Rob and Christoph on Water for Elephant set *pics*

Fuzzy… but who cares??

From a tux to this... we don't care!!!

We've missed you Christoph!

Prefer Rob pics nice and clear… and in a tux?  Click here!


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5 Responses to Rob and Christoph on Water for Elephant set *pics*

  1. Rob you’re the love of my life! I do not know what would become of me if you did not exist. I love you too! They come here in Brazil soon!

  2. Alexandria says:

    Scruffy, muddy, swety…he is beautiful ans sexy no matter what.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love him when he’s duhhrty. sigh…

  4. rpblc30 says:

    rob in boots!! rob in boots!!! omg i can believe i am soo turn on by just that

  5. Kenzie childress says:

    Goodness he is so cute!

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