Dear #WFE: Welcome to the South, Y’all!

Water for Elephants is Chattanooga Bound!

I must admit I was extremely excited when rumors started circulating about a cast and crew jaunt down South to God’s Country Chattanooga to film some scenes for the movie. Ahh Tenneesee! I spent some time in Tennessee in my college years, with a brief stint at University of Tennessee at Knoxville, back when Peyton Manning was the Quarterback. I used to drive “home” to Alabama through Chattanooga and over time I became extremely familiar with the local fare.

Since Marlena, Camel and a lot of the cast of characters are already “picture wrapped,” it sounds like it’s going to be a private affair starring one Robowski. Other sites have claimed that Chattanooga would “stand in” for Cornell. I don’t think that’s true since we’ve been tipped that the college scenes are being filmed at UCLA in Los Angeles, and we’ve also been tipped to some of the locales around Chattanooga and they aren’t college timing, they are post-wedding scenes. That’s why they are casting Jacob’s KIDS. I guess time will tell. (pictures or it never happened!)

Now, I could be wrong, but I think this might be Rob Pattinson’s first time in the Dirty South. I’m sure that Reese, a native of Tennessee, has already filled Rob in on the places he must go and foods he must taste while he is in Chattanooga, but JUST IN CASE… I put together a list of my recommendations for Rob and also the other cast and crew being transported from LA over to the lush lands of South East Tennessee.

The Chatanooga Choo Choo Train
It’s the namesake of the city! It’s definitely a must-see.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo Train is a must!

Rock City
Located at the top of Look Out Mountain, this amazing place has a gorgeous waterfall and you can see seven states in one panoramic view from the top!

Rock City at the top of Look Out Mountain

While you are up there, make sure to snack on Southern-style treats like Rock Candy and Moon Pies. Oh an try to find some salt water taffy, too.



Ruby Falls
It’s thundering 145-foot waterfall is located deep within Lookout Mountain.


Now, the best part about the South is THE FOOD! Y’all know it to be true! Here’s some of my favorite places to chow down.

Cracker Barrel
A Southern Staple where there’s no one thing on the Cracker Barrel menu that isn’t yummy. Chicken fried steak with taties and the white gravy is a requirement.

Cracker Barrel

Seriously, this is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. I realize these are popping up all over California in recent years, but trust me when I say IT TASTES BETTER IN THE SOUTH. Wash it all down with an ice cold SWEET TEA.


Oh Krystals. I miss my weekly visits to the Krystals drive through after a long night out at a club. These are best eaten while still intoxicated. I swear they prevent hangovers. And don’t you dare say “I’ve had White Castle and it’s all the same” because IT’S NOT THE SAME.


Waffle House
Also known as The Awful Waffle. You ain’t lived until you’ve tasted the perfection known as “scattered, smothered and covered” that the Waffle House is famous for. This should be the new Brit Pack hangout, for real.

The Awful Waffle

Come on Southern Folks, let the Water for Elephants cast and crew know YOUR picks for places to go and food to eat while they are in Chattanooga! Comment your recommendations below!

Thanks to my girl Lula for reminding me of rock candy. :)

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81 Responses to Dear #WFE: Welcome to the South, Y’all!

  1. Verlinda says:

    They need to experience the Incline Railway–there may be other ways to get to Lookout Mountain, but this is the best way!

  2. Stefanie says:

    LOL These are great! My first thought when I heard about them filming down here was “They MUST go to Cracker Barrel!” So thumbs up for that one :)
    P.S.- I myself am partial to their pancakes and that insanely delicious maple syrup. And the bacon. And the biscuits (w/ blackberry jam of course)…And the list goes on. hahah

  3. Ashleigh says:

    Okay, I am from LA (lower Alabama) and now live in Las Vegas, too. (Roll Tide). It’s a small world!

    You’ve already mentioned all of my southern favorites but there’s one that I miss so much…. McAlisters!! The best sweet tea ever!!

  4. Sandy says:

    Why would Rob be coming to TN and not Reese? I live in Savannah,GA. and the places you are describing for Rob to eat at could not be the best places to eat in Chattanooga. We have all of these in Savannah, and the only one I would eat at would be Chick-Fil-a and that would be only breakfast(chicken minis are the best) and for lunch.

