Reese is Riding High! *New Water for Elephants Set Pictures*

Here we go! Reese Witherspoon looks the part of avid horsewoman, Marlena Rosenbluth in these new photos from set.


More Marleese after the horse jump!

Have I mentioned I’m scared of horses? I’d rather play with the toothless lion. Ooo now I’d like a picture of him! :)

UPDATE!!I’m seeing lots of questions about the breed of horse Reese is on so here’s a link to some information on Pintos, Paints and Piebalds. I officially have no idea what I’m talking about. *goes to snuggle with Leo the toothless lion*



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27 Responses to Reese is Riding High! *New Water for Elephants Set Pictures*

  1. Sarah says:

    I love it! Beautiful horse!

  2. Alexandria says:

    She looks gorgeous riding that beautiful horse!!! The perfect Marlena.

  3. Loisada says:

    What a handsome horse and Reese looks lovely and fierce handling him. Is that a piebald coat… ? It certainly is perfectly color coordinated with her outfit! This film is going to be a feast for the eyes!

  4. Shannon says:

    Beautiful….Love Marleese : ) @ deb24601 you’d go for the toothless lion over a horse LoL what about a pony?

    • deb24601 says:

      Maybe one of those little, tiny ponies that are the size of a dog? There is one scene with the lion (Leo) when they find him at the end that melted me. I so hope that scene is in the movie.

  5. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    I love horses!!! Is that a Pinto horse?

  6. skuck669 says:

    @ tinkrbe1l3 ~ i think it’s a Pinto…i’m more familiar with draft horses though so I’m not 100% sure

  7. holdmeransom says:

    pics are great!
    thanks Deb for posting them!
    can’t wait for this movie. and such a beautiful horse!

  8. dtfangrrrl says:

    Wow!!! Awesome pictures!! Way to go, Reese! :)

  9. Linda says:

    Reese looks like she’s ridden before! What a tiny little person she is – and all smiles! I cannot wait for the movie!

  10. nmhien says:

    Great pictures! The horse is most likely a Paint (Paint is a breed, Pinto is a color). There are lots of different pinto patterns, this one looks to be an overo. So excited for this movie!

  11. Susan says:

    I was at the set yesterday and saw this horse! If I hadn’t had to make my plane, I might have seen this! Crap!

    • Sus says:

      @Susan…how did you find the set? I live in SoCal, and would love to go look at it….
      Pics of Reese are awesome! She looks like she has ridden before!


      • Susan says:

        Head out to Piru. It’s visible from the highway once you’ve seen the pics here and know what to look for. It’s hard to hide a huge tent and an elephant!

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  13. Sue says:

    Wonderful pixs of “Marlena”.. @ susan- question: How do know an elephant is hiding under the bed????? answer…because your face is squished up into the ceiling!! hahaha I know dumb, but couldn’t resist:)

  14. Cass from NZ says:

    Lovely looking Paint horse (indeed is an overo). Lucky Reese getting to work with such awesome animals. Looks like shes had to learn to ride…good for her! Every girl should know how to ride! I’m surprised they have her on something so big though. Thought they might have her on something a bit smaller in case of an err…involuntary dismount :P

  15. Glenda says:

    Actually the horse she is riding an an Overo Paint. Tobianos and Overos are the most common paint patterns, but until you have seen lots of horses or pictures of horses from each pattern, they can be hard to tell apart. Here is a link of some horses that resemble the one she os riding. If anyone plans on trying to purchase one it can run you upto about $50,000. Especially if you want one that looks like the horse Reese is riding. Hope this helps :-)

  16. Arica says:

    That is most definitely a Paint horse-and an Overo at that. Absolutely stunning!

  17. Isabelle says:

    Hi there
    The horse she rides is an American Paint Horse by the name of Ima Smooth Max (colour: black overo)

  18. you rock how are you so good with elehants

  19. cheeze wiz says:

    my aunt is leasing that horse, his name is rascal and he is a movie horse. he very easy to ride and hes beautiful

  20. cheeze wiz says:

    rascal is sooo lazy that he stood their while a goat was eating his tail. not the bone but just the hair. hes pretty funny. when i tried to ride him he kept want to bend over and eat the grass.i know why the call him rascal now.

  21. kate says:

    I rode that horse! His name is Rascal and he is very, very hyper.

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