Set soldier for a day! and night…

I had a great time visiting the set. You meet friendly folks and its wonderful to see the set with your own eyes. I hadn’t been back since Day 2 of filming and that was the ghost circus. I knew I had to make it out again to see the big top and prayed the banners would be up. Lucky me they were :) My pics aren’t new but the quality is a bit better…plus I added my inner dialogue and really…what’s better than that? ;)

The following pics I cropped to try and make out what each banner said.

I can't get enough of this...does that look like a popcorn cart in front? where can you get peanuts? remember Mr. Lawrence would want peanuts at the circus :)

blurry because i hadn't noticed the little box from my position therefore i didn't focus on it. BUT you can make out what it says, "Benzini Bros Circus Side Show 10"...10 cents i assume. what do you think?

the bottom banner obviously says 'Doll Lady' (does this mean she's super tiny?) now the top one...i have a better glimpse of it below...

The Sea Nymph & Lizard Girl: Part Human Part Lizard....YAY! that was easy :)

another easy one! 'Two People in One'

'Amazing Human Torch' & 'The Woman Without Bones'...i'm gettin' good ;)

this one is tough...does it say 'something something Eat Anything'?

BAH! no clue about this one...but check out the extra!

'The World's Most Beautiful....Woman?' this is the one above 'Doll Lady'

i think this sideshow banner has to deal with the strongest man since he's lifting a horse. my guess at the banner....hmmmm....i see 'Can He Lift An Elephant'....what do you see?

Most of the banners are repeated on both sides but in different color schemes.

Extras on the right hanging out by the banners

MORE pics & musings after the jump

All pics can be blown up to get a better look…just click the image and then click full size.

This dapper man was wandering in the field for a long time with what appears to be a script. I concocted quite the story as to who he was in the movie and what his lines were.

some fellas playing frisbee in mind wandered (as it often does when set soldiering) and i was thinking about when the frisbee was invented and if a frisbee would be in the movie which made me think about The Hudsucker Proxy and how much i love that movie and need to watch it again when i get home. musings of a set soldier.

i snapped this tent because it reminded me of the color scheme we used on the blog banner before we switched to a banner with pics of the leads in character.

the big top...when i was enjoying the weather and the calm breeze, i heard cheering and clapping off and on. you could hear cues to cut as well. it was really fun and you couldn't help but be excited to hear the cheers from the rubes :)

smaller tent next to the big top...could it be the menagerie? you ponder so much when you're out there.

check out that mansion/villa in the background...

the train car with the wooden panels...for animals? i was more intrigued by the corn and artichoke fields...i play farmville.

this truck had the lion inside...the car drove right by me to get to set but i was too slow to snap a pic. if you enlarge the pic you can make out the lion's nose. you can see another banner to the right with just the circus name on it, "Benzini"...i really love the typefaces being used for the movie.

i dont do things half add....set soldier status means you stay to the end! you pull a 12 hour shift or you're a punk! kidding...i dont want to offend set soldiers that visit for a couple hours (WEAK!) i kid i kid. filming was going on in the big top...obviously...

I loved that I got to see some of the original set soldiers that have been there every day all day (and night) since the beginning. I had met some of them on my first visit and was happy they were there during this trip. They peeped my Team Rosie button and luckily I had a few more left over in my car to give them. They plan to make set soldier shirts too :) Such a community out there! I’ll visit again when I get back from a vacation I’m being forced to take (work-coughcoughrobcoughcough-aholic). Can you guys make me a shirt? I’m sooooo Team Robert ;)

Special hello to Dennis. Thanks for traumatizing me ;)

The artist of the amazing banners is Linda Newman Boughton. View more of her work HERE. Thank you WFEfilm for the tip and additional info on Linda!

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28 Responses to Set soldier for a day! and night…

  1. Alison4828 says:

    Great post Tink! Thanks for sharing your pictures and soldiering duties! I loved them all. This made me laugh out loud for reals: “i was more intrigued by the corn and artichoke fields…i play farmville.” You crack me up! xo

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      LOL i really was too….i asked someone…you think those are artichokes? they were like, “i dont know” and brushing me off since the inquiry has nothing to do with our conversation.

      • Susan says:

        We noticed the artichoke field when we were there. I had no idea that they grew that way! City girl learned a thing or two…..