  5. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    cracker barrel…like the cheese? i love chick-fil-a! they had one at my college when i was there. i have nothing to add tho…im bred on the west coast.

  6. Now can you imagine visiting Ruby Falls and seeing Robert Pattinson??? OMG – I would just die a happy death! Or, can you imagine going out with your friends – it’s really late, you’re really hungry and you stop by the Awful Waffel and see Robert Pattinson sittin’ at the bar with a big ol plate of “Skatterd, Covered, Smothered and Chunked”. Goodness Gracious! I have to admit, I have never traveled outside of the South so the restaurants you named, I didn’t know they were exclusive… But some things that I think he would like is: fried green tomatos, home grown tomato sandwich with dukes mao on fresh bread with lots of salt and pepper, pickled eggs, livermush sandwich with mustard, banana sandwich, and he HAS to try my Maw Maw’s fried chicken. Now, Maw Maw is no longer with us and I am the only one who can fry it like her, so he must come to my house to eat. I will make him some dumplin’s to go with it (Daddy calles them slickums) and we will have macaroni n cheese, fresh green beans, deviled eggs and a home made clear lemon pie for dessert. I don’t think he will want to leave…

    • Red_Headed_Lust says:

      BB you just made me hungry! Nothin better than homegrown tomatoes!

    • arminta says:

      Oh my, you are from the south! The Waffle House is one thing, but when you start talking pickled eggs and fried chicken, that’s really the south! Throw in some turnip greens and sweet tea and that’s feast that’d make my Granny proud!

    • gemmajean says:

      Can I come over to??? Even if Rob isn’t there I would love to partake!!!

  7. omg i love all of those southern eateries. i drive instead of flying for travel, and i travel down to the south a lot so i’ve eaten at most of those places. but my fave is definitely the cracker barrel!! and i LOVE moon pies!

  8. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    He needs to experience authentic Mississippi Delta Juke Joint Blues. And I know just where to find it!

  9. Stefanie says:

    Saw the post on twitter about forgetting BBQ—my fave is Corky’s BBQ, but I don’t know if there are any in Chattanooga.

  10. Lula says:

    People who say White Castle is the same as Krystal need to be shot in the head. Is all I’m sayin’.

    And this entire post makes me so glad to be a Southerner. Seriously. Rob will sigh upon his arrival here and weep when he departs. Guaranteed.

  11. RoseT says:

    If Rob comes to downtown Chattanooga, he has to eat at Big River Grill (the one by the mall is not the same as the one downtown)! I love their beers and ALWAYS order the fish tacos! Now, don’t turn up your nose at that! Everyone I’ve taken to BRG didn’t want to try the fish tacos until I convinced them how tasty they were and they were not disappointed.

    • dude i fursploded says:

      BRG is my favorite place to eat in the world. You’re right, the fish tacos rock my socks off, but I love the seafood cobb salad better. I used to work in Chattanooga and lived in Dalton, GA. I’m kicking myself today for moving away – woulda been 20 minutes away from Rob. Sigh.

  12. Lisa says:

    Being from the South (Texas), I cannot imagine that the 4 places you suggest are the best places to eat in Chattanooga. They are all chain restaurants. While I personally know all but Krystals and know that they are good eats, surely Chattanooga has some good “down home” places that are much better than these choices you list. My town has much better locally owned restaurants than what the chains offer. I would never dream of recommending the choice you have suggested over our locally owned places.

    What about some barbeque? You can’t go South without a meal of barbeque.

    I would suggest doing research on places Guy Fieri has visited for his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I don’t know all of the places he has visited, but surely he’s found something in Chattanooga better than Cracker Barrel?!

    • Molly says:

      Of course we have places better than Cracker Barrel!! I’ve lived here my whole life and the best places to eat are downtown. There’s an authentic Italian place in the art district called Tony’s, which has the BEST desserts made fresh by the bakery across the street. (The. Best. Cheesecake. Ever.) And then there’s the Big River Grill with the brewery (I don’t drink, but the restaurant is nice. Hm.. then there is North Shore Grille. (I love that place, my ex boyfriend is the sous chef there, and there food is AMAZING I would go for Sunday brunch, it’s what they’re known for.) If hee wanted some Tex Mex, he should go to Taco Mac. Mmm, the BEST fajitas. And the queso is to die for, served with homemade chips and soft flour tortillas.

