#WFE Set Soldiers Scare Off Paps and Thrill Robert Pattinson

Yeahhh to the ‘Water for Elephants’ Set Soldiers! Say it loud and say it proud!

In a recent interview, Robert Pattinson gave kudos to the Set Soldiers that have been camping out at sets in Piru, Fillmore and Los Angeles, California. Rob was asked a series of questions, but read the props he gave to the Set Soldiers!

The funniest experience?
“It was recently. It happened while I was filming ‘Water for Elephants’ in which my partner is Reese Witherspoon. We had a scene with elephants but there were so many paparazzi around that it was scaring the animals and it was impossible to film. Out of the blue, fans, that were waiting for autographs, had enough and circled around the paparazzi. Teens made big guys run away. It was unreal! I was pleased.”

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20 Responses to #WFE Set Soldiers Scare Off Paps and Thrill Robert Pattinson

  1. feline7267 says:

    Wow!! That’s so awesome!!

  2. onedarkbella says:

    ROTFL!!!! We fans did something similar when he was filming Remember Me. A few tween/teens were acting a bit too hysterical over seeing Rob & making a mess for the rest of us so we shushed them up. We applauded when they finally left LOL.

  3. How freaking awesome is that?! Way to go Set Soldiers, and way to go Rob for giving them a shout out.


  4. penni says:

    Well done Set Soldiers and thanks for keeping WTE filming and Rob safe.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    WTG set soldiers! That could have been a dangerous situation for them, since animals are unpredictable when they are scared, especially elephants.

  6. passionsonsflower says:

    Robs fans are the best!! The set soldiers gave the paps their walkin papers. Lmfao!!!

  7. Texasgirl says:

    I would have done that too! I am all for free speech but papz cross the line…leave our Rob alone!!!!!! Let him work

  8. GlassGirl1972 says:

    Lunatics! They could have had a REAL stampede to deal with, huh? Now really, HOW sad is it that a bunch of teens and ravenous Rob fans (I’d be there, too, if it was a several hour plane ride.. ha ha!) have to play security/mob control over those rabid papparazzis?! I say it is an understood, unstated fact FROM NOW ON that ‘SET SOLDIERS’ just show up on ALL sets EVERYWHERE when Rob is filming to ‘regulate’ those crazy bastards!! Ha Ha! Rob would really get a kick out of that, wouldn’t he?? I would be LMAO!!! You WaterForElephants kinkers should look into getting/selling t-shirts with an official “Rob’s Set Soldiers” Logo. You’d sell millions! Then everybody would show up on these sets looking all official and ready to kick paparazzi ass!! Ha Ha… sorry, I am finished amusing myself now.. but if that wouldn’t land you guys on every entertainment news show, I don’t know what would!! (just give me a shout out when you get interviewed! lol!!)

    • Jen aka MRP says:

      You know that is a great idea, Set Soldier tees. We talked about that early on but filming is wrapping within a week or two and we wouldn’t have time to have anything produced. But great idea!

    • Rob says:

      I agree totally. I think we could do Dean out of a job, hey! WTG set soldiers alright. Don’t mess with Rob’s fans; they are VERY protective – got that papps!!!! As much as we love to see him (and Kristen), they have a right to a life and a safe working environment. Hope they’re out in force with BD! Would love to help out if I didn’t live on the other side of the world….:(

  9. naturaladdict says:

    That so rocks, makes me proud to be a set stalker, even though I wasn’t part of that crowd. I loved that whole article btw, I think I will always love Rob.

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  11. Kenzie childress says:

    That just shows you how strong the twi-hards can be!!! Woohoo!!

  12. Alexandria says:

    Great for the Set Soldiers to fan the awful papparrazis away…my Lord!!!, one thing is to sort of stare and laugh and just be there enjoying the view, and something totally different is to act like beasts (sorry wonderul beasts for the comparisson), and mess up the mood of the actors, the shots from the authorized photografers and who knows what else. Great team of Kinkers you are, good for you!!!

  13. holdmeransom says:

    I think that is awesome!
    i am a little shocked you guys linked the paps pics from last night on your twitter though this morning… really, i am shocked, and maybe it was because i was there and i saw the jerks hovering… there were some of us that heckled the paps that hovered backstage, i even got some flash pics of them… really. they are bottom dwellers.
    Rob and company deserved a good night supporting Sam at his concert, and someone needed to tweet that he was there… and then the paps hung out and hovered,making rob have to leave early.
    so again… i am a little shocked, even though its from Socialife- those scumbags were in his face and at every exit.
    really sad to see this twitter account link them….

    • Jen aka MRP says:

      Sorry hun, everyone posted them we were probably the LAST people to. First time I could really see Rob’s WFE spray tan, it’s a slow news day.

      • holdmeransom says:

        yeah….i truly puts some perspective on it all, when you are there and you know that he is just trying to enjoy a night with his mates… a really great show though!
        and glad he got out early with so few pics taken.
        no one hassled him during the show which was great.

    • Rob says:

      Agree totally. I don’t know how he’s managed to keep going with premieres, filming, no doubt meetings (we hope) for other films, etc. Surely he could have a night off with Kristen and their friends WITHOUT damn papps. Come on people, ease up on the twittering and let him have a rest…..

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