*PICS* Rob greets fans outside the WFE set

In the wee hours of the morning, Rob greeted fans outside the WFE set on June 11th. We were treated to some pictures of that encounter last week. Here are a couple more fan pics of that victorious morning for set soldiers.


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14 Responses to *PICS* Rob greets fans outside the WFE set

  1. gittsy says:

    I was SO happy for her when I saw the first of these pics. True set soldier right there!

    P.s. The Blog looks awesome, great job <3

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      me too man…i met the girl in the pink on my visit on day 2 and have chatted with her occasionally since then. she had been out there everyday, all day (and night) for 16 days…and she was also the reason i came up with the name set soldier…because she truly soldiered on…so when i saw her tweet abt finally getting him to get out the car and take pics…i couldnt have been happier for her. set soldier FOR REAL.

      • gittsy says:

        That’s exactly who I was talking about! I met her when I went too, nice girl and the name fits perfectly :) *sigh* I want to go back, I really enjoyed the drive, so pretty.

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        it was gorgeous…but the distance definitely makes me pause and is the reason i havent been back. i know some people would think im crazy for that but i guess thats why im not a set soldier :( lol

  2. robskitten says:

    I just love how happy Rob looks on this shoot! Can’t wait to see the film and more pics from the set!

  3. dtfangrrrl says:

    He’s so sweet to take the time to greet fans. :)

  4. Sus says:

    How cool! I have noticed (a lot) lately how beautiful Rob’s skin is! Well, you know what they say…..LOL!

    Love that man!


  5. freak4sparkle says:

    That’s so awesome! Poor guy looks so tired though.

  6. cullen109 says:

    He looks so cute with his hoodie on!

  7. smfsmith says:

    He looks so beautiful. I live way on the other side of the country(Alabama) and will sadly…probably never get he chance to meet him or even get near him. I love his acting and think this is a great part for him. Jacob is such a humble and likable character. I just loved the book and could easily picture Rob while reading it. I am also looking forward to Bel Ami. But that character is such a dispicable man that it was hard to imagine Rob behaving that way. I would love a chance to meet him one day but for now… I will settle on watching the most beautiful man I have ever seen on the big screen.

  8. Alexandria says:

    Hi set soldier and Tinker, I really envy you…being able to see him even from faraway, but.. Alas!!! he stopped to say hello and take photos!! Look at his skin…well, I live soo far away that I can only enjoy him through your experiences and the media, but I rather read your comments, at least they come from the heart, not from papparazzi stuff!!! Love you girls, and if I would have the chance, I will be camping on the set every single night and day too.

  9. Alice87 says:

    I just love the new “Tent” Looks absolutely amazing! Thanx guys!

    btw, does anybody know anything about the cool T-Shirt he´s wearing in the Pics?


  10. SmittenByaBrit says:

    I’m a one dead hoor after these pics!!!!!!!!!!! GAH! Love me some Robbie in a hoodie!

  11. Alexandria says:

    How come I didn´t get any news from you today??? My email and I have been anxious for new news from the set. I am afraid I got a bad connection or something. Please, keep sending your wonderful updates from the set and our beloved Robert. I miss you tinkrbe1l3!!!! you guys are the ones that keep me in touch with HIM!!!!

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