Photos: Sacramento Set Soldiers Photo Report

holdmeRansom and the Sacramento Set Soldiers were on location yesterday. holdmeRansom reports, “Saw a lot of the animals since they were filming inside. There was some night shooting too with stunt doubles. Rob’s double looks really good!”

If you look closely on top of the train you’ll see the stunt doubles for Rob and Christoph in action!

Here are her amazing photos:

Entrance to the Circus

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5 Responses to Photos: Sacramento Set Soldiers Photo Report

  1. karen says:

    Thank you Sacramento “set soldiers” for the oh so awesome pictures. As I get more into the novel, the more excited I become and really want to see the movie and as I am reading I can for sure picture Robert as “Jacob” and it is most definately a fabulous character for him to be playing. When will it be released?

  2. Linda says:

    Oh – Rob’s stunt double does look good! Are you sure that’s not the real thing!?

    • holdmeransom says:

      It looked A LOT like him…same mannerisms (yeah i don’t study Rob much) but a crew person drove out and told us they were stunt doubles, Rob and Christoph had already left. we did see Rob’s car leave earlier…
      Of course if you look carefully under the “C” in Circus on the car, you might see a short haired blond there… that looks a lot like a certain bodyguard…. I am sure its a coincidence. I can pretend tho! it was lots of fun hanging with my dear friend, Teddi and her daughter. good times!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Great pics Sactown girls! I’m your neighbor from Newcastle.

  4. naturaladdict says:

    I would have been totally fooled that it was Rob and Christoph on the train if you hadn’t told me that you had checked :) It was great meeting you yesterday, awesome pics! I gotta get a better camera with zoom if I keep this stuff up! LOL!

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