  2. girlpower says:

    Oh tink! The pics are wonderful, must have been a blast to be a graphic designer for the flags. They are truly beautiful.
    Thanking you for being a dawn til dusk trooper.

  3. kphrase says:

    Great photo of the Circus Banners… I think the one you missed is Lucinda… Looks like you had a great time.

  4. suzyquzy says:

    Thanks so much for all the work. These pics make the wait harder, but also
    more exciting.

  5. deb24601 says:

    The banners are gorgeous! Love your inner dialogue. I’m so glad you got out there again and you saw the lion – do you think it was Leo? – and I don’t know who that tall drink of water out in the field could be… I’ll have to go read the book to refresh my memory! ;) Set soldier HOLLA!!!!

  6. SnowyHedwig says:

    Fantastic… your running commentary is the best part of the post! Thanks for sharing, I live vicariously through all you set soldiers. LOL :D

  7. robsfuturemate says:

    Great pics tink! I’m thinking of heading over there the week of the 4th when I have a week off. Hopefully there will still be plenty to see! I’ll be looking for you!
    P.S. I already saw you at the open casting call but didn’t want to blow my cover (I wanted them to think I was a regular!). I’ve been following this site ever since! And since I’m here writing this I obviously didn’t get in the movie-but it was a great experience! Thanks again!

  8. Sue says:

    Great pix tink….love all your wittiness!!! The movie IS going to be AMAZING….and Mr Lawrence was “dead-on” in casting Rob. EVERYTHING you said about him I stand behind you 100%. LQQking forward to more updates from you. Keep up the amazing job…I can’t say “Work”…..because it isn’t ….its a passion!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    OOooo I love the banner pics! So cool. I giggled at the comment about farmville! Too funny all your little dialogues. And that mansion/villa in that one shot… Wow. I think I’d like to live there..
    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. christa64c says:

    Loved the pics and the inner dialogue was pure gold. You guys are wonderful for taking the time to go out there and bring us all closer to Rob and the movies that I’m pretty sure will kill us all DEAD! Thank~you!!!

    • karen says:

      I so totally agree with you. It is so awesome to see the pics and read this blog to see what Robert is up to in this movie. I am a true Twi fan but he has “taken my heart” because he is a totally awesome man being soft spoken, witty, his killer smile, how could you not want to follow his career!

  11. Susan says:

    The picture with the mansion in the back ground has a great view of the base camp tent in it. I couldn’t believe the size of that monstrosity when I saw it in person…it’s even bigger than it looked!

    Awesome pics! Thanks so much for sharing….

  12. Anna says:

    You were out there on Friday, correct? I was also there most of the day too on the side where you could see the tents. Which person were you? I had so much fun meeting people and checking everything out, it’s beautiful with the mountains. Also heard the cheering and heard Rosie’s trumpeting. We saw the lion arrive too, he was staring intently at us. Very cool photos, I think I met and talked with you for quite a while! =)

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      hmmm…how do i describe myself…i was wearing jeans and a blue top…uggs when it got cold…my hair was pulled back…im 5’2…single black female…lol who were u?

      • Anna says:

        I know you now! I came up to you when I first arrived and talked with you and your friend a lot. I was the white woman with the red top/black capris and I had my 4 yr old son with me and my friend with the long black hair. I was gathering the 411…LOL! We sat by my silver Rav4 in the chairs when I wasn’t chatting with other folks. It was fun chatting with you two, btw! =)

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        i so remember you! you were super nice and sharing the lowdown. glad you made it home safely :)

      • Anna says:

        Thanks! It was so fun chatting and hanging out with you too! =)

  13. Alexandria says:

    Hi girls, I am back!!! For some unknown reason I was taken out of the blog and i took days of trying to finally find you guys again, and I am soo happy. I was feeling alone not being able to read your posts about WFE, but overall about Robert. The pics are fabulous and the inner dialogues are great. Thanks Set Girls for keeping us in touch with such a excellent movie and with our beloved Rob.

  14. kailene kaina says:

    Absolutely fantastic pics!!! Cant wait to see more! Ringlings Blue Unit will be comin that way soon. Hope to see the WFE Circus Train on the way!!! Great job!

  15. JennB94 says:

    Great pics!
    We met Dennis on our trip out too. How did he traumatize you? LOL!

  16. Lucinda: Me oh MY! BUT She IS FAT!

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