      I do think he needs to go to Krystal’s after a night of drinking, or a long day on set. It’s a staple here in Chattanooga and you have to try it at least once! (I know it’s a chain fast food place, but the first one opened up here and I’ve eaten at different ones in the south, Chattanooga’s is the best!)

      Rob should also go to the aquarium. He probably won’t since it’s full of people, but it’s awesome. Haha. It’s not the biggest or best one ever.. but it’s in Chattanooga, and we’re proud of it.

      All in all, he should have fun! I’m excited that he’s visiting this town, but I do hope fans don’t go crazy. I would feel really bad if he wasn’t comfortable here. (Even though he’s a movie star, he deserves some amount of privacy.)

    • Jackalyn says:

      i agree. If you are comming to CHattanooga, go to some of the original places we have to offer, not the chain type places you see traveling down 75. Might as well send someone to McDonalds, and Burger King!

  13. veddersgirl says:

    My grandparents lived in Chattanooga so I’ve been there millions of times. Sadly we only went to the Shoney’s and the Wendy’s by their church (Near East Brainerd Rd). I was allowed to go Hamilton Place Mall to eat the food court when I got older. The American Café wasn’t too bad. I think Rob would enjoy the sand castle exhibit at the mall.

    No Krystals. I decided to eat there a few weeks back. My stomach still hasn’t forgiven me.
    Tom and Rob most def need to hit the Awful waffle. Their fellow BritPacker Bobby can give them some pointers on what to eat. He’s been there several times and insist he’s really been to Wendy’s. They don’t serve waffles at Wendy’s. Bless his heart.

    I’m only a few hours away in Atlanta and down for some set stalking.

  14. KittTatt says:

    Oh, apple butter on the biscuits at Cracker Barrel! (Skip that nasty white paste they call gravy – it’s only good for glue.)
    Find a mom-&-pop diner, get some BBQ ribs or chicken, maybe some sweet potato fries and wash it down with some sweet tea. If you’re feeling a mite tuckered out, a mint julep’s a good pick-me-up, or just some good straight Jack Daniels from Lynchburg.
    Hospitality is what we do best down here! Enjoy your film shoot and y’all come back now!

  15. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    Ion got another one. Straigh outta the garden fresh watermelon.

  16. tracygee says:

    He’s got to have some barbeque. The real stuff. Vinegar sauce, preferably, but I’ll allow a tomato base if he’s wimpy. LOL.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I’m also a Californian who’s been to Chattanooga and have seen and ate at all of the places that you listed. Loved the aquarium too. (Not as good as Monterey though.)

    If Rob likes In n Out, he will love the fast food places. Krystals was my favorite.

  18. Alison4828 says:

    All those local places look amazing…except the food locales, having just lived in the south for 7 yrs all those restaurants are food chains and would rather have an authentic ma and pa place to go then something you can get anywhere in da south, but that is just me. Sorry Jen, don’t mean to insult your choices. They just aren’t the same as they used to be a long time ago.

    It’s gonna be sad that it’s wrapping next week, I have enjoyed all your updates on what is happening with WFE. Some sites are just pains in the asses and this site is majorly fun and enjoyable…keep up the great job ladies!!! xoxo

  19. Yvette says:

    Ahhh i love me some cracker barrell and chickfila! and who doesnt love moon pies? especially if you throw them in the freezer for a bit, delish (try it out rob)! now he has to learn how to say ya’ll when hes referrin to a group of people down in the dirty dirty. hmm i must say though, wish he would visit Texas, bc we are most def the dirty south.

  20. Patricia says:

    Hey I am from Nashville, Tn. I have a plce Rob and staff needs to go is the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge. Tn and Gatlinburg, Tn. The mountains are so breath taking. Not to far from Chattanooga.

  21. Alyson says:

    SO glad I read this post! I’m going on a road trip in 2 weeks and will be driving through Chattanooga. Definitely going to check out Ruby Falls. Looks very cool!

