Robert Pattinson Talks Water for Elephants at the Eclipse Premiere

Robert Pattinson and the cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse walked the black carpet for the premiere of the film last night in L.A. When asked how he liked the hectic schedule and travel involved with promoting the film this is what Rob said.

I’m not – I can’t do any ’cause I’m in the middle of working. I’ve got to work tomorrow. (The interviewer asks what he’s working on.) On a film called Water for Elephants. I’ve got a 5 a.m. start.

Here’s the video… Rob’s brief interview begins at the 4:18 mark.

Hope they’ve scheduled the filming of some ‘tired Jacob Jankowski’ scenes. Rob is not getting much sleep these days. :(


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11 Responses to Robert Pattinson Talks Water for Elephants at the Eclipse Premiere

  1. naturaladdict says:

    poor baby, he looks so tired. I hope they don’t film this weekend and he gets a break from promotion Eclipse and can get some rest.

    • karen says:

      I so totally agree! These young actors are going to age well before their time. Maybe he will slow down after WFE is done until he starts the next “Twilight” saga.

  2. lulu says:

    luv you boyo but the suit has to go! i get the double entendre for the premiere. at least i hope i get the double entendre. please tell me it was in fact it was a double entendre. but then again you did wear that raspberry velvet jacket from the bad mothers handbook at one of the london premiers for harry potter. so maybe you like the color. let me tell you honey…it does not like you. so sorry, but i call them as i see them.

  3. lulu says:

    p.s. oh and for gods sake get some sleep! i have a feeling this film is going to be the one , so don’t screw it up ! stay focused and you can win two things. the gold and time to do great things with your musical abilities! i want to listen to your compositions and your voice!!! and i don’t want to wait forever! i already know you can act.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    This guy could wear a paper bag and look hot! I’m happy he had the courage to do something different.
    At least all of his buttons were done correctly. TeeHee

  5. TrendHater73 says:

    I feel bad for him and know exactly what he’s going through. The very last shoot I worked on had me working 18-20 hour days with an hour worth of travel. I only got about 2 hours of sleep every day for a week! Film is brutal! I’m only 24 myself and convinced I’ve lost 15 years off my life lol.

    And Lulu, I thought the jacket was cute. It has a very schoolboy look to it and I was even thinking that it might be his jacket from his school days. People are so hard on him for how he dresses, but I admire him for being himself. There is a Rob fan site somewhere that sits a tears apart all of his outfits, telling him (hypothetically) everything that is wrong with what he’s wearing.

  6. girlpower says:

    I, ahem, LOATHED that interviewer! I was watching that feed and one other flipping back and forth from the “smart” questions back to the idiocy. Sadly *stupid can’t be fixed* interviewer (who almost missed the Rob interview while talking about clothes) had the closer to the entrance location. Sigh.
    On a positive note. Rob was dreamy, maroon and all!

  7. Maria says:

    Rob totally rocked his aubragine (maroon) colored suit!!! Only he can pull off that color and still look incredibly sexy. It’s a well cut suit that fits him perfectly. I loved it on him! Looking a wee bit tired but who wouldn’t be with his schedule. Damn he’s so freakin drop dead gorgeous…lovin the hair, the slight bit of manly fuzz, the playful look in his beautiful eyes and that smile…oh that smile…sigh…ILY Rob

    • deb24601 says:

      You sound like me! Rob can do no wrong. Loved the suit and he’s young, he can handle the schedule… for now. ;) And I kept saying “marooooooon, but you’re right, it’s aubergine…

      • Maria says:

        Love your enthusiasm for Rob!! Thanks for the positive vibes on your blog…I just enjoy seeing anything and everything about our man. I think we will be seeing more from our talented Mr Pattinson in the future. It’s exciting to see his star rising! Oh, I really think the WFE site is great =)

  8. Brenda WV says:

    Robert just gave everyone something else to talk about the color of suit he choose now they will leave the hair alone. Kirsten even was intellengent in this interview. I liked how she discribed the situation with Edward,Jacob,Bella. Good Job

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