Chattanooga CHOO CHOO! ‘Water for Elephants’ Moving Set to Tennessee?

Chattanooga Sunset

We’ve been hearing the rumors, but now we’re getting more serious reports about Water for Elephants moving filming for 4 days to – of all places – Chattanooga, Tennessee! What’s to be filmed in the dirty south? Check out this casting notice that we found on for casting young kids – possibly the children of Jacob and Marlena?

Feature Film

Casting Director: Sande Alessi Casting-Kristan Berona
Shoot/Start Date: July 30th through August 2nd, 2010
Location: Chattanooga, TN

age 25-50. In good shape, willing to get a haircut (short on the sides). MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

Caucasian girls, age 9-11 years old. Caucasian boys age 7-15 years old. Must be willing to get a haircut. MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

Thanks to for finding the casting notice. :)

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79 Responses to Chattanooga CHOO CHOO! ‘Water for Elephants’ Moving Set to Tennessee?

  1. Linda, Houston, TX says:

    Will Rob be at this shoot, or is he done?

  2. OutOfMyElement says:

    I wonder if they did the ‘old’ Jacob scenes yet………………………

    • magicdancer says:

      I asked this question at a Robert Pattinson Live Journal community and was told Hal Holbrook had done the old Jacob scenes very early in the filming of this movie. I have no proof, but it makes sense that they wouldn’t delay since he’s 85 years old now.

  3. julie says:

    will rob gets old in wfe or will an older guy act the part?

  4. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    this feels so random but if this is true…there must be something in TN that isn’t in CA….this is like a good mystery…hmmmmmmm

    • OutOfMyElement says:

      If anyone can find out, I know it’s you Tink! I don’t have a copy of the book anymore, but at the end when it describes the life he had with Marlena and the kids, where does it say all that took place? I don’t remember. That might be a clue.

      • TwiMoments says:

        OutofMyElement ~ Re: book: he says that he was fortunate & took the place of the staff vet at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago ~that they bought a rural property far enough away from the zoo to keep their animals ;)

      • Angela says:

        At the end of the story, it mentions that Jacob became a vet at a Chicago Zoo. It was after Marlena didn’t want to travel with the circus anymore and they would have a few kids at that time. The story also mentiones about Jacob and Marlena owning a “rural properity” outside Chicago.

        Perhaps they use Tennessee as Illinois?

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        I’m on top of that! I’ll report back ;)

  5. denise says:

    Only thing I know is that Chatanooga is home of the Chatanooga Choo Choo and historic hotel etc.

  6. teresa says:

    Tenn. is beauiful area just wondering if they will do some of the train action, when they throw some
    of people off the train not dirty some area is really very beauiful and people is very sweet,and kind

  7. ndnwmn says:

    I am so looking forward to this movie wherever they shoot it…share the wealth I say…

    I think that your comment on “the dirty south” was a bit out of line, especially to those who are from the south or currently live there…You might want to rethink those kinds of statements in the future…It’s bad for you and doesn’t reflect well on the movie at hand.

    If I’m out of line, please let me know…maybe this is some “old time saying” that I am not aware of…I’m pretty old and have heard most of them… :)

    San Diego, CA

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      “Dirty south” is considered almost a term of endearment in recent pop culture. It was made popular by hip hop artists in the south and is often used with affection for one’s roots. The author of this post is in fact from the “dirty south”…Alabama. No harm intended. Just fun southern jargon from our resident southern belle ;)

      • Gozde says:

        Someone once got angry at me for using “y’all” in a post that was meant for Americans. She was angry and said “not all Americans talk like that. You can’t generalize” :)

        As someone who spent a decade in Atlanta I love saying y’all and dirty south…

        You can’t win for losing y’all :)

      • Gozde says:

        okay why is my comment not approved? LMAO :)

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:


      • Gozde says:

        *tackles back*! We got in trouble for the dirty south as well! LOL! Someone took offense to it. Seriously… :)

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        i can’t imagine what would happen if we TRIED to be offensive….i’m thinking it might be a generational gap with the term. u know it didnt even register to me? i had to go back and read the post to see when jen said it.