  22. shash says:

    With all this “good eatin” here in the south….will ANYONE be up for taking pix on or off set????? I can’t wait to see this movie, in all it’s glory! And I agree….what’s Rob doing in TN without Reese if indeed this is AFTER KIDS scenario???? Don’t get it . . . . maybe it’s his years of traveling w/the circus & the kids….with flashbacks to the early years!!!!
    Need pix, people………get to work!

  23. Grey says:

    As another Lower Alabama native, I concur with Jen’s choices–they are truly Southern, and Krystal will be especially fitting because they were founded in Chattanooga! Imagine, traveling to the birthplace of one of the most tasty Southern fast food chains ever–Rob is totally looking forward to that, you know he is. I just recently spent a week in Nooga for the first time for a work conference, and I loved, LOVED traveling up and down the downtown area in their free electric shuttle buses. (The south is not really known for it’s public transportation, so it was a real treat!) One night, our bus driver only agreed to take us back to our hotel if we sang –I bet Rob couldn’t resist if he ended up on the singing bus, and I’m pretty sure all the ladies would feel the same way.

    Congratulations, Rob, on your first jouney to the South. It’s freaking hot right now, but we hope you still enjoy it!

  24. LeslieHeartsRob says:

    There are lots of good BBQ places here…downtown there’s Sticky Fingers and Porker’s…then you’ve got lots of Mom and Pop places also…

    There’s also a wonderful pub…Hair of the Dog.

    And lots of little bars with live music…

  25. twilightus says:


    Maybe we had discussed your stint at UT, but the DH (a UT Alumnus himself) will be pleased to hear you are a fellow Volunteer. Now he will be deeply disturbed that the “orange” you pull for on Fall Saturdays is that pukish burnt orange, but never the less….

    Yes Robowski will have cuisine of the likes he’s never heard of before here in the good ole south! Now if the production company would’nt have a heart attack and the DH does indeed get a call to be an extra (still have our fingers crossed), the DH could really show Robowski a marvelous time in Chattanooga. Now let me just say, Robowski would probably never be the same after spending a few hours with the DH, but he’d definitely have a wonderful appreciation for the grand ole state of Tennessee!!!

  26. Lula says:


    Jen is well aware of fine dining establishments in the South, as are most of us southerners. Just because we’re espousing the greatness of Krystal, Cracker Barrel, and Waffle House doesn’t mean we’re not appreciative of 5-star dining (such as Bacchanalia in Atlanta, which is simply exquisite) or traditional Mom & Pop venues which serve meat & threes. There’s room to love all types of food here in the bountiful South.

    But this is Robert Pattinson of whom she’s speaking. What part of “Hot Pocket” and “cheeseburger” don’t you understand? Please. The Waffle House would be his dream come true. I mean, where else can one feast on steak and eggs at midnight, after a long, hot day of filming, while listening to Merle Haggard on the jukebox? Plus, the Waffle House serves a mean cup of coffee. Amen.

    p.s. If I’d thrown out my Stuckey’s Pecan Log reference, that would have really pushed people over the edge, huh, Jen? Dang.

    • veddersgirl says:

      Amen! This is why you are my people! Rob would love him some Pecan Log Rolls! I think I still have some my Grandmother gave me 10 years ago. I don’t think they ever go bad. It’ll be the roaches and Pecan Rolls left after the Apocalypse!

    • Amber says:

      LOL! I hadn’t thought about Stuckey’s in years!

  27. WastingTheMorning says:

    Is there a Krispy Kreme in Chattanooga? Donuts don’t taste right unless you stood in line for them when the “Hot” sign was on at Krispy Kreme.

    I love my home in the Dirty South :)

    • TrayM says:

      There is most certainly a Krispy Kreme in Chatt-town and I agree you have to stand in line for the hot doughnuts. I think its also a must for you to change your mind about what you are getting at least 5 times. So much goodness to choose from.

    • Amber says:

      Krispy Kreme was going to be my contribution. We don’t have one in town any more. We have to drive about 45 minutes to get to one. I used to be able to walk there…not that I ever did. Who walks to get donuts????

