Robert Pattinson in a Tux on the Set of ‘Water for Elephants’ Today

Robert Pattinson in a Tux on the Set of ‘Water for Elephants’ Today

A tuxedo explosion after the cut!

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52 Responses to Robert Pattinson in a Tux on the Set of ‘Water for Elephants’ Today

  1. deb24601 says:

    There. Are. No. Words….

  2. Katie says:

    he’s so yummy… i would smoke with him… actually, i would do more than smoke with him…

  3. Ellene75 says:

    Only he could make something so bad for you look so good. Oh my!!!

  4. karen says:

    he is so hot! oh rob, what are you doing to me :(

  5. Cass from NZ says:

    The cigs totally ruin these photos for me. Nothing more un-sexifying than smoking.
    Christ, what am I talking about…smoking is disgusting but nothing can de-sexy Rob…

    • LauraBee says:

      I kinda agree with you. He said he was gonna quit smoking, so when I saw these photos I was kinda disappointed

      • shauna says:

        Smoking is usually a deal breaker with me…but, will definitely make an exception for Rob! Geeze, he even makes smokin’ appear SEXXYY! Dear Lord, this man is HAWWTTT!!

      • Kenzie childress says:

        Please, I know smoking is gross but that wouldn’t stop me from ever dating him. If I could :/

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  7. femroc says:

    Cass – I just wish he’d quit smoking for his health – we want him around for a LONG time. Rob…….QUIT smoking babe – we love you and want the best for you.
    Oh………and get Kristen to quit too – ya’ll can work on it together and encourage each other!!!

  8. MAIARA says:

    i dont like cigs at all, but damn he is so sexy smoking !!
    But i still want him to quit.

  9. Gwen Cooper 426 says:

    Yeah, we’re going to need new words. Just. Yeah. Maybe even a new language…

  10. lexi says:

    love the guy but he really should quit, he’s way to hot to be smoking!

  11. Laís Tavares says:

    Rob is incredibly sexy doing whatever he does. He is an intelligent man, sexy, hot, terrific, brilliant, he knows what is the best for himself. I trust on his good sense. He is so natural and zen in these amazing photos. I love them all.

  12. Lisa says:

    Rob looks like such a baby in all the pictures from the Water for Elephants set. He looks so young and gorgeous. They need to tone down the white powder looking make-up used in the last couple of Twilight movies. It makes him look older than he is and certainly older than seventeen year old Edward Cullen.

    • Lauren says:

      Tell me about it! They should fire the makeup artist from New Moon and Eclipse. He is so beautiful the way he is and could look 17 with just a little light powder and they ruin his good looks by putting all that white foundation on his face. I feel like starting a petition to Summit to get rid of the white makeup for Breaking dawn. Anyway, I’m so glad to see Rob in other movies looking beautiful the way he always does.

      • papagaj says:


        in Twilight they only used mac powder on him and that was perfect choice we could even see his rosey cheeks.

        i would def sign a petition

      • Sue says:

        I’d sign the petition too!! He does look really young in all the pixs I’ve seen on WFE.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    The guy is just killing me wearing that tux.
    You all are right, the cigs don’t do anything for him. Oh but I wish for a moment that I could be one, before it burns up anyway.
    I have noticed that Rob is uncomfortable if he has nothing to do with his hands. Could be why he smokes. He needs to take up a busy hands project, like …crocheting or something.

  14. Tuxedo Rob always wins. YUM!

  15. Alex says:

    Its noy easy to Quite smoking. Especially being a European and surrounded by friends who smok. I hope they all quite or try to cut down a bit. I can forget/forgive him IF he gives a GOOD performance as Jacob. I am sure He will give his ALL. I love the story and the casts. Hope for a GOOD movie.

  16. Susan says:

    I love Rob. He looks gorgeous in these pics as he does in most of them. He has said he really enjoyed making this film with his award-winning co-stars. I hope it’s a great success for him. I wish him every happiness and look forward to his having a long and triumphant career.

