Set Soldier Score!! Water for Elephants set pictures from LA

Wow! Here’s a sneak peek at Water for Elephants extras arriving on set tonight in costume. Love the 30’s glam!! Looks like the speakeasy scene!!!

Thank you, set soldier, for sharing! The night is young… ;)

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6 Responses to Set Soldier Score!! Water for Elephants set pictures from LA

  1. Kimc333 says:

    I totally love this blog!!!

  2. Brianna says:

    i think they should have casted Rachel McAdams as Marlena….and im not the only one who thinks so. Me personally i dont think Reese Witherspoon will do her justice…and personally i loved that book, and im kind of dissapointed that Reese Witherspoon was casted, tho im very impressed with Robert Pattinson casted as Jacob..
    Thanx for listening

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Love the 30’s costumes, such an elegant era.
    Thanks for the pics, you all are the best!

  4. Kellyn says:

    I agree that Rachel McAdams would have been great as marlena!! But, I think that reese will do a good job too…we shall see!

    I absolutely adore the book as went around telling everyone when they anounced they were making it into a movie, so I am really hoping this turns out to be a quality film! Is there anyone in Michigan interested in going to the premier showing with me? heee hee, im already planning it out :)

  5. heather says:

    Rachel McAdams would have been awesome…she was perfect in The Notebook and would look amazing up against Rob!!

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