  28. nextstopsf says:

    I grew up in Chattanooga – all my family is there – My gpa was Chattanooga City Treasurer my whole growing up years- Sad I am not there for this- lots of contacts for the scoop if I was still there :( – I can’t tell you how excited I was to here this and how homesick your post made me- missing all the above and Lookout Mtn and just over the state line into Georgia to the Chickamauga Battlefield-
    For Rob I also recommend the Pickle Barrel Bar (more pub like)- it is in a fabulous old triangular building right in downtown!
    It is now part of the dream to hear how Rob will say Chattanooga- cuz you only get it right if you are from the area but with the accent…..oh my!
    He might try the PGA too….LOL! Or hit Jack Daniels Distillery that is just outside of Chattanooga! :)
    Ahh I need to make a trip home- but not in these summer months…eeek …sorry Rob- I love TN in the fall!!!!!
    Well I look forward to hearing and seeing what happens in Chatt-town with our Rob and now affectionately referred to as ‘Nooga’ now- That makes me LOL!
    I was at the Sam show he came too in L.A. and now he will be in my hometown- gosh this is a small world!
    Thanks for the post and yeah I grew up in TN Jen but was raised by Bama fans – so ‘Roll Tide” ;)

  29. Carroll says:

    Interesting places to visit and great food to eat are trademarks of our Southern hospitality. But what in the world will Rob think about the heat in the South? In Georgia right now it’s 96 degrees and it feels like 100 — and that doesn’t include our famous humidity. Hey, it’s still only July. Bring your sunglasses and lots of sun screen.

  30. AccentOnLife says:

    I grew up in Cookeville, have a masters in journalism from UT-Knoxville and worked in Crossville. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time in and around Chattanooga. Here are my two food recommendations.

    1. The Moon Pie would be incomplete without an RC Cola to wash it down. Just sayin’.

    2. Steak ‘n’ Shake. Dear Rob: If you love In-N-Out, you’ll love Steak ‘n’ Shake. I know it’s not a traditionally Southern chain, but it might be the closest you’ll get to one. You can thank me later. Hearts, Me.

  31. Stefanie says:

    Oh my gosh, we need to get some peach cobbler on that list too. With ice cream. I’m making myself hungry!

  32. DaniaMCullen says:

    Ok so are yall from the south or what come on not one if you have suggested the one thing that separates the south from the north BOILED PEANUTS the north does roasted but the south is best known for boiled. Then you need sweet tea from Publix as well as the bakery anything from Publix bakery will do. Then it’s a must to have sausage biscuits and gravy homemade of course!! Then some homemade fried chicken w mashed potatoes and gravy and Mac and cheese and southern green beans w the bacon and all the yumminess! I know I’m missing some stuff but those are some basics!!!

  33. Mols says:

    Oh, don’t forget Goo Goo Clusters. Yum.

    I’m originally from a little town called Kelso, Tennessee (about a hour outside of Chattanooga.) According to my Daddy, the Mayor, the population is 113 including dogs & cats. And that number never changes because when one moves out, another moves in.

    I already tweeted my Southern fare, but I’ll post it again here where I’m not limited to 140 characters… This was a staple breakfast at my Granny’s house every Sunday morning. I would throw a hissy fit if I didn’t get it, either… Fried chicken, scrambled eggs, gravy & biscuits, fried potatoes & fresh, sliced homegrown tomatoes. Yum.

  34. GlassGirl1972 says:

    Just rolled back into town from a week @ Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. NOW he is going to TN ??!! That’s not EVEN funny! There is beauty everywhere and great food, too. So he really can’t go wrong! Bet the papps will let him breath here- or ELSE! Fans in the SOUTH DON’T PLAY!!!

  35. Monica Reinhart says:

    Tell Rob that he’s soooo close to North Carolina and should come over and visit. I’m a northerner who lives in the south, and the food is pretty good. NC is no exception.

  36. Jonathan Harris says:

    No, no, no, forget cracker barrel, if you want some real southern cookin’ you gotta go to Bea’s on Dodds Avenue. I will vouch for them when they say they have the word’s best fried chicken. Rob, make sure you ask to sit in Jamie’s corner, he’s the best.

