~Rosie’s Week in Review~ Robowski, Reese and So Much More!! June 20

Here’s your wrap-up!

We got a sneak preview of Robowksi speaking Polish!!  Kinker hysteria ensued. Helpful and very enthusiastic H2O readers translated for us. See the videos and transcript here.

Reese and Christoph and more Robowski after the jump!

Kinker Jen fessed up to her Reesession. Do you love Reese too?? Read more here.

Set soldiers TiffsMama and JennB94 shared the first picture of Queenie. And Queenie has a secret. Click here to read more. Set soldier April also shared loads of pictures and her set experience. You can check that out here!

There were two interviews with Rob with references to Water for Elephants. Read the Daily Telegraph article here and The New York Times here.

August wallpaper by myfairytalelife!! Click here for downloadable version. Check out LOTS more fan-made art on our Water for Elephants FaceBook page.

Kinker Tink went to TwiCon and handed out #Team Rosie buttons to H2O readers, whether they said “Bobo” or not. ;) Read her wrap up here. Tink was also in the audience of The Tonight Show for Rob’s appearance and spent some quality time with his parents (#notreally) Rich and Clare Pattinson. She was inspired by the experience and wrote an amazing open letter to Mama Pattz – gave me the warm fuzzies – check it out here.

There were lots of tweets from Water for Elephants extras/roustabouts about night shoots but no new set pics. :( Time to start wishing again. *closes eyes and wishes for Robowski and Rosie pictures*


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6 Responses to ~Rosie’s Week in Review~ Robowski, Reese and So Much More!! June 20

  1. chico's mama says:

    does it seem like he is getting to look so tired. why has he not taken a break from all this? that blank look in he eyes sometimes scares me. or am i crazy?

    • Shae says:

      No you’re not crazy, he does look tired in a lot of the pics I’ve seen from the press junkets or the appearances. I get worried that he’s going to burn himself out very quickly with as much work as he’s packed together in the last 2 years.

  2. dtfangrrrl says:

    Rob’s been doing a lot of night shoots on WFE…. I think that’s why he’s looking so tired. It must take a lot of him. He did a night shoot right before he did all these press junkets – not too mention the Twilight convention appearance – that had to be difficult. He probably only a few hours sleep, if he was lucky.

    • dtfangrrrl says:

      … and obviously, I don’t get enough sleep either… since I left out words in my last post. ;P LOL

  3. chico's mama says:

    i have thought the sam thing. he has worked full out for several years now , plus all this press. i guess i sound like a mom.

  4. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    debb, i love ur weekly rosie reviews….u need a category for that so when i wanna get recaps months from now, i can just click the category. *snap snap* figure out how to do that…im way to anal to not have a sufficient search feature for this.

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