    • Carol says:

      I think he is perfect for this movie. I read the book after hearing about the upcoming movie, when Rob was on Ellen. He is such a funny, beautifully charming young man and actor. It makes me feel like a sleez but, he is rather yummy too. :)~

  17. Ava says:

    He is mouth watering

  18. Jazz Girl says:

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus’ dimples!! UNF!

  19. imh22 says:

    That man is a piece of art. Just beautiful.

    I hadn’t seen a picture of him with a ciggy in several weeks so I thought maybe he was working on quitting. Maybe just a relapse!

  20. Lynn says:

    God, that smile is just irresistable!!!! *deep sigh*

  21. Razz says:

    Who is that with him? Does anyone know? :) By the way, Rob looks so damn hot :D

  22. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    The very first post…from Deb24601…says “There. Are. No. Words.” I have just one…DITTO!

  23. Mannefik says:

    In pic no. 13, we can see that Rob is standing next to a guy, that guy is also smoking. So Rob might be doing, what my sister often does, smokes when there’s another person around who also smokes.

    I don’t think Rob smokes as much as he used to.
    Atleast I hope he doesn’t.

    And.. To comment the fuckhawt photos: Wow!

  24. Carol says:

    He’s so pretty. Does he even know the effect he has on women….all ages of women….I bet not.
    Just sayin!

  25. mariah says:

    It may be easy for him to say he wants to quit smoking but hard to really do and stop smoking if people he is always with smokes a lot too just like Kristen and the Brit Pack. They better agree together to quit smoking and live healthier.

  26. Mandy07 says:

    Let’s get off of the bad habits and enjoy the man he looks happy and is laughing all of the time. This is not the time to change his habit’s he’s under enough stress with all these movies! Just enjoy the beauty before the drought!!!

  27. Mandy07 says:

    Sorry girls I didn’t mean to be so gruff but I’ll take him any way I can get him!

  28. andrea says:

    hmm…… sweety rob is sooo beautiful

  29. Kenzie childress says:

    Heeeeey. Someones looking sexy. Haha

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  31. Ransomfan says:

    I smoked from the age of 13 to 33, then quit. It takes seven years for your blood to be clean of all tar and nicotine. And thank God, my doctor says I am in good health. How I worried about what my health would be like. So see, Rob could get lucky, it happens sometimes. Elizabeth, you cracked me up wishing you could be one before it burned up! But I get it, he is one hot dude!

  32. Ransomfan says:

    Yeah, and Ava says it best, He is so mouth watering…

  33. Sue says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Rob is beautiful. Just a question though….do you know what scene this could be for…with him and Reese all dressed to the “9”…their wedding perhaps?? This movie is going to be totally fabulous!!!! But we already knew that right! Rob + Tux = HOT!!

  34. Bridget says:

    I’d love to comment but I can’t form words right now. Umm, umm, never mind.

  35. Ripley says:

    Looking at the pics of his right profile I noticed white peeking out of his zipper. Is he zipped? Not that I care (or want him to be). He is so gorgeous!!!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      the gossip rags are claiming he’s undone but i agree with JAG….i think he’s wearing a button fly tux and we’re just seeing the buttons. he’s done up. the only thing undone around here is me from these pics. HAWT!

      • Ripley says:

        I just going to let my imagination run amuck — button fly or no button fly I keep staring at “him.”

      • Sue says:

        I agree with you…I don’t believe he’s “undone”…not like myself of course!

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  37. Rena says:

    I think you are so handsome,cute in that tux.You look good Rob.I hope to see the movie water for elephane when it come out.I hope you quit smoking soon.I love you Rob and you are a great actor and very talented.I hope you all the success in life.Tell Kristen i say hi!,and i love her.Keep up the good work,and keep making movies .May God bless you and Kristen.

  38. SnowNymph75 says:

    In a tux he is killing me softly. Wow. I feel a swoon coming on…..sigh…..

  39. paola says:

    He so beautiful!!!!!!! I’m without a breath….

  40. Angie says:

    Hey Deb
    thanks for running my pictures of Rob in His Tux without Sunglasses Smoking and Laughing with a yucky Cigarette!
    Here is the Correct Credit:

    twitter me angiesplace007

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