  37. JC(LovesABrit) says:

    I’m from Kentucky, and knowing the southern lifestyle, just have Rob pop in to anybody’s grandmother’s’ll have the best home cooked meal of your life and will not leave hungry!!!

  38. Georgie says:

    Rob just needs to try some sweet tea. He’ll stay in the south forever if he gets some good ‘ol sweet tea. BUT, I suggest he drive a little further south to Alabama the Beautiful for some Dreamland BarBQue and a little Taco Casa (Native to Tuscaloosa ONLY). But yes, Ruby Falls and Rock City are pretty cool, and if he likes being on the water he can check out The Southern Belle Riverboat. Fun fun fun! But seriously, Rob, Alabama’s not that much further of a drive. You have less crazy fans here!

  39. doireann says:

    ae you sure rob is going?

  40. omg. I took my Scottish husband to South Carolina for vacation and he was obsessed with the Piggly Wiggly.

    He says Rob & Co should try collard greens, mash and proper southern gravy…and this is a direct quote: *Ye have tae have that mad bread w’it.* you mean cornbread? *aye, that sh*t was amazin. an’ it has tae be smothered in gravy.*


    He also wanted me to add *and they biscuits an’ all. and country fried steak.*

    I’m throwing in red velvet cake.

  41. locheneileen says:

    Hey Southerners, how’s your Mama’nem? To those not from the South How’s your Mom and them, meaning rest of the family. Chattanooga is such a fun city, spent many of my childhood summers at Lookout Mountain, Rock City(is Fat Man’s Squeeze still there or is that not p.c anymore) & Ruby Falls. The WFE crew will be treated with true Southern hospitality I am sure and fed so much good food they will be miserable in a good way. Peach Cobbler, Huckleberry Pie, Chicken and Dumplings, really good southern cornbread, fresh vegetables, yum. Makes me miss my grandma even more.

    • Mols says:

      Ooooh. Fat Man’s Squeeze – I always loved that… But the bridge scared the shit out of me… Not that I’m afraid of heights, but it was the way it rocked back and forth. Damn it, now I wanna go back to Rock City!!!

  42. Kami Edwards says:

    I hope that some of the crew eats at Porkers BBQ in downtown Chattanooga. It is the best BBQ in the city!!!! It is just downthe road from the CHOO CHOO.

  43. Mary says:

    I will admit that when I found out Rob would be filming in Tennessee, I did a happy dance. Being from Arkansas, I always feel like we’re so far apart! I fear though, that the poor man may have a heat stroke because it’s been hotter than blazes down here!
    I am also sincerely happy that I’m not the only person that likes Cracker Barrel!

  44. Local Lady says:

    These are the worst possible restaurants you could suggest for someone traveling from so far. While Cracker Barrel might be delicious, it tastes exactly the same in Chattanooga as it does in Michigan. So, what’s the point? If there’s even any chance that Rob himself will bother to read any of this, I’d recommend he check out the following:

    Hair of The Dog Pub (Local favorite watering hole, good food for a pub.)
    The Terminal (Great food and microbrews, and conveniently located right next to the ChooChoo.)
    Seki Sui on Market St. (If in the mood for good sushi.)
    Public House (Upscale southern cooking, great brunch.)
    Blacksmith’s Bistro in St. Elmo (BEST brunch in the world, nice patio.)
    Discoteca on Main St. (If in the mood for a dive bar where no one cares that you’re ‘Edward’. Features vinyl-only sound system and cheap PBR.)

  45. bahamatcb says:

    I think there’s one important food that we’re all forgetting…FRIED OKRA. I always get it at The Cracker Barrel and it’s always delicious.

  46. gemmajean says:

    Im just hungry. Serious.

  47. LeslieHeartsRob says:

    I’m lovin’ all these suggestions….I’ve been reading them saying “How could I have forgotten about that!!” It’s easy to forget that some of these things aren’t everywhere…

    Another place would be Griffin’s hot dogs on Main Street…..the freakin’ best hot dogs in the city!!!!

  48. GlassGirl1972 says:

    Y’all are making me hungry! Just got back from Tennessee- back to home in North Carolina. Anybody know if TN has CookOut burger places? That is a gooooood burger!!! Sounds like I might need to travel back to TN soon! Anybody got an ETA on Robowski’s touchdown?