      • Gozde says:

        I have been walking the “do not offend” line for 2 years now :) And it’s HARD! :P

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        i dont know how to react to so much conversation with you…u deprived me for so long…im overwhelmed ;)

      • Just A Girl says:

        OMG I RAN OVER HERE when I saw GOZ in the comments. ((HUGS)) miss you much! Upon your return to twitter we shall have an RPattz FUG-off in your honour. Ive been saving up some fuglies ;) <3

        oh and I thought Dirty South was a term of endearment.

      • Gozde says:

        Hey baby!!!! OMG A FUG OFF! That is reason enough to come back to twitter :))

        I miss you guys too! Believe it or not I am at work right now! It’s 8PM, I’ve been here for 12 hours and will probably be here for another 3 hrs. Then I go back home and sleep and come back. The fabulous life of a drug chemist :(
        Anyhoo! OMG, I really really do miss you guys SO much! I have a project deadline for the first week of August, hopefully, after that I’ll work “human” hours and will be back ma bitches! :)


      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        OMFG!!! she keeps coming back!!! :) this has turned out to be like the best post in the whole world! and a FUG OFF??? i see i’ll have to whip out my GoodFangirl hat and glare at u guys good times!!!! ;)

      • Gozde says:

        I had this page open all day! was waiting for y’all to wake up :) I kept refreshing :))

        Good times… they were good times :)

        OKay I do have to go back to making drugs now and they aren’t even “funny” ones :P

        Love you both!

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        aw man…and she’s gone….good times shall be had again…we await your twitter return fair lady ;)

      • RobsButtonsBabe says:

        GOZ!!!! miss you sweet heart! <333

    • WastingTheMorning says:

      I’m from North Carolina and I always call this the “dirty south”. No offense taken at all. It’s a term that is used in a lot of popular music.

  8. monique says:

    of course rob will be there working that is why he cannot go to indid oh well india nezt year eob and kristen will come as MR AND MRS CULLEN NO JACOB

    • RoslynSelene says:

      This isn’t Twilight(pssst, Rob and Kristen aren’t ‘Cullens’) ;)
      It’s Water For Eelephants-Jacob is included.

  9. Stefanie says:

    Pure speculation, but based on what y’all said I did some digging. On the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission site is this crew call:

    “A major feature film is looking for experienced carpenters/scenics/greensmen only. The film will be shooting in the Chattanooga, TN region at the end of July 2010.
    The production has asked that all resumes be submitted to the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission by e-mail at or fax at 615-741-5554. The TFEMC does not have production office info to distribute at this time.”

    Doesn’t say what film or the exact dates, but I mean it makes the above extras casting call seem a bit more credible.

  10. DaisyCullen says:

    This is great! If Rob was going to be there, I would so go. Im in Georgia. and a true Southerner and the “Dirty South” comment did NOT offend me at all. It kinda made me smile a little. People just have to have something to say. Dont take things so seriously. Well said Tink, I agree.

  11. chico's mama says:

    DIRTY SOUTH? i beg your pardon. speaking from nashville, i wonder why you would diss our beautiful state. by the way, you do know that reese is from right here in nashville,right?

    • Jen aka MRP says:

      I’m from the dirty south! That’s just what it’s called! There’s freakin’ songs that say that. Sorry you are offended, but as a fellow southerner, I DO DECLARE. lol ;)

  12. evelyn says:

    AWW! I wanted them to come to ill. oh well, does anyone know the release date for WFE?

