Blockbuster Congrats to WFE Rising Star, Robert Pattinson

The Kinkers have been quiet the last few days, happily distracted by a different Robert Pattinson movie. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has opened in theatres and advance ticket sales were as strong as the franchise’s last installment, New Moon, which grossed  $296.6 million domestic. Looks to be another record breaking holiday weekend for Rob and Twilight!! *clapping hands* Congratulations Rob!!!
UPDATE: is reporting midnight ticket sales of $30 million surpassing New Moons’s midnight opening of $26.3 million. THAT’S A NEW RECORD FOR A MIDNIGHT OPENING!!! 

Edward Cullen briefly distracts the Kinkers from Robowski

The roustabouts on Water for Elephants also sent congratulations to Rob via Twitter. @kevinketcham wrote:

All the roustys want to say congrats to our vet. Rob for eclipse we are sure it will be great, u ladies enjoy.

But Robert Pattinson isn’t only a box-office success. He’s also powerful! (Pfft, we knew THAT!) Forbes recently ranked Rob 50th in their ranking of the top 100 most powerful celebrities.

Everyone’s favorite vampire may be on the verge of becoming a true movie star. Pattinson earns most of his money from the Twilight films where he stars as Edward Cullen. But he’ll break out of the Twilight rut with next year’s  Water for Elephants, based on the popular novel and costarring Reese Witherspoon

We’ll update the post with box-office numbers as they roll in. Have you seen Eclipse yet? Like it? Love it?? 2 out of 5 Kinkers have been and are raving about it. :)


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19 Responses to Blockbuster Congrats to WFE Rising Star, Robert Pattinson

  1. penelopeastra says:

    Why is it taking some people so long to find out what us Rob fans already know? Rob is a fantastic guy, incredibly good looking and sexy and a great actor!

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  3. kelli says:

    I absolutely LOVED Eclipse, I adore Robert like I have never adored another star ever and I applaud him with his accomplishments….I can’t wait to see how far his star will rise!

  4. GlassGirl1972 says:

    saw it… LOVED it… unhealthy to be THIS preoccupied and enamored with an actor/character !!! But I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe to have discovered Twilight and RP SOONER!!! can’t get enough…

    • femroc says:

      So when DID you get on the Twilight bandwagon??? I didn’t get hooked until Twilight came out on DVD April 2009. But have been a maniac about it ever since – reading my fave blogs daily and following all things Rob.

  5. Janet D says:

    Eclipse was AWESOME – saw the trilogy last night, going back to see Eclipse again tonight – it was so good, I’m sure I missed some moments due to all the excited laughs, sighs, and cheering of the movie crowd. I look forward to seeing more on WFE – read the book – Robert is perfect for the role.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Saw Eclipse last night and was amazed! That movie was epic and I so can’t wait for WFE now. Rob is going to have a long and successful career and I’m going to proudly support it.

  7. Alexandria says:

    They are not showing Eclypse in my country jet, so, I have to enjoy it through your eyes and perceptions. Good for my favorite vampires, and for Edward/Robert, the best of a!!!. But, no douts to any of us, Girls-Madly-in-Love-with-Rob, that he has a great future waiting in the movie industry, he has the will, the talent AND HE HAS THE LOOKS!!!. He has been working to achieve great and greater success in the business, and to be recognized, not as a teen idol, but as a mature and very very eclectic and selective actor. Well girls, we have an Oscar winner in our hearts!!!! Keep feeding your WFE wonderful news to us, RobLovers Caribbean Islanders.

  8. somanywards says:

    He’s got a way about him*
    Such a wonderful and talented young man.

  9. sole says:

    I love him for my Life!

  10. Sarah says:

    Congrats to Rob indeed! As well as the rest of the cast!! Can’t wait to see Eclipse in a few days!!

  11. Rachel says:

    Loved the movie! Rob was great, it was nice to see Edward smiling so much!

  12. Christa64c says:

    Saw the trilogy last night. LOVED IT. A smiley Rob is always a WIN!!! Rob just keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see him in Bel Ami and WFE!! He’s going to blow all of those reviewers who panned him in Remember Me and New Moon away!!!

    It’s only a matter of time until we see him strut up on that stage and accept his first golden statue.

  13. Lydia says:

    Saw the trilology last night! It was great! Congrats to Rob! All of the key scenes for Eclipse were there. Didn’t get home until 3:00 am, but it was well worth it. I can’t wait to see his other movies that are pending – like the short film Summer House which will be available through itunes on 7/13 or the Bad Mother’s Handbook finally being released in US format on 8/24 – not to mention Bel Ami and of course Water for Elephants!

  14. Ally says:

    These other tweets from set were great, I’m pretty sure they are all from today:
    @thom_thumb_ wrote:
    What an epic day on the set of WFE…Pied rob over 10 times and all us clowns took fabulous still shots with Reese!

    @actorpat wrote:
    Fun day on #WFE. Rob got pies to the face & showgirl kisses. Now off to promote “Live Free or Twihard” .

    @TheLionShare wrote:
    Yesterday on WFE was very exciting. No love lost between Jacob and August. Love found? Maybe…

    @thorknai wrote:
    Mayhem and monologues on set today! Fun stuff! Poor Rob, lol.

    I Got these tweets from robsessed. com. Lol, sounds like Robowski is having fun ;) Showgirl kisses, eh? ;)

  15. ndnwmn says:

    A group of friends from work went to the midnight showing…most of them were off today…but they called, emailed, text, Thumbs Up for Eclipse and most are ready to
    see it again…the girls in our family are going on Sunday to see it in Imax…for the first
    view anyway….I would like to throw in a little shout out for Jackson Rathbones movie The Last Airbender coming out this weekend…In the meantime, I am so looking forward to WFE….great book and the movie has a great caste….I love life :)

  16. Kelly Ray says:

    I have a feeling young Robert may just be getting an oscar nod in the not too distant future…WFE is a massive movie for him, and the role is exceptional, and from all accounts I have heard so far, I’m not the only one who thinks this boy has real acting chops!

  17. Texasgirl says:

    In the last 24 hours I have seen the trilogy, then Eclipse two more times with friends. He is drop dead, or drop panties gorgeous! Could his skin not be anymore perfect? Eclipse was fantastic!!!!! Good no great job, David Slade. He knew when to have their contacts dark and when they were suppose to beautiful amber. Rob was hot in no matter which contacts he was in. I wanted to die when he nuzzled in her neck…the bedroom scene was HOT!!!! and him saying, “Believe me I want too…”, well good grief I would have tried a little more persuading after that look!

  18. lily says:

    i totally adore RP.. i mean he is so perfect for any role or anything
    I bro thinks i need to go to rehab cause i can’t shut my stupid mouth and keep talking and dreeming fantsy. WHICH I KNOW CAN NEVER BE A REALLITY :-(

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