Christoph Waltz is #TeamRosie at Comic Con

at Comic Con doing 'Green Hornet' promo

Snagging a quick interview at Comic Con, Eonline spoke with Christoph Waltz about ‘Water For Elephants’

“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think about Oscars.”

—Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, who is currently filming Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson, on whether Rob will follow in his and costar Reese Witherspoon’s footsteps one day.

Waltz, who we caught up with after the Green Hornet panel at Comic-Con, is playing the villain type in both flicks (big surprise), but he joked it’s always “the other guys that are wrong” not him.

Waltz told us that filming is going “very well” despite the paparazzi hounding their set, which is now a daily occurrence.

Either way, good security on set for Water for Elephants is keeping the paps at bay as much as possible.

Waltz told us that despite WFE being one of the most talked-about sets right now, he’s totally enjoying working with Rob and Reese and all the baggage that comes with.

But his favorite co-star?

“I love working with the elephants,” Waltz smiled.

Everyone loves Rosie! :) Which is really appropriate considering the plot and all…elephants are kind of a big deal ;)

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8 Responses to Christoph Waltz is #TeamRosie at Comic Con

  1. Tillawanda says:

    Does Tai have a stand in – I thought she was the only elephant?

  2. Christoph Waltz is ready for hosting SNL and Co-Hosting the upcoming Oscars with Betty White! Betty has expressed she doesn’t want to host by herself. Christoph is the guy!!! HELLO —SHOW PRODUCERS: PLEASE ask him before he gets too booked up!

  3. Jekkie34 says:

    Just look at him working that stage!!! I’m sorry ladies…Rob may be cute, but CHRISTOPH is one Smokin’ Hot Gorgeous looking GQ Bad Ass MF’er!!!

  4. DeborahKLA says:

    As always, Christoph is absolutely GORGEOUS. :-D

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