  49. carrie lee says:

    Mojo burrito. Amazing food.

  50. PedsDoc says:

    I live in Chattanooga. The best food in town is at: St. Johns (on Market), their less-stuffy affiliate ‘Meeting Place’ (also on Market), Sugar’s Ribs (for authentic ‘rib joint’ fare), or Taco Mamacita (mexican on North Shore), and that’s about it. If I were ordering catering for a big group, I’d use Boathouse (on Amnicola Hwy). I don’t think I’d point major celebrities in any other directions :)

  51. Daisy says:

    OOOWWWEE Y’all just made me hungry! Im in Ga and those are all fabulous places!
    Are we sure he is coming to Tenn? I think it will be his first time in, as u say and I agree, God’s Country! I wonder what scenes they
    will shoot and where… Do y’all know? So exciting!

  52. Ally says:

    Too bad Riverbend is over. Rob would have loved the music at the Bessie Smith strut and the food. With a Vols cap and shirt, sunglasses, ratty jeans, and a fake American accent, even he could have gotten lost in the crowd.

  53. EaBullock says:

    One thing no one mentioned–I think– were GRITS! Being from LA (lower Alabama), too, I know grits are a staple for any breakfast…lunch, or dinner! Might I add I’m starving from reading these comments?

  54. i was just logging on to comment about grits, too!!!
    can’t believe they’ve been left off the list this long! and if you can’t stand ‘em loaded with butter, then cheese grits’ll be just fine. and if you’re from the coastal part of the south, then shrimp & grits is pure heaven.

    mardi gras trick – microwave that unwrapped moonpie for about 10 secs. gotta watch it carefully, though, you just want to expand the marshmallow a bit, not explode it. instant s’more.

    my dad’d confirm waffle house – but only for a pecan waffle and coffee. he was a purist.

    i’ll throw out there driving over the state line to alabama as well. there’s no place to take a non-southerner like dot’s soul food. dinner for lunch only as supper comes later in the day. it’s literally out on a country road by its lonesome near decatur, in the direction of florence and tuscumbia. it’s an institution. go early on sunday cause everyone goes there after church.

    oh, and last but certainly not least – there’s nothing like a preister’s pecan pie, unless, of course, it’s preister’s chocolate pecan pie. even if you not much for dessert, it goes along quite nicely (especially warmed up a bit) with a cup of afternoon tea. ;-)

  55. march301 says:

    There’s a bar downtown that turns your alcoholic beverage of choice into a slushie. A slushie. Sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty good!

  56. Sha says:

    Forget all of those places she suggested… hang with me and i’ll show you the best places to hang out in the Nooga :) I know how you like Music and i know a few place we could go to get some great food and hear some awesome music ;)

    Whatever you do DON’T eat at Krystal’s it’s NASTY!

  57. sunshine says:

    on location vacations website has started listing places where filming is happening for wtf

  58. gkngc04 says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I just went to Indiana this year and took my pocket Edward to practically all of these places!!! Here is the link to my video on Youtube!!!!

  59. Jackalyn says:

    AH! all these chain restuarants!!

    IF you are comming to Chattanooga,

    Breakfast at Aretha Frankenstiens-the best biskits and pancakes ever, and great atmosphere!

    Mello Mushroom has great pizza, Armandos has great burgers, Champys on MLK has the BEST fried chicken I have ever had, (when you walk in the have a cast iron bathtub, full of ice and 40’s) and the Pickle Barrel has the best fried pickles ever! Sounds terrible, tastes great!

    For a beer and always a great, if not interesting band head over to JJ’s Bohemia. Dark hole in the wall, where nobody cares who you are.

    For a great view of the city, go to Point Park, or downtown to the bluffs at the art district.

    just sayin.. dont waste a trip to Chattanooga on cracker barrell, waffle house, krystals ect….

  60. CatieME says:

    Ok Chick-fil-a is a MUST!! they have the best chicken sandwhiches ever!! so they have to visit there…but seeing as im from Georgia and don’t know much about the lanscape or monuments of TN i think he must check out all of those places mentioned, they seem gorgeous!

  61. Mystery Chick says:

    Try the fried pickles. Nothing is better!

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