Christoph Waltz arrives for WfE night shoot

Well, hellllloooo there August!

Christoph arrives!

 And ready to film!

What is it about a man in a tux??

 More in the gallery after the jump!


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5 Responses to Christoph Waltz arrives for WfE night shoot

  1. Elizabeth says:

    More eye candy for this film. Christoph is pretty hot too!
    What is it about these tux’s that are so sexy?

  2. LeslieJ says:

    I can’t get over it, he is PERFECT as August.

  3. GlassGirl1972 says:

    yep… that’ll do nicely

  4. Linda says:

    Mr Waltz is so handsome, and such a mega talented actor…He is the perfect person to portray the dastardly “August.”

    I do hope we get to seem him soon in a movie that would show the softer side.

    Lakeside, CA

  5. Lisa Emig says:

    All ready for the prom.

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