now I own everything he’s ever done. I am a lifelong fan and I cannot think of another actor who has ever had this effect on me. To Rob’s dad – keep steering him toward more good roles. You’ve done a great job so far! Thanks, Tink, for the open letter – it’s perfect!

  22. OutOfMyElement says:

    Tink! You are my new hero! I adore you! Not only for this wonderful letter, but for ALL the places you go and the information you gather for those of us who can’t personally attend and see things first hand. I wish you could get paid for this as you are doing an excellent job!

    As for Rob, sigh. Will someone PLEASE work on perfecting that cloning thing.

  23. somanywards says:

    What a great letter! Thank you for conveying what’s in our hearts*
    We are #Team ROB*
    : )

  24. Clare (not Pattinson) says:

    Great letter…
    What an adorable guy Rob Pattinson is! The sort of guy you’d want your son to grow up to be and/or your daughter to marry. He comes across as respectful, funny and charming and I am really looking forward to seeing WFE.
    His parents must be soo proud. I know I would be.

  25. karen says:

    Thank you for the lovely, lovely letter to Mrs. Pattinson — our devotion to Rob from here in Edmonton, CANADA goes to him as well in all his future endeavours. He is indeed a beautiful person and I know Twilight started him on his road to fame but I hope that I would live long enough to see where his future will lead him, as I know he will have a good, long life and we will be following him along the way whereever that may lead him. Thank you also for this WFE website, it is totally AWESOME!

  26. deb24601 says:

    I’m all warm and fuzzy! Beautiful words, Tink!!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    A beautiful letter. well said.
    I am looking forward to his roles post Twilight. Although I like him as Edward, it is easy to see that he has so much potential beyond that character.
    So far he has made good choices of projects and is certainly working with top quality actors and directors. No slasher, low budget films for our Rob. He is so much more than just a teen idol. Rob will be in films for many years if he chooses.
    His parents should be commended for their parenting skills. It is obvious that Rob has had an excellent upbringing and is well centered, handling all of this fame with ease. Most young men would have imploded by now.

  28. Pfluffy says:

    Wonderful letter…. his parents seem so genuine and the love Rob has for them is so heartwarming. Those emails from his dad were so sweet. Although a little embarrassing to share, so happy that he did. His talent, not only in acting, but in the fact that he knows that sharing these little pieces of his personal relationship with his parents make his fans so happy. Thanks Clare and Rich for raising such a wonderful person! So looking forward to him playing Jacob in Water for Elephants and basically to all his future projects.

  29. dtfangrrrl says:

    Rob’s parents are amazing! He comes from such a close knit and loving family… you can tell he had a wonderful upbringing. I would have wanted their autographs, too!! LOL

    Rob consistently shows that he has more class in the tip of his pinky than any 100 celebrities combined – and that comes his mom and dad. :)

    Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson – You guys are the BEST!

  30. Maria in Ct says:

    I agree about the Oscar. The minute I read the script and the book, I said “I see shiny trophies in Rob’s future!”

  31. Jen aka MRP says:

    We love you Clare! You are the best fake MIL in the world!

  32. Carol B says:

    Very nice open letter. There are many of us who are interested in Rob the actor and not just his Twilight role. His parents should be very proud. Rob is a very nice young gentleman who seems to rise above all the Hollywood hype. Good for him. Obviously he was brought up very well with a very strong family connection. Congratulations Clare and Rich on your son’s success!

  33. JennB94 says:

    What a great letter!!! Good job!
    Clare you are beautiful! And we all thank you for conceiving your gorgeous and talented son! He is going to give an amazing performance in WFE!

  34. only1nikki says:

    Tink! You nailed exactly how I feel everytime I read or hear Rob say yhat we love Edward and not him. I
    sincerely appreciate you and the time you put into this! Last night as I watched it was so heartwhelming to see his affection for his parents and theirs for him. Just when you think you can’t love him anymore!…….

  35. Anna says:

    Tink, lovely words so eloquently put. You speak for many when you thank Clare & Richard for their wonderful son. I think the way he carries himself in everything he does is a testament to his upbringing. Another comment mentioned how you would love your son to turn out with Robs attributes. My grandmother had an old saying “How you train your pup, us hoe you have your dog!”. So true! Keep up the wonderful dedicated work.

