~Rosie’s Week in Review~ June 27

It was a very busy week… did you get ALL the Water for Elephants news?

We had our first pictures of Tai and Rob together! Click here to see the Rosie gallery.

Lots more news and pix after the jump.

Gorgeous picture gallery of Reese Witherspoon and a link to some horsey information right here. Reese and Water for Elephants also appeared in the New York Post.

Click to make it bigger!

The Kinkers are performing in a beautiful new tent! We had a site make-over and DreamySim made a new banner. You can visit her blog here and check out more Water for Elephants wallpapers on our H2O Facebook page.

More set pictures of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon! Click here for the post and gallery.

Some very lucky fans got a minute with Rob as he left the set. Read more here. Rob mentioned Water for Elephants at the premiere of Eclipse. Click here for details and a video.

Have you read Water for Elephants yet?? Why not?? Well, no more excuses, scroll up and click the direct link to Amazon.com. It’s a fantastic read.

Finally, from last night, some tweets from Water for Elephants actors.

From @Thom_Thumb_

Fire spinning clown – After working a 15 hour shift on set, I snuck in at the last minute to close close out… http://tumblr.com/xrsc7bzq1

From @kevinketcham

Just wrapped at 3am, tons of amazing acts under the big top, really is looking like the most spectacular show on earth!

From @WyattBiessel

Sexy Lion. It’s got both dark and light brown fur. If I could just sit down and watch a romantic comedy with it… Yeah. #WFE

So in last week’s Rosie Review I wished for Rob and Tai pictures… what should I wish for this week??? And one main character was MIA all week… hmmm. All right I know what I’m wishing for now!! ;)


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  1. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    hmmmm…..i want u to wish for a picture of Reese and Christoph….we haven’t gotten that yet right? my brain is so fried.

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