More pix & video from the WfE Night Shoot *Still SPOILERish*

More pictures from the night shoot in LA July 1/2.

Rob's childhood dance lessons pay off!

 Lots more pictures and the video!! (don’t watch if you don’t like pap pix/vids)


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14 Responses to More pix & video from the WfE Night Shoot *Still SPOILERish*

  1. Alice87 says:

    They are perfect as Jacob & Marlena! Love them together!!!

    Thanx for sharing the Pix Guys!

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  3. MAIARA says:

    so nice to see parts of the book becoming real, i loved the book so much <3

  4. Alex says:

    I love these photos. Thanks.

    Hope more non twilight fans will see this film and become Robs fans. He needs strong faithful fan base who can get over E/B.

    This will be a very important film for Rob.

  5. Leslie_roses says:

    I think this will be a wonderful movie and I can’t wait to see it! If this movie is done right I think it will make everyone stand up and take a new look at Robert Pattinson in a good way! I hope that this is the case and everyone will see just how talented this young man really is……

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  7. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome pics! I love placing these into scenes from the book.
    Again, Rob in a tux is just so hot.

  8. christa64c says:

    LOVED the book. Watching it come to life through all of these wonderful pics has been amazing. You kinkers have really gone above and beyond with this site. Thank you so much for sharing! The haircut, the tan , the smile and now the tux. I don’t know how much more beauty I can take from that man before I lose my mind.

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  10. Alexandria says:

    Loved the book, and Rob and Reese are the perfect Jacob and Marlena. This pics are awsome…love the dance…hated the kiss…

  11. Cate says:

    I wish I had waited to read the book closer to the films release cus now all i can do is dream about what every scene is gonna look like and how true its gonna stay to the book uuggghh the anticipation is killing me!

  12. naturaladdict says:

    looks awesome… too bad the vid got blocked before I got to see it.. ahhh well.

  13. jackie says:

    im disoppointed because this scene in the book was in chicago, i think, and it would have been cool to see them here in chicago.

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