  36. sloopy1975 says:

    A very well written letter! I hope Clare happens to come to this page and see what it means to all of us to not only be Twilight fans (because, at least for me, that’s how I came to know of Rob) but to now be ROB fans because of it. I AM Team Edward… however more importantly, I am Team ROBERT! :D

  37. gyla says:

    Thank you . Very well said. I totally agree wth EVERYTHING you said. I love Rob NOT Edward. And will support him in whatever he does. I hope this make it to Clare and Richard. It was so nice to see Rob’s interaction with them lastnight.You can tell they love each other alot.

  38. Faye~fayezeewayzee says:

    HEY CLAIRE! (just in case!) DOWN HERE! LOOK WAY DOWN THERE! There ya go…here I am! Just two words for you (ok and the Mr. too!) GOOD JOB! ;O)

  39. Linda, Houston, TX says:

    Great letter, Tink. And you did bring me to tears. And so did Rob last night, the love and respect he has for his Dad was overwhelming. And he has shown his love for his mom over and over again. I have two grown sons and I know the pride a mother feels when her child does well. In Rob’s case, his parents must be bursting with pride. I can compare my appreciation of Rob to the only other actor who has ever touched my heart the same way and he is also an Englishman, Colin Firth. Two truly great actors. And I agree, I think WFE may pull off four Oscar nominations this year: Best Actor for Rob, Best Actress for Reese, Best Supporting Actor for Christoph or perhaps the guy who plays Walter, and Best Picture.

    • Maria in Ct says:

      Colin Firth…sigh…love that man. Wouldn’t it be a dream to see Rob and Colin in a movie together?

      And I know exactly how you feel about bursting with pride about your children. I have a son and daughter in their 20’s. Rob’s parents must be over the moon about his success.

      • Linda, Houston, TX says:

        Oh, Maria. A movie with Colin and Rob. That would be a dream. I think in a few years, Rob may be able to play Mr. Darcy as well as Colin did in the BBC P&P series. And I never thought I would say that about any actor.

      • Maria in Ct says:

        To Linda, Houston, TX – The first time I watched Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, I sat in front of the television for 6 hours straight – I have the video tapes – without moving, I was SO mesmerized. To see Rob and Colin in a movie together, with Rob maybe playing his son, oh my goodness. Sheer perfection. Hopefully someone will see the brilliance of this and find the right vehicle for them.

  40. Kelly says:

    I am one of the authors at one of the other WFE Movie Fan Blogs.. though mine is not as well known, I’m still plugging away :)


    Because he means that much.. everything you wrote here… yep.. you say what I believe every day.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it down.. hope to see you with the flying squadron down the tracks… :)

  41. chico's mama says:

    that was the most true and correct words . clare is right, we can’t really explain it ,except there is something that comes from inside him that you can’t resist, and don’t want to. lol. thank you mr. and mrs. pattinson for raising him right, as you can tell he has a good heart.

  42. Amanda says:

    Love the open letter…yes Rob is loved for who he is, not for Edward.

  43. GlassGirl1972 says:

    Yes, I completely agree. I believed for a long while that I thought so much of Rob because of his Edward portrayal. But, I have come to realize that this is a truly unique and beautiful human outside of acting and the characters he brings to life. I am not a teen twilight stalker, and I still recognize that Rob has a certain ‘something’ that Hollywood has lacked for quite some time… and probably has never had to begin with but was in desperate need of. He seems to think that he is lacking in areas and maybe awkward when speaking to the media, etc… These quirks are his most endearing qualities. He is so unpretentious and relatable. It is very apparent that his parents had much to do with who he is today. He has a sense of humor and candor when speaking about himself that is unprecedented in his profession. It is wonderful to see his closeness with his co-stars and even more so that he keeps those relationships under the strictest protection. It says a lot about his character and his loyalty to those he cares about. We have watched him become more comfortable with his fame and success and more accepting that yes, we do indeed REALLY like YOU and your WORK. It’s not just about Twilight anymore. We will support and flock to see anything and everything that you choose to be a part of. The new haircut, clothes, etc.. are great for enhancing the outward part of him. But, he is even more beautiful on the inside than he is outwardly and that has a lot to do with the two people that Tink was addressing in her open letter. He could still turn up at a media even without his daily shower, unshaven, wild hair and wearing last Thursdays unwashed t-shirt and we would be just as enamored as we are when he is pressed and polished by the highest paid stylist in Hollywood. We like our Rob the way he was when he first arrived on the scene- completely real and self-effacing.

