The Grande Finale? WFE throws a Parade at Fox Studios!!! *Tweets & PICS*

The tweets were fast and furious as Water for Elephants filmed the big parade scene on a Fox Studios set earlier today. WfE extras and even people working nearby couldn’t help sharing the amazing sight! Best of all, we got an enthusiastic tweet from the director, Francis Lawrence, (@Hibbits) himself!


Shooting the parade today was fantastic. Transported to weehawken in 31 and also fun to be in town for a change. Lots of visitors!


Water for Elephants shooting outside my office. Just saw Reese Witherspoon riding an elephant. You know, just another Monday ;)


At work and there are camels, tigers, elephants, and giraffes on set of “Water for Elephants” starring Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon


My last day as Gumdrop the clown. I am riding the band-wagon in the parade! So much fun!


At Fox Studios for the last day of Water for Elephants. PARADE!!


I just got to work and there are a giraffes, camels, horses etc in front of my building. Shooting Water For Elephants…neato.


Today on wfe we have zebras, llamas, a giraffe, camels, a LION and the star of it all, @Rosie_Elephant!

Pete Carroll at Fox Studios (for the USC fans in the stands) He's #TeamRosie too!

Lots of folks were twitpic’ing what they saw, check out the slide show of the menagerie waiting for their turn in front of the camera!

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Looking forward to a bit more before Water for Elephants wraps. :)

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21 Responses to The Grande Finale? WFE throws a Parade at Fox Studios!!! *Tweets & PICS*

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  2. E. Doyle says:

    Rosie is a Star..she shouldn’t be carrying her own ‘pooperscooper”!

  3. Lynda from Philly says:

    Deb: Psst……….that’s because #LostIsAboutRob……..LOL

  4. MAIARA says:

    Tai is really beautiful!! i’m so excied for this movies!!
    i loved every single part of the book!!

  5. Mitts402002 says:

    Please, please, December come quick!! We think it will be December, right!

  6. gyla says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie!! I loved the book,and imagined Rob as Jacob the whole time . This movie is going to be phenominal. Rob is going to BLOW as all out of the water with this roll. Just wait and see. I love Rob,and support him in anything and everything he does.

  7. Ripley says:

    This movie just feels it has been done well. Good vibes have come out of it. Hope it makes it to the theatres this year as planned. But isn’t BA coming out before WFE.

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      BA most likely will release before WFE. The tentative release for BA is Dec 2010 and Spring 2011 has been mentioned for WFE. None of these are official yet.

  8. shafirshades says:

    Love Rosie!

  9. Alexandria says:

    This looks fantastic!!! I can´t wait to see the movie…Just thinking about seeing Rob again, wearing that tux, and that sweaty shirt and dirty pants, and that awesome short sexy hair makes me swoon…and the morning has not started jet!!!

  10. mariarp says:

    Do we have a date when WFE is due out already? I want to see this so bad…

  11. kelly says:

    i think bel-ami will be a smaller release vs water for elephants. the company that made bel-ami is an independent company. either way i can’t wait for both, but water for elephants is the one i’m really excited for.

  12. Ada says:

    I loved the book and characters. Curious about how this was adapted for the screen. I’ve been disapointed with past books to film adaptations but this looks promissing. Depression era films are my favorite.

  13. It was an awesome shoot that day! I am very honored to have been one of the clowns for the movie. @EddieTheClown on twitter The entire Cast and Crew were so AWESOME and GREAT!!!!

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