Robert Pattinson dons a Tuxedo for filming today in LA



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  1. Sue says:

    OH MY LORD!!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you what this man does to me!!!!!!!

  2. Alexandria says:

    Now I am back after the usual RobSession Attack I go through when I look at his photos. Thank you, Thank you girls for this beautiful pics.
    Now that I am again in control of my mind and emotions, let me ask you something: Is he “whisling” ( I do not Know how to write it, English is only my second language), but what in the name of God he is planning to do with those lips…kill us all???

  3. Carla says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how my heart flutters when i look at him….oooohhhh if I was only …….

  4. Lyns says:

    HOLY MOLEY BAT MAN! Geesh he is HAWT!

  5. jacy says:

    This is my most favorite picture of “The Man” of all time! I love the haircut. Pure handsome good lookin’ OMG! And he’s even puckering up. Can’t wait for this movie!

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