  44. Missa2005 says:

    Loved Rob on the Jay Leno show! His story about his dad’s emails was so endearing! Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson are awesome! No wonder Rob turned out to be such a great guy. I follow Rob b/c he has the personality and charisma that so many other actors are lacking. He is also extremely talented as a musician/singer. Looking forward to supporting all his future projects.

    • I truly hope that we get to hear more of his music. Just as he is quick to say that all of the cheering for him is because of Edward, he is also quick to say that he doesn’t want to be perceived as another actor who is now trying to do music. So not the case. It is such a part of who he is as an artist. When you hear him sing/play, you know that it is in his soul.

      I had not read the books before watching Twilight (went as a fluke). I loved the music in the movie so much (Muse specifically) that I immediately bought the soundtrack. I had no idea Rob had songs on it until I looked at the tracks while standing in line to pay for it. After listening to the songs from this new perspective, my journey to this thing we affectionately call Robsanity began.

      So Mrs. Pattinson if you are reading this, please tell your son that just as this is no longer about Edward, he would never be perceived as an actor turned musician. He has a musician’s soul and we would love to hear more.

      • lynn says:

        Yes, yes, more music please. Rob has so much talent that he can explore that too if he wishes.

  45. Sus says:

    Dear Tink,

    Thank you so much for writing this letter to the lovely Mrs. Pattinson. You have expressed so well our love and respect for her son, and I am proud to be a fan of his!

    There is so much hype around Rob, but we can see that he is a genuine person, which was so clearly demonstrated last night on the Leno show, by the love he clearly show for his parents and family. That is one of the things we love about him!

    As far as his work (acting), of course, Edward brought him to the forefront, and into most of our lives, and we love this series for that! But he is showing so much promise in his other roles, and I, for one, truly believe that WFE is going to be a major break-out role for Rob! I can’t wait to see it!

    This is a wonderful site, lovely Kinker ladies, and I am thankful you put it up to support Rob, and give the rest of us a chance to keep up with what’s going on!

    And Mrs. and Mr. Pattinson, if you see this, thank you for giving us Rob! He is so special, and so gorgeous!


  46. Mitts402002 says:

    Hey Tink,
    I met you at Twi Con, Go Team Rosie. You lucky girl getting to go to Leno and as an bonus meeting Mr. & Mrs. P.
    The letter says it all. It is beautiful. I, too, like many here discovered Rob thru or because of Twilight, but like many others, he has captivated me. He is so much more than Edward. While I enjoy Edward, I have seen Rob’s other roles and see he has only begun to scratch the surface. I cannot wait for Bel Ami and Water For Elephants. In following his career, I have been exposed to literature and music that I otherwise would not have seen. I am a fan here for the long haul and look forward to a long and successful career either in acting or music.
    Mr. & Mrs. P, you have done a wonderful job in raising a son who is sensitive, soulful and a gentleman. I can see that he came by these traits because of both of you. His charm and wit are wonderfully disarming. I wish only the best for him and for you as you all navigate this craziness.
    We’ll see you at the Oscars.

  47. feline7267 says:

    This is such a lovely letter that I just don’t know what quite to say. Rob’s parents really do seem like lovely people and I hope that maybe they do make it over to the site. Also I agree with every word in the letter as well. Although, I completely adore Rob as Edward I love all of his work and I am so beyond excited for WFE.

  48. mrsaubergine says:

    Beautiful letter, Tinks. Well said. I really hope she does pop by sometime and see what a wonderful job you and the other kinkers are doing here. *mwah!*

  49. Fran Duluk says:

    It’s nice to know I am among many who appreciate Rob and his ability to touch us in real time as well as in movies. The Leno interview showed us real time Rob, and how he has been raised to honor the important things in life; family, friends, and a good work ethic. Isn’t it wonderful to have him in this world to add some much needed joy for just being himself, artist, man, son etc. Sorry if I’m sounding to dramatic, he just brings that out in all of us. To the Pattinson Family, thank you for sharing your respectful and talented son.

