Rosie’s Week in Review ~July 11~

Come on in! Free Lemonade!! Free Popcorn!!  No ticket necessary! Catch up on the Water for Elephants news from the past week.

Lucky fans met Rob. I turned ogre-green with jealousy. Read more here. Rob also mentioned in an interview how fans had driven off disruptive papparazzi, which ‘pleased’ him. Another set soldier success story! More here.

Set soldiers score again!

More, including Christoph, set pix and Queenie, after the jump! *SPOILERS*

A great friend to the blog, Sachertorte, made it to the set to meet Christoph! Read more of this awesome fan story here.

Not actually Sachertorte! She was camera-shy :)

Jacob and August, way up high on a moving train!!! Wait a minute… Rob and August shot the train scene against a green screen. Lots more pix here. And Sacramento set soldiers shared their pictures which showed this scene with the stunt doubles on top of the train. Read that post here.

More pix from the set. Robowski and Queenie ran for their lives during the stampede scene. Want to see more? Click here. We already know Rosie loves Rob. Well it seems even the lion can’t resist him. (We totally understand, Rex) Read Rob’s comments on working with exotic animals here.

The composer of the score for Water for Elephants was announced. Check out the Oscar nominee/Grammy winner here!

The talented extras of Water for Elephants tweeted up a storm! Seems like the roustabouts are mostly done shooting and the filming is continuing at a different location now.

From @TheLionShare

  @tlukeaf @sterlingwolfe @thorknai @hibbits Thanks for the good times on set roustie bros. Hope to see you on the next run. I say OSCAR now


From @thorknai

Reshoots today, gotta do em! Kudos to all the fans who came out tonight! U guys make it all that much better. ;)


From @kevinketcham

not yet the film won’t be wrapped till at least end of july, mainly shooting smaller scenes

Has everyone read the book??? Which part are you most looking forward to seeing on the big screen? Have a lovely Sunday!


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10 Responses to Rosie’s Week in Review ~July 11~

  1. kimberly says:

    WOW, Rob should date THAT girl!
    Thanks for the great pics!! Can’t wait to see the movie! xx

  2. Kenzie childress says:

    I am looKing forward to the arm licking biting scene fromthebtoothlesstiger and after the big party Marlena, August, and Jacob go to and is crashed by the cops and they Marlena and Jacob escaspe together and end up kissing.

  3. Susan says:

    I’ve read the book and the scene I most want to see is the love-making scene between Jacob [Rob] and Marlena [Reese]. Jacob makes a request of her as they begin that is beautifully intimate. I hope the director puts that ‘to-die-for’ sentence in the film. Hearing Rob say it will be extraordinary if they allow it. I recall that for Remember Me, Rob said the editors removed some of the more emotionally intense comments [not sexual movements] but emotional wording to keep a PG13 rating. So, I’m concerned that we may not hear him say this line – it’s on page 242 and begins with “Please, please……” I don’t want to offer it in full here because it needs to be in context. I believe it’s too beautiful to just toss out in a note. I hope no one else does either. I want to honor and respect the author’s creation of this scene. I hope the film
    honors it as well by following the wording in the book.

  4. Susan says:

    Oops!! CORRECTION–In my previous post above I said the scene was on page 242, but I just rechecked and it’s 272. Sorry :-) The scene starts on page 271.

    • Sue says:

      Oh…I was just checking the line and page myself and it is 272…and that part you are talking about is beautiful… I do believe this movie is going to extradinary (sp?) and Mr Lawrence from what I’ve seen just from the pixs has been dead on. Rob is going to “nail” this movie as Jacob…when I read the book I so can picture him portraying him.

    • jan says:

      Yes, this too, for me, is THE scene in the book which I’m most looking forward to. It completely overwhelmed me with Jacob and Marlena’s longings for each other and their eventual satisfying fulfillment. Le sigh….

  5. Sue says:

    Just wondering if they have wrapped up filming this?? I heard by July 20th but also heard they were done.

  6. Caty says:

    i cant wait for all the little scenes . of course i wanna see the stampede and the love making scene and the speak easy but theres just something about those long days working and on the train and whenever they all eat breakfast together. its just this tension between jacob/marlena/august that i love :)

  7. Roblover says:

    I look forward to seeing Rob in this movie. I loved the book and I know Rob is definitely Jacob in my mind’s eye. There are so many scenes I’d love to see and yes, page 272 is one of my favorites.

  8. Britany says:

    Of course I agree with the love scene. That’s what cements the relationship it just has to be in there!
    But I also am very interested in watching Christoph play August. Because he’s not just some regular tyrant, being a paraniod schizophrenic, he can’t help the way he is. But that doesn’t make him any less bad. I’m just interested to see how Waltz portrays him and I have no doubts that he will pull it off.
    Another scene I’m anxious about is watching rob climb train car after train car with a knife between his teeth (haha) to get to August.
    I’m excited about the whole movie in general as it is one of my favorite books and it never crossed my mind that it would be made into a movie one day. I say good casting all around!

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