  13. LeslieHeartsRob says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I live in Chattanooga!!!!!!!!

    A little history….The Chattanooga Choo Choo is, in fact, and actual place. It was the main station in town and has since been converted into a hotel. During, prior, and even after the Civil War, Chattanooga was known as the “Gateway to the South”. Everything had to come through here first to get to Atlanta mostly, but just about anywhere else on farther down too. You still have to drive through here on your way to Atlanta…

    We have the TN Railroad Museum…which still operates passenger trains…and LOTS of train yards. There are railroad tracks everywhere in this city!!

    The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is also here. It was founded in the late 1800’s ( I think) as the University of Chattanooga before it joined the UT system. There are still several original buildings that could be used for filming…being that they are not modern in structure…Race/Hooper Hall is even haunted…=)

    • Tess says:

      OMG I live in chattanooga too!!! do you think theyll be filming at the chattanooga choo choo? thats where i plan on going! are you going anywhere??

    • Kel says:

      I live in Nashville and didnt know about the history so I thank you for that bit of info….interesting to know.

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  16. christina says:

    I’m gonna have to follow this closely.I live about 3 hours from chattanooga,and if Rob is gonna be here filming I might seriously have to be a set soilder.oh and the whole “Dirty South” comment didn’t offend me.I was born and raised in TN and I say it all the time.I think a lot of my generation does.I’m 23.

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  19. Chelsvol27 says:

    oh maaaaaaaaahhhhhhh if Christoph is gonna be there (unlikely) it’s gonna be a straight shot from Knoxville for me. Go dirty south, baby!

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  21. Callie says:

    I live about 30 minutes away from Chatt. down in Georgia. Chattanooga is really beautiful. I hope that Rob is going to be there!!

  22. Julie says:

    I live an hour & half from Chattanooga and all of my fam still live there (it’s where I grew up). I should tell my sister to have my niece be an extra. :D

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  25. Jodie says:

    I’m LOVING what I assume is a generation gap issue about Tennessee being called “The Dirty South”.

    Urban Dictionary entry for “Dirty South”

    Nickname for the Southeastern U.S states; North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Texas (Not southeast but still part of the dirty dirty), Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi. Major cities are; Atlanta, Charleston, Houston, Montgomery, Miami, etc

  26. Linda says:

    I’m in Memphis and there is an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. It is in Hohenwald which I think is closer to Nashville than Chattanooga. Probably unrelated to the movie but a good place to film a little elephant activity if needed!

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  29. denise says:

    I live about 30 minutes from Chattanooga- great news! Cool place to be even though it is nearly 100 degrees here now-

  30. Tess says:

    I live in Chattanooga and no one ever comes here! I cant believe Robert Pattinson is coming here!!!! I plan on going to set and hoping to meet him!! I think theyll be filming at the Chattanooga Choo Choo but if anyone has any details where and when hes filming thatd be fantastic!!!!
    And Chattanooga is a beautiful place and I take no offense to the term dirty south, I mean we are in the!

  31. Teresalakegirl says:

    What do they mean by dirty south? I live in the south and it’s no ” dirtier” than the many places I’ve been in the North, out West, or Europe!

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  33. chico's mama says:

    i have lived in the south all my life, (60 yrs.) except for a few years in spokane,wa. and i have never heard the expression “dirty south” if you live in the south and call it that,thats all you, but some of us never would.

    • Jodie says:

      As a couple people have pointed out in previous comments, I’m pretty sure “dirty south” is a newer colloquialism made especially popular with modern music. This term is likely being used mostly by people 40 and under. It is not meant in an offensive way and those who do use the term, do so in an endearing way. Much like earlier generations didn’t understand when kids started saying things like “let’s rap” meaning they’d like to talk to each other, or when Michael Jackson released “Bad” which really meant “Awesome”.

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  35. Kim says:

    OMG!!! I’m from the Tri-Cities area and I’m going to CHATTANOOGA…Choo! Choo! I love this book. I wonder if Rob will be there??????

  36. Amber says:

    This is the VERY first time I remember the term “dirty south. ” And I just spent 15 minutes finding this, but those who don’t know it can finally see how it’s used!

    Aw, I miss Aaliyah. :( Now I’m #sadpanda.

  37. ndnwmn says:

    Wow…I got home from work and most of my mail consisted of the “dirty south”comment…If you read my original statement I did end it by saying
    that if this was a “new” thing…I had not heard it, and it looks like that the
    consenus is that it’s “okay” with those southern folks…So it’s good enough
    for me…I have not been to or lived in the south, but my roots go back there
    for many generations…So…YaY….
    Now lets get back to WFE and what’s going on with that…

    San Diego CA

  38. chico's mama says:

    maybe you guys are right. guess its a age/rap music thing. i like some hip hop and all kinds of music but i can’t take that expression as something good. but to each his own. peace

  39. Jackalyn says:

    YEA! I live in Chattanooga, and my kids are the right ages for the call!

    We have had other period movies filmed here (parts of Leather heads, the Clooney/Zellweger football movie was filmed here). We have plenty of railroads, and old stations, lots of country, and parts of this area look untouched by time. I hear it is rather inexpensive to film here, and have seen many lower budget movies filming here.

    Plus, Chattanooga is a beautiful place with a rich history. Civil war (The Battle above the clouds), Native American (trail of tears), and of course, the Choo Choo. Besides the fact that we have a great local music scene, an aquarium, and lots of art, we have several art museums and outdoor art all over our downtown area. We also have the Tennessee river running through our downtown, and are surrounded by mountains!

    If you don’t know much about Chattanooga, you should Google it, I love this city!!

    • Jessica says:

      How right you are. Chattanooga is a beautiful town with lots going on: music, art, outdoor sports. The river is amazing.

  40. taylorknows says:

    I put my name as taylorknows cause I do know. I know where they will be filming AND where they will be eating. I only know that they ARE filming at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. This is because there are some pretty old trains there (I do live in Chattanooga and have been there multiple times). Also, I found out today they will be eating at the church I attend. I got a little over excited when I heard, but I couldn’t help myself. I hope they’re filming in other places here too!

  41. Kel says:

    Does anyone have a confirmed location?? Some are saying filming will take place in Chattanooga, however, Ive heard “”The film will actually not be in Chattanooga. It’s actually about 20-30 miles away in a place called Maclemores Cove. I know this because I live about a Mile away from the filming site””
    Can anyone help confirm this??

  42. Kel says:

    Does anyone have a confirmed location?? Some are saying filming will take place in Chattanooga, however, Ive heard “”The film will actually not be in Chattanooga. It’s actually about 20-30 miles away in a place called Maclemores Cove. I know this because I live about a Mile away from the filming site””
    Can anyone help confirm this??

  43. Brandon Carruth says:

    When is the casting for 7-15 year old boys

    • Melinda Marin says:

      If you read in an earlier post from last week they confirm that was a leak and they have already cast the parts..sorry. I was bummed too because my son just started in acting and i wanted to have him audition. :-(

  44. Jonathan Harris says:

    I responded to the call for 25-50 year old caucasian men, does anyone know if they have finished casting, or know of anyone who has been cast?

  45. Renee says:

    SO I just heard on the local news that WFE will be filming somewhere in Walker County (on Friday July 30), Chickamauga is the city and ppl have already found the place and started taking pictures but I have not heard the exact location. Also they will be filming the remainder around the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

  46. Horse Tattoo says:

    I don’t suppose which you might have the ability to turn this post into a video post? I’ve a tough time studying on my laptop or computer and also a video would be much greater for me.

  47. Jessica says:

    Excuse me, but who wrote “the dirty south”? Oh, I guess it was a fan of the production team that writes a local casting call that specifies only caucasians need apply. sheesh.

    • Jessica says:

      Okay, I’m watching the video. So, you’re off the hook for making what I thought was a regional slur. apologies for jumping to a conclusion.

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