  50. Beth says:

    I must admit that I am so Team Edward. But having said that I have seen most of Robs movies now and am so much more than a team Edward fan!! It is so nice to see an actor in Hollywood actually to be grateful and gracious about this crazy position they have been put in. My feelings are that Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson absolutely did an awesome parenting job!! We should all be so lucky to have a great set of parents like them!! I am so dying to see Bel Ami and WFE next year!!!

  51. Leslie says:

    @Tink, that was beautiful. It’s exactly the kind of letter I would have wanted to write myself. There are corners of Rob’s fandom that are just so heart felt and so beyond Edward, that warm my heart and validate what a special guy he is. Paying homage to his parents really gets to me. It’s important that they know how much he is appreciated and how we honor them for raising him so well and now sharing him with us.

  52. femroc says:

    Wow I’m impressed with all of these posts – what intelligence, good grammar and punctuation and spelling too. Rob has smart fans!!

    I’ve seen MANY MANY of Rob’s interviews and I have to say I think Leno’s was the best – Rob was funny, charming, sensitive, sincere, kind, honest, witty, clever, a little edgy, polite, articulate, confident, assured, respectful, gorgeous, and I was SO glad he said the PERFECT thing to Emma! THAT was awesome.

    TEAM ROB FOREVER!!!! Thanks mom and dad for letting us borrow your son for a while – he is a joy to behold!

  53. Kim says:

    Awesome letter! Couldn’t have worded it better myself.

  54. Linda in Washington St. says:

    I absolutely loved Rob on Jay Leno…it seems with every interview he’s such an extroadinary gentleman, down to Earth, and very charming…He doesn’t have any cockyness or arogance about him and that’s what makes Rob so special. He’s 24 and shares these experiences with his parents by his side and includes his family. Thank you Mom And Dad Pattinson, you are true role models of parents raising their kids the right way!!! What a blessing! I certainly have enjoyed Robs performances and always look forward to his next project…I’ve never followed an actor before or been inspired to read books before, so with that I thank you again…As for Tink’s letter, definately hit the nail on the head with that one!!! I couldn’t agree more!!!

  55. aka M.O.S. says:

    As I am sure it was not an easy feat raising one such as Rob (just imagine that for a moment) Mr & Mrs. Pattinson do indeed deserve the respect and gratitude of everyone in the world – or universe even! I am sure Rob appreciates these tributes to his parents as much as they do as well, it’s a lovely letter!

  56. penelopeastra says:

    Thank you for voicing my feelings for Rob so eloquently. Like most of the posts before me I’m in it for the long haul not just Twilight although I have to say that his Edward is just perfect. I have seen all of Rob’s films and am so impressed on how much he tries to bring something different to each character he plays. Rob on Jay Leno was an amazing interview and shows him as such a lovely person and caring son. It’s nice that he still looks to his parents for guidance and support. I think he still finds all the adoration a bit overwhelming and that his family help him come to terms with it all. Thank you Mr and Mrs Pattinson for giving us Rob. Long may he reign!

  57. Tedgirl says:

    Wish both Mama & Papa Pattinson good health. That was an endearing interaction between Rob & his Dad on Jay Leno show. That’s why we fans think highly of them as a family. We’ll be suporting Rob as much as we could even beyond the T-saga. We can witness the love and happiness around them as a family. Rob is luckly to have parents like them and vice versa.

  58. Viki192 says:

    That’s so true. I want to thank you for writing this letter, Kinker!
    We love him jus as he is. okay it’s sounds weird, but i still believe that.
    Yeah it would be cool if Rob and Colin act together.(Colin is my number one since i saw him on PandP, when i was a little kid)
    I love Rob’s movies.
    I saw Rob in Budapest (i’m hungarian) when he was shooting Bel Ami (it’s one of my favourite novel). He was so kind. There was this hysterical girls but he was still calm. when i was waving him he waived back to me and smiled. That’s my RP moment.
    His parents are so nice :)

  59. kristina says:

    i’ve been over this page before and decided to come to re-read the adventures. I just noticed that Rob’s dad in the first pic of him signing .. rob makes the exact